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Good evening , hope your all keeping well. Been absent from blogging, summer Holidays hit , Mum had her accident her op went ok but she is still in rehabilitation infact today she left the second hospital and has a temporary stop gap at a care place to Finnish her rehabilitation , yep she is not very happy about it and wants to be in her own home hopefully that will be soon for her. I will catch you all up on what’s been going on there , barriers we faced and all the positive things that have been going on since the last big blog. My main focus has been work my family and getting Mum through this challenge . Actually I used to find writing about the positives got me through the harder days but had writer’s block plus have been doing a lot of driving , about 2000 miles over the last month , had some great drives though through the country side.

Weather here in UK has been a record high 😁 Got to love Summer

We had our Josh’s 28th birthday and he was home for a week was great to spend time with him , our angel Amy’s 26th Anniversary, a women’s community tea party. Niki has been visiting her Tom and is back tomorrow.

We had medical reviews , exams and exam results. I have also made a new Emo been studying more on publishing .and thought about what I am going to write next still not decided fully on the type of books yet definatley more children’s books but with Characters rather than photo’s something a little more easy to market ,

Sold a few more books and gave some away too. It’s all about balance though , I usually write at night but have been switching off early and sleeping.

Don’t think I will sleep much tonight though thinking about my Mum and Niki’s journey Home tomorrow.

So just a quick blog today will be back after Niki’s settled back in and we get some feed back about Mum and her physio. As it has been super lacking on that front but that’s for another blog

Have a beautiful evening

Much Love Faye xx❤️