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black vinyl records on brown wooden table
Photo by Yulia Ilina on Pexels.com

What makes you feel nostalgic?

Great Question. Firstly looking over old photo’s they just make you remember you were who you were with and what you felt at that particular time.


looking back at your childrens photo’s of when they were younger the things they did that made you life the milestones that made you so proud.

Now my kids are older and so grown up remembering Thier excitement especially around special events like Christmas and birthdays.

The harder nostalgic moments

Disability forms and applications they make me nostalgic but not in a good way though its still feels me with anxiety and flash backs of the most difficult times pre-diagnosis they have a way of brining up those unwanted emotions.

The fact your kids suffered no matter how much you tried to make it better for them. they still have those memories.

I am nostalgic about it because its that time to fill them in again. because you have to repeat everything all over again.

Special Occations

Birthdays and special moments of lost loved ones some how though all you remember is the best things about them and the moments you shared together.

The precious collectibles

I am a collector of things old letters I wrote to my hubby , small letters or pictures the children have written over the years.

Looking back over my blogging history seeing how my family my work and my blog has developed and also the memories it invoked with regards to my publishing Emo.

Reliving memories chatting to family and friends

Talking with family and all of our versions of our lives together as many different perspectives of the people we have met, the memories we have made together.

Even the little memories that pop up on your social media that remind you of what you did years ago.


Certain smells, cinnamon reminds me of Christmas, Gross I know but feet and farts the smell of the school run when your kids got in the car took Thier shoes off and let everything they been holding in all day loss in the car.

Strawberries and cream Of course hats a smell associated with Wimbledon and the start of Tennis.

Burning- BBQ season , bonfire night, and over cooked toast. The pleasant Musty smell that reminds you of visiting old book stores. or the crispness of the freshly printed book.


De-cluttering the house That is always a big nostalgic journey. introducing the children to things you used before they were born a record play , VCR, the very first gaming boxes somehow instead of throwing them they sit in the attic like a moment in history.


Those old clothes from a different era sometimes they fit you still.Sometimes it’s a hell no, they are not going past the knees.

I still have some that fit from before i married and had kids i bring them out occasionally.

The Weather

The sunshine reminds you of holidays and the beach.The kids playing in the paddling pools or knocking you over while rushing out the house because they heard the tune of the ice cream van.

so many things to make you feel nostalgic.

I am a soppy sentimental person anyway

See sometimes a little prompt can make the words flow.

But hats is it for tonight , i shall be back to blog soon just have to sort the content out first.

Happy a New year.

Much love Faye