Emo the Emotional Elf


Today we watched the Queen return to her home her family her final resting place, what a beautiful ceremony, peaceful, united, filled with a deep respect and love.

You saw such pride of our service men and woman such coordinated procession, with touches of the Queen throughout.

Her family, her friends, her country, comman wealth her world. Her faith.

She was effortlessly royal, Charmin, kind and caring.

She had a wonderful sense of humour, undeniable strengh from the moment she found out she was to be our Queen. She was a loving, wife, mother Grandmother and Great grandmother. And friend to the world.

One true voice to keep us steady in times of need.

The smiley but serious influence from our united kingdom and far and wide.

So now we come to the end of the morning period having witnessed this life changing event with heads of a states, countries leaders and politicians. I hope they pay close attention to what unity and peace looks like because it was there in all it’s glory today open to the world stage. We all have a chance to build something peaceful something better than what the world has seen before united.we.gall but united we also raise. The past is gone the future isn’t written yet we can all build a better future a safe space.

How many different religions were in those churches many if you looked you would see them. All saying goodbye and passing respect to a monarch that held out a hand in friendship rising above politics but knowing and living through times of war.

As we have said good bye to our Queen together we also as one world got through the worst of the pandemic we all lost our loved ones we all lost our freedom for a while we did it together the world each of us sharing connecting in away that changed us all.

Our Queen standing beside us encouraging us isolating with us , finding new ways to connect with her public, her Jubilee a celebration of her life’s work and love of her country and wider community her job above all else. Gone but never forgotten though.

On this eve as her family hold the private ceremony not for our Queen But for their Mother, Grandmother and Great grandmother.

We wish them calm we wish them to be free to show Thier emotions they have held in for the world but has been building for the mourning period that they have had to keep in for the great good of peace.

How can we not respect the heartwarming views we have witnessed the strengh when inside they.must hurt so bad.

Like everyone they are human beings, grief is a process that can come and go hit you when you least expect it there are.moments you may smile at a happy memory and suddenly be hit with great sadness, certain days certain events,

Our Queen was a leader, A voice, an institution a monarch.

Rest in peace ♥️🙏