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The last few days before Christmas

Visiting Mum

The present drop off for Mum this year as she had returned home for the rest of her recovery we visited her instead of her traveling to us.

The drive

My dad and me shared the driving and Hayley came with us the Journey was planned so we avoided the motor ways and took the back roads. Was a great idea and seemed to be a quicker route only we hit a problem with that the road we needed to go down had been blocked off there was a big whole in the road which made it impassable. The problem with country roads is the sign posts there we no signs for diverted route and the Sat Nav wanted us to go that way. We kinda had to stop and ask someone then deviate quite a way through another village to get back on the route we needed. My dad was so frustrated and i think my telling him I told you we should of taken the motorway did not improve his mood. We ended up getting to mums and almost having a disagreement.

Still once we got to mums and had a cuppa we forgot all about it, Mum opened one of her presents from dad it was a call my door bell so she can speak to people if she can’t get to door quick enough,.

He fitted it while we were there and I helped put up Christmas lights and sort her meds. Mum had dinner all ready for us homemade shepherds pie and veg.

HANG ON I might have put this in last blog sorry if i repeated this. It was lovely seeing Mum and Marty again.

The drive home ran smoother.

Fixing Things

Fixing things well I know I talked about the central heating breaking and the oven which hubby fixed and he also fixed the laptop.

It is working like a dream now and has a new personalized cover. This laptop is special because my hubby brought it so i could work on my book and writing.

The Gazebo

Well we decided to put it up outside the back door for any guests wanting fresh air and just for a little extra storage space , but British weather has a tendency to change quickly. So we got it up and realized at some strong winds were coming so hubby sent me on a mission to get some extra bits just as he drilled the first whole to add some hooks to the wall to secure it down a huge gust of wind came and the whole thing collapsed. The look on his face was very funny even funnier when he noticed i was laughing so hard. I really couldn’t help laughing though I think it is a way I deal with things that go wrong.

Seriously though I can’t keep a straight face when I remember this.

We did wait for a few days and fixed it. i gave my hubby 600 lights to put in it he said it was way to many but in the end it was just the right amount .

We didn’t take as many photo’s this year we had a busy Christmas full of family.

When our Niece Anna And the children came for a visit

It was so lovely seeing them all for the first time in years, Getting to see Anna Chloe and Sophia and also meeting the youngest Albert for the very first time was special. I was prepared at short notice went out and got the children things they were into. little Sophia loves Barbie dolls, Albert loves Trains and Chloe loves make up and we also got her a book.

We had a lovely roast lamb dinner and sat talking and playing some games with the kids. Jake helped Albert set up his train set and Little Sophia was playing with Niki in her room.

Memorable moments

When I wrote Emo Sophia was born that year having her birth that Christmas was such a huge celebration glad I captured that memory in the book. I hope this year we really get to see them more and spend that quality time with them.

Was a very beautiful day.

Friday before Christmas Present run last day of work

Friday before Christmas eve was my last shift till after Christmas with Tom and Hayley.

We watched the movie Elf together

Bless him Tom fell asleep as soon as the movie finished.

He also had fun playing with the tree. His laugh is so sweet.

he found Brussels in his stocking funny

I got see see my younger brother on that morning for present swaps was nice catching up with him.

Christmas eve

Christmas Eve Morning was a flurry of finishing off wrapping and getting things ready for the journey to pick Niki’s fiance Tom up from the ferry he was arriving from Holland at 7pm Christmas eve.

This year was slightly Differnet our Josh wasn’t with us for christmas eve christmas day or boxing day he spent it with his Girlfriend Danni and her family he joined us after.

Tom’s arrival

Happy to be reunited

The drive to ferry and back was straight forward infract the motor ways were pretty empty .

Christmas Eve Food prep

Hubby had already pre pared the gammon the home made Cranberry sauce and he had the lamb already in the oven as is tradition on new years eve here we get to stay up late and sample the food, we prepare as much as possible so to leave the oven free for the turkey baking on Christmas day. Hubby also backed an apple pie for one of the Christmas day desserts.

Christmas eve boxes were given when we got home with Tom. We only started giving Christmas eve boxes in about 2016 as a way to get them to relax and maybe sleep early it became a new tradition.

Christmas Eve Boxes

I love Christmas Eve and the pre build up of excitement.

PJ’S, Popcorn, and Niki Tom and Jake got a Roko stick. They can watch thier favorite shows on Netfix and disney in there rooms over christmas if they needed calm time.

Santa Came to visit

It’s always important that kids no santa fills the stockings and Mum and Dad and the rest of the family buy presents.

I think me and hubby went to sleep about 4 am.

Christmas Day

Christmas day was a flurry of excitement we had our Greek family coming to join us, while not all of them could be here we did have Our sister Ellie, her children and their children, my dad and Hayley was a bit of a tight squeeze but such a lovely day.

Pre paring the Turkey

First though my hubby and me woke up about 8 am Hubby prepared the Turkey i already peeled the veg the night before and left them soaking. Hubby always does the creepy gross you out chase you with the Turkey neck every year.

