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Blog Part 1

white skeleton figurine on black laptop computer
Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com

How my writing has been going lately, what a great photo by Tara Winstead she captured how it feels when you haven’t written in a while.

These next few blogs will be catch up ones , just to much to share in one blog and to much has been experienced which needs different emotions to convey.

Right now i have the laptop set up in the garden suns out but it is a little cooler here today, my kids having even woken up yet, hubby is topping up my drinks and i cheekily asked him to make me a bacon sandwich, don’t want to break the writing mood. on second thoughts forget that, No bacon LOL have to be ham tomato yes our Jake has found a new foods he likes Bacon and eggs he now seems to be over the egg allergy he once had so the introduction in small doses works.

My hubby has some music playing in the kitchen he has one he plays a lot lately.

He likes this version have to agree it’s amazing though.

Weather changes in uk

Here in uk we have topped some real high weather and hitting hose pipe bands, there have even been fires popping up and water shortages in some places, they have said that some rain and floods might occur maybe next week and thunder we could sure use some. British heat is definatley humid sweaty and sticky when we get it its there through the night too i mean how often have we woken up in uk with temps almost hitting 30c-40c in some places over the last few weeks .

We are inline for some thunder storms but still warm weather.


The one thing about the weather in July is it ha always been sunny for our Joshua’s birthday since the day he was born. might rain before and after but it has led to some great out door parties over the years.

What can i say about the women’s England’s football team win, accept amazing job they bring class and skill to the world of football , inspiring for the younger generation, great sportsmanship, lots of energy There was none of the usual fake fouls pretended injury’s or racism that comes along with male football. infact the fans all got on amazing.

The team bursting in on the managers press confidence after showed the sheer jubilation the win brought history in the making that shows women have a huge place in changing the scope and bringing talent to the field of sport.

England womens football win


Our Hayley and Holly were defiantly over the moon for the win.

The thing about writing is as you sit here what you planned on writing suddenly changes , everything you have held back comes flaying out at light speed not in the order you planned.

So since the last proper blog, Iearnt to edit video’s and add subtiletile to my blog and my youtube content, took a few extar courses of publishing , marketing, meta data, signed a new contacract with my distributors they Just added Target to there list so hopefully my book will be avalible there to soon with the price of things going up I have had to make small adjustments to book prices alothough I have tried to keep them as low as I can enevitablly all products over the world have increaced slightly it’s the time we live in the cost of materials and energy driving prices of printing and so forth up.

some new skills

social media and Emo

I did creat a new Emo for book signing events in the future. to sit on the table so our small emo doesn’t get warn out. and one that matches the book cover although i will be adding addtional clothing that doesn’t have the jigsaw on it and maybe the infinity sign instead. I tried Emo with out the Jigsaw but they kids didn’t relate to it as much as they did our Emoi think though it’s less about the Jigsaw and more about it being brightly coloured, kids are drawn to bright colours.

I will admit i am not a great sewer and the head is not quite the same shaper as the book but it was more about attaching it to the body, thankfully Niki allowed me to borrow her sewing Machine. this was the second attept the first on was way to skinny and body to head preportions were not the best.

Can’t wait to show little Tom next time I have him. I got the material and safety stuffing from the local hobby craft shop.

Amy’s Birthday

Our Amy would have been 26 on 26th of June spent an hour tiding her little resting place and also deweaded all the other little babie’s resting places in her row because then when people visit there child it’s not over run with weeds. that makes it a harder visit. Our neighbour brought some flowers from her garden to which was such a sweet thing and unexpected.

Ladies community tea party

That afternoon there was a ladies tea party event run by my other beautiful neighbour we also sat and spent the afternoon chatting there was a raffel which raised money for our local St Catherines hospice. over the year these events have raised so much money for this charity. although they were put off through the pandemic it was lovely to have this event again this year.

I didn’t take pictures at the event just sat and relaxed it was a fun day though. A rcord amout of ladies over 70 the biggest turn out so far and a massive £600 was raised for our local Hospice who do amazing work for our families this charity was one of my grandfather’s charities he donated to he save all his lose change in pots and when they were filled he would donate and refil and donate. st cathrines helped my Nanu after she was Diagnosed with cancer so i think thats why it was an important one to him and our family. The year our Amy was born was the Year Nanu was diagnosed with Cancer, infact the day after her birth and before we left the hospital we visited her as she just had an op to remove it, my pickles was there by her side in the hospital room. see certain dates event’s memories all bring some much emotion and feeling to your writing.

