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leafless trees under starry night sky
Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

The Night sky

I love Photo’s capturing the night sky, it’s so calming. Last thing at night or the beginnings of mornings. Where the sky is still dark, and you sit there and listen to the silence.

Good Evening, and happy new week. Hope you all had a restful weekend.

Loving this song By ava Max

Anti bullying week

With it being anti bullying week : A great reminder the words can hurt just as much as physical bullying. if you have ever experienced bullying in any form it leaves a lasting impression you carry with you, from childhood to adulthood. With social media now and people hiding behind a keyboard it can travel further through the world.

A relatable Topic

You would be surprised how many people can relate to a bullying experience. Whether from childhood, the work place or social spaces and of course social media. Unkind comments, trolls.

People who are Neurodiverse, People who have disabilities.Shaming people for thier body shape.

People who have scars,hair loss. sexuality. race, the list is kinda endless and a part of society I wish wasn’t.

Some speak openly.Some are to scared to speak about it . For some it has devastating consequences.

Our family has know it well so I have witnessed the long term affect it can have on families and the person going through that kind of ordeal.

A lot of the time you get told to Ignore it, Be the bigger person. Block delete or just don’t talk to them. The reality is not everyone can do that. Block, delete, report are all good things to do in that situation.

The What if’s Questions

But what if you can’t do that?. What if you can’t just remove yourself from the situation ? How about if you tell someone you trust and it’s not deblt with? What about if we are innocent bystander’s. Witnessing it happen but we just scroll passed are we then not part of the issue?

The thing with the social media situation and bullying is that when people are called out on it. People act in a protective way of the person being bullied. It can turn into bullying that person is a lesson learned or is it just a viscious circle.

Is ther’re ever going to be a soloution? Or does the human nature just have this on going chain of repetative behaviours.? It’s a tricky one to deal with and I think something everyone has a part to play.

What’s your thought’s on the subject?

That’s kinda why I am a positive and uplifting type of person a peoples cheerleader.

Some topics I could probably speak about for hours.So I will leave this topic and move on for now.

Children in need


They have some great causes they support, I popped the link up so you can check out some of the work they do if your not familiar with it. We always get involved with this every year as well as Red Nose Day. We donate we share the campagnes and buy the merchandice. It might be a small thing but if it helps one child or family it’s a great thing.

I don’t thimk so much of the coporations that run them but the people it supports.

Hayley loves getting envolved

How Much have they raised so far thos year.

Children In Need 2022 has raised more than £35 million following its annual fundraising show. Hosts Mel Giedroyc and Jason Manford revealed that £35,273,167 had been pledged when the BBC appeal show, which is in its 42nd year, ended on Friday.

Found this info on Google

Wow it’s been running for 42 years now how many millions have been raised in them 42 years how many children that has helped and had an impact on.

Saturday the 19th of November my 48th birthday so I was six when children in need started it always i think on just before my birthday

This year I had a nice quiet relaxing, was spoiled by hubby and kids the house work and the cooking done Niki sorted the Cake and the gifts were lovely.

I popped to see mum as well my parents gave me some gift vouchers for amazo, I am finally able to get my computer fixed, the parts are now on there way as we speak. Do you know whats going to be real nice just being able to close the laptop and take it with me where I go. as a writer you never know when you suddenly get that insperation to just write , or make note so you can write later.

They captured it for me .

Jake had a lot of studying to do so i wanted to keep the relaxed feel for him but also I needed just some quite down time with my feet up I even got control of the tv for a while.

Jakes Exams

Jakes exams have been going well and he has put in so many hours studying over the last few weeks.I think this is the first time in his exam history that he has been quite happy with how the exams went. He has another one tommorrow morning and maybe one more after this. Mocks are a great way to see where your at what else you need to learn or work on for the end of year exams.

I am going to leave the blog here for tonight have to be up on time tomoorrow to get to school on time.

Night Night Much love Faye xx