We had a coffee together Before Ringing the bell for the kids to get up.


This year we made some savings useing the Asda app i had been using it every week for a couple of months when i went food shopping. It turned points into pounds i acually saved almost £100 which paid for the christmas meats and some of the treats.

We also decided not to buy each other presents and focus on getting presents for all the children. We did get gifts from the kids and family though. It was lovely we were just happy to spend time with everyone that was the best gift and seeing the smiles on the kids faces.

Christmas stockings

Present Time

Gifts from Kids and family

Gifts from kids and family members. My mum and dad always do us a hamper of food infact it is a real practicle and helpful gift when you spent all your money and have to get through January with limited funds.

There is always cake mixes for the kids coffee tea, sugar, flour pasta alot of the staples to make meals with in January. Jake got me some new trainers he said he was fed up with seeing me walk round with holes in mine.

Why do I always get caught pulling stupid faces lol.

Quick clean up before going back to the cooking the kids take all thier stuff upstairs to sort.

We got the table all set we kept the families presents up stairs and when they arrived put the other gifts with ours out of the way till after dinner.

We had to borrow dads Table and Chairs to fit everyone round the table. Time to get changed and cleaned up ourselves before the guest arrived.

It was a lovely start they all arrived , Mia and Izzy were distracting my hubby so they could sample the food we all sat down to eat together , before bringing all the prsents down and starting the next lot of opening presents.

Watching the little ones open thier presents and watching them sing and dance was great we really all enjoyed our time together.

Ellie Mia and Izzy and Kishon all brought dessert and some wines to go with the meal although the ones that were driving had soft drinks fizzy or water. I was not driving this time so got to enjoy a glass of malibu.

one of the high lights was Mia,Noah and Molly all singing and dancing to all i want for christmas in my kitchen.

Setting up a pre Christmas facebook group

This year when we sent out the invites and started a little facebook group together all chatting and making jokes was a big part of what made this year Great. Sharing little bits as we got the house ready. Even the family that couldn’t be with us were included.

Talking about when we wrapped the pressies little moments clips of music the odd meme.

We all fell asleep pretty early after guest left.

Boxing day

Boxing day was a bit of relaxing and then sorting the house out putting presents away and getting Ready for Josh and Dani to visit till after New Year.

27th of December Josh and Dani arrive

Dani was driving her and Josh down from Birmingham They would arrive in the Evening.

Extra shift with Tom

I had an extra shift to do with Tom as his mum and dad went to visit mum with the other children it was to long a drive for Tom he hgad another carer in the day time and i took over at 4 pm till they got home. Tom and enjoyed showing me his presebts he got he loved the Traffic light i brought him and we played the traffic light game.

The Dog Joined in

Funny thing was the dog joined in sat next to us when the light was red and when it turned green and we pretended to cross the road he crossed with us and sat beside us again when it went red. He also keep standing up and putting his paw on Tom like to stay there.

We then had fun playing with Toms Woody from toy story. It is attached to a big red buttton that tom can press to make him talk.

Tom had me laughing so hard when i was feeding him through his peg and he pressed the button and made Woody say someone has poisened my water hole, he has such a funny sence of humour.

Tom using his Button to make woody talk

I gave my hubby instructions not to open Presents with Josh till i got home. but to not wait for me to eat as Josh and Dani might be hungry when they arrive. I had already got the presents set up ready for when i got home.

It was so good to have all my kids and Dani and tom with us here family of 5 become a family of 7.

I forgot to get pictures but we all stayed up late talking after we swapped gifts.

28th December Night out at Kareoke with Josh, Dani,Niki, Tom Grandad and Hayley. Jake spent the evening at home with my hubby.

Was a fantastic night out.

The next few days we all just played games togrether watched tv or sat and chatted sometimes they went out in the day Niki with Tom josh and dani. We would all gather together in the evenings to eat.

New years Eve party at home


Dinner together Hayley Joined us for New years Eve ,Music till about 8 then a movie before we all saw the new year in together

My family is all Grown up

thats it for our christmas and New year.

Books i have got to read some i have already started have to finnish them and then read the next one .

Loving this book. Great story

compelling story
Looking Forward to reading this

Just recieved the second book in my fellow autism parents book about her and her families journey if it is anything like the first book I know I am going to love reading the next stage of Thier journey. Thanks Heather and for adding my last book review on the early years edition to your book 😁❤️

Looking Foward to here more of Heathers and Mathews story.

I will share the link to Heathers author page if you would like to check out her books and story she also writes about her families journey as Mathew is Autistic her first book Autism on the frontline the Early years was such a good read her perspective.


I have already read three of the journeys to diagnosis stories in this book and seeing it through thier perspective a it is so relatable to things My daughter says it really is a great read and the differences between autism diagnosis in girls and women to boys and men. also covers later diagnosis in adult hood. This book has many actually autistic experiences. I dont have the link but if your on linkedin and would like a copy you will find her on there. She has her own way of selling direct.

Nicky is an advocate and Autism coach.

Thats it for todays Blog

I will leave a link for my book too if anyone wants a copy

Good Night Much Love Faye