My Mum love her so much

The next thing to happen was the new day and something to look forward to mum was coming for a weeks visit she arrived the next late morning schools were still in open last few weeks , Jake was at school niki had finnished collage and was at home with her dad. I spent the morning with mum after not seeing her since Christmas it was great to catch up again. Day 2 of her stay went wrong i had been with her for a cuppa and a chat then went home for a while just to sort a few things dad had gone to take rubbish to the tip, and then had to go get some petrol there were local issues with fuel at the time some he went further a field to get some and that’s when the accident happened she was just going to her car when she lost her balance went to grab the chair to stop her falling only it didn’t work and she went down the one time she didn’t have her phone on her to call for help. Dad found her on the grass outside and called for the ambulance then called me he told me it was bad and he thought she broke something and i just left hubby to look after things at home and got there as quick as i could i only live about 8 minutes drive my heart was thumping so hard, I used the drive over as an opotunity to keep calm and when I arrived was assessing the situation and talking to mum she couldnt be moved as it was pretty obvious something major was broken, bless her she tried all that time to get up but couldn’t the ambulance turned up about 20 minutes later it was a hot day dad was holding an unbrella over her and the ambulance drivers while they worker i held i cover up while they assessed her and my older brother arrvived and held the trolly while they got he on it after they gave her some pretty strong pain killers. while waitng for ambulance i also got her bag ready with her lists of medicines and things she may need and followed the ambulance up to hospital. after tests that determined it was a broken hip and ribs the next few days while they stabalised her and got her ready for surgery werevery worrrying my family took it in turns to visit keep her spirits up and the op happened a few days later, Recovery room took longer then expected and a short stay for a day on high dependancy, before being moved to another ward she stayed on there for a few before having her ward changed again.

The nurses were great the paramedics were great and the surgeons were amazing. But not all of her care was good there was issues in how the Physio’s spoke to her which she put in a complaint about there was issues with what would happen and where her recovery would be none of it was discussed with her. decicions were made without consolting her. The doctors wanted her to go to her normal hospital where her usual treatments are the phsysio’s were saying she needed intensive physio and that there were no places local to where she lives even though she knows there are definatly places closer to her home as her partners mum had recently been there after a hip op.

In the end they told her she would go to her usual hospital to have her stabalised and go home from there, only they didn’t say they had an agreement that they would send her to a care home she had said no to on the friday they said she would go home from there on the saturday morning they said she would be moved that day to a care home. So i phone the hospital to find out what was going on they ausured us the there was a seperate wing for rehabilition to the demetia ward, and we also brought up the fact that the hospital had put a DNR on her which is why she didn’t want to return to the hospital.

To add to the trama becuse she complained they run a dementia check before they would remove the DNR. and yes we know its a subject that has to be brought up but over her stays in all places it was done exccessively without even listening to her wishes. to doctors went through the check and then had it remived and she was given a copy of that removal and what would happen with it going forward.

We spent the day after rushing up to check the care home out and then onto visiting mum and while the inicial visit which was a bit rushed they let us see her room showed us the day rooms and said the physio’s would do a full assessment when she arrived mum took the place there was very little other choice.

Her move was slightly delayed and she got the sickness bug but they still moved her and she was put into quarenteen so no physio at all in fact a leafet was left to saythese are the excersizes to do, most she already did anyway but getting on the floor and raising her legs. they seemed to not have any knowledge of her privious disabilities.

While it isnt the patients with dementias fault they are like they are it is the bed managers and doctors fault they put her in an unsuitable convelences and rehabilitaion place.

Its like putting a man on with a broken hip on a labour ward and asking him to recover it’s the same if you have all your mental capabilities and being put in a ward with people that don’t. how are you going to heal from broken limbs when staff shortages and the other patients need that one to one supervision. it isn’t fair to either patients .

So now my mum has met with a doctor at the care home and he was amazing he said although she should be in a convalecence place for another three months she can actually recover at home.

I also called the social workers for my mum and let them know she has requested one,and that they should speak to her direcly about what she needs towards getting suport when she is home, and also spent the evening before the doctors visit on phone to my Mum typing up everything she needs short term and long term to make it easirer to be independant and recover at home .

