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Hi, I hope your week is going well.

This week has been an amazing half term week we packed lots of things in with the added benefit of sleeping earlier at night, always great to get a little catch up on sleep during holidays, I have been mixing work and family this half term but it all runs effortlessly together. I am still getting the exercising done every day no plans to stop this new added routine started the next 30 days set it gets easier as you get used to it.

We are still getting things ready for the Jubilee weekend street Party, homemade arts and crafts lots of making cakes and decorations, everyone is getting involved hubbies repairing the Gazebo’s we may need it looking at the weather forecast if it rains though I have a backup plan of enjoying it in the house with just my family, hopefully, the rain will hold off. you never know with the great British weather it’s temperamental sometimes.

It is beginning to look like a celebration, My lovely Neighbor Sue has arranged the event she is an amazing lady she invited everyone. Other neighbors have been cutting and maintaining the green in our little close, we will all be bringing our gazebos out onto the green. But our BBQ will be in our own gardens just because it’s safer as all the kids will be able to play safely. The road is usually closed for these events not sure if it will be the same this year but I am not driving this weekend and going to get the last few bits Tomorrow morning. Fresh Rolls for burgers and sausages. Tomorrow we are also making Tzatziki A Greek Dip.

There is a recipe on the BBC good food website below We make ours very similar, maybe with a touch of Greek flare though. I guess each family has their own interpretation of how they make it.


Niki has to make cakes tomorrow, Hayley made and iced the white cakes Jake made the blue ones and Niki is making Red, we have a red white, and blue theme going on.

We also have our own homegrown greens and herbs which are flourishing and super tasty so it will be great to pick some to go with the food this weekend. Even the strawberries are popping up now.

Jake Still wears a mask, especially for photos and going out, It isn’t even so much about covid why he wears it now, you hear very often about autistic masking well he kinda is literally doing that both in physical form and in outward personality, he still isn’t comfortable with the diagnosis, maybe he will just accept it one day and look back to this point and be glad he just accepted himself for who is. The diagnosis for us is Just a template for support, to us, they are simply Jake and Niki our children.

We have also been having some lovely catch-ups with our Josh on the phone every day.

Arts and crafts with Hayley, we have been doing a little each week I think I already shared some of the photo’s and Hayley brought some they made at the day center home we were adding white backgrounds today.

Even Emo joined in

He has Got his Crown already.

Working with Tom on Friday

We had super fun he was in a cheeky and playful mood he loved being reunited with Emo and was chatting to him when I left the room at his sleep time I popped my head around the door and he kept laughing.

Tom has started a blended diet now so all food goes through the peg in his tummy, as well as his fluids and meds, they may review it in a while and the difference it has made to his ability to put on weight is quite remarkable. so I am trained up on a blended diet now it’s all about getting the right consistency so it doesn’t block his peg. I had to improvise while giving his milkshake he kept grabbing the tube so we did a little role play with the help of Emo and an empty syringe I helped tom hold it to Emo’s tummy while I fed Tom Emo is a great teaching aid, when Tom wouldn’t eat I used to give him a spoon and he would try to feed Emo and sometimes he would then eat a spoonful himself. For teeth brushing I would put him in front of a mirror with emo and a spare toothbrush and we brushed together.

Tom was hugging Emo so tight.

This week I also found time to learn how to add subtitles to our YouTube and also my Book trailer and this evening adding google translate to my word press, it took a little help from the word press team and my Jake for the google translate but we got there in the end, I have recently have been having a lot of requests for these things to be added. I am not at the point of making my book available in other languages yet and it is written in English but that is certainly something to really look into moving forward I still have so much to learn about publishing and extending all my platforms.

Book Trailer updated with Subtitles and the Emo branding. I was thinking about reshooting the whole thing but sometimes it’s best to leave things alone. It was the very first video I made.

Hayley is wanting to find out more about people who visit our sites she wants to practice her answering questions skills.

Hubby has been a great help he has been playing music for me all week and sorting the Garden.

That’s it for tonight’s blog

Going to leave you with a song choice for tonight.

Find time for yourselves too.

Good night Much love Faye xxx