My Mums mood has absaloulty lifted with getting home inher sights, and the final meeting will be held tommorow about when it will happen. this is my thing about care services we are there to support people to live as independant life as possible in there own homes leaving the care homes for those thats need that high dependancy help. My mum was disabled before her fall and she has managed perfectly well at home for the three years she was in isolation accept her stay in hospital with covid in december the reality is her hip s healing nicely her ribs have recovered but her other disabilities are not going to suddenly go away she has had them for years and she will have them for life. as long as she can move with her aids she has and she gets support for anything else she needs that is all that matters. She wants to be in her own home surrounded by her things she loves doing things she wants in her own time not waiting for hours for her meds she needs and with the ability to eats some food that is to her dietary needs.

The foods they been serving though its no surprise people end up with sickness and upset tummy’s. you would think a health services that promotes healthy eating and deals with the consequenses of dietry isuues would provid healthy inedable foods so there patients can recover quicker, it was often cold, burnt grey or a sandwhich on wholemeal bread something mum can’t eat or they forgot her. while she was in a hospital near us we could sort food and drinks and things she needed and take them to her.

Just before mum’s op Hayley’s day center closed due to cases of covid wectested every day due to visiting mum on theevery one remained clear till that weekend and then dad tested positive followed the day after by Hayley not sure weather dad got it off one of the wards mum was on or Hayley was in contact i am assuming it was from the hospital as that’s where dad was before they moved mum to another ward someone had covid in her ward. but they both had to clear test just before Joshua’s party.

Thankfully i still havent had it and dads and Hayley’s second time was much less difficult or long and they isolated till both of them were clear that was day five and six this time last time it was 10 days before they had a clear test mum thankfully didn’t pick it up either but she also had her Jabs and a fourth booster before she came down.

Moving on to something a little more positive now promise.

Joshua’s 28th birthday

our Josh came to visit for his birthday week it was so great having him here he also got to see his nan even if she was in hospital, which made her happy been a year since she last seen him. she was ment to be here and celebrate his birthday with him. but instead we took lots of photo’s and posted them so she could still feel apart of it.

Joshua’s return home and Birthday morning

Sorry some of the photo’s were a little blurry he arrived the night before his birthday we had been preparing the garden with Jake for the party, and my dad and brothers were visitng mum that weekend so i could sort the party and the fact the next day Our niki was leaving to visit with tom and his parents they were all going camping in Glouster. thats’s for later though they were all happy to be reunited . I didn’t think I would get it all done in time but as usual it all pulled together with hubbies help and support, to be honest these last few weeks his support has made all the difference. Team work makes dream work.

The birthday morning and dropping Niki at the camp site we were up super early it was to be a long drive and wanted to do pressies while Niki was still with us. So bless him Josh spent the day with his mum and sister in the car met the parent’s of Niki’s Tom and saw his sister happily settled . shame They all couldn’t be there for the birthday party the next day.

Niki And Tom reunited

Look how happy they both were to be reunited so cute.

The birthday party day I was up early with hubby sorting ballons preparing food that ddint nned cooking hubby did the bbq and potaotoes, oh and blowing up the paddling pool hiding dinosaurs and places toys in the Teepee.

Then they arrived the Greeks all smiley and tanned little Toula, Noah and Molly there mums and dads and Our sister inlaw Ellie, some members of our greek family couldn’t attend but my dad and hayley came too.


Little Toula met Emo for the first time she tried to eat him tucking in to all the food , i held her so she could touch the water in the paddling pool she loved slashing with her hand but when i put her feet near it she brought her little legs up, she is just so very cute.

Birthday Cake

The grown boys were play fighting trying to throw each other in the pool Jake has got strong so they couldnt get him in.

Josh and Jake fooling around

Was a super fun day. These days show you just how important family is and being in a relaxed stress free inviroment, My sister inlaw had a fall recently too and dislocated her knee and hurt her fingers was very truamtising for them all especially the children who were there when it happened, luckily she is recovering now too.

They say things comes in threes my father inlaw was also admitted to hospital again he is at home now too, have you heard of that saying life is a roller coaster my life sure is but you get up you carry on you find wgats important to you and you be around people who make you laugh smile, inrich your life and make it matter. I am real sentimental when it comes to my family i have no trouble expressing my love for them openly, thats just me though.

Our garden

We have had some amazing crops this year and its been so great picking and eating them


Its taken a while to write this blog but will follow up with the second part later must go dish up the dinner hubby has cooked today a nice Roast.

Much love Faye xxxx