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Good Morning Wishing you A relaxing Sunday

It has been a pretty busy few weeks her, haven’t had much time to think about writing, been super focused on family and work and getting kids through the exams we have had a lot of anxiety to get through, but each exam they do regardless of the anxiety the relief when it’s over is like a wave of calm descends. We are a couple of months away for the six weeks summer holiday’s so looking forward to that pressure free time.

I love Capturing Photo’s of my Family all together

The last bank holiday weekend our Oldest son came for a long weekend visit it was so good and so relaxing having Josh home just sitting and spending time together, also though as a parent you always sleep so peacefully when all your kids are home Niki and Jake slept better as well. Josh took Jake to see the new Dj Strange movie at the cinema, and Niki’s has has lots of events she has been attending on the weekend with Autism all-stars

The work they all put into Charity work and community work. they truly are amazing you can check out there charity the Facebook link to thier social page is below and they have amazing Photo’s from the events they have held. I am so glad our Niki has them in her life Now this is something so special the look on the kids and families attending these events and the great feel of community they bring.

The one thing i Love about Niki being Evolved is just that I can really relax and Know she is with people who truly understand her , they get anxiety and are such a supportive group they are empowering.


Before Josh came for weekend Hayley was helping prepare food.

We worked side by side Hayley making the vegetarian version of Pastio for Niki, So that we could all eat the same dinner well accept for Jake he had his Steak his new favorite food.

Dad and Hayley popped over for dinner on the bank holiday weekend too.

We have been out in the garden a lot although not all of the bank holiday was great weather things are beginning to warm up here now, so more bright days of hanging washing on line being in the garden relaxing. Maybe a little sunbathing.

We also worked on planting with Hayley for her little garden

She brought her pots over to replant some flowers and tomato plants, she loves to try grow her own Tomato’s.

Simplicity is just sitting back and watching things grow seeing the development each day the smallest of changes always bring a calmness and smile.

Day’s out and Night’s out

We have had a couple of Thursday evenings out at Karaoke Sometimes Niki’s friend Lilly Joins us to they were very fun evenings out, and they all are the best people to party with.

Also worked Last weekend with little Tom.

Tom was sleepy i was telling him a story and puppet show.

We had One morning where me and Jake got up at 4 am as he wanted to see the super Flower blood Moon but it was over cast but it was a lovely experience just the 2 of us having an early morning walk down the park Jake carrying his telescope. Listening to how loud the birds were at that time of the morning.

While Niki has been out the last couple of Saturday’s i have spent some time with Jake just walking having lunch together and yesterday taking some photo’s at a local event.

my captures

Jake’s Capture’s he likes taking photo’s as much as I do but he likes to capture the external world rather than himself. Me I like to capture people as well as nature, food , places. and experiences.

The Queens Platinum Jubilee is coming up and we are having a little community street party organized by our lovely Neighbor Sue she has run so many event’s for our community over the years i have know her and they are always fun and always have raised money for local charities. can’t wait to capture how fun these events are. There will be BBQ’s we each cook them in our own garden’s but then we all sit on the green outside and have music and races for families to take part in. some years egg and spoon races sack races and space hoppers and not to forget those parent and adult races where they get super competitive with the kids screaming excitedly and laughing at us adults making a fall of ourselves.

Hayley and me have been making home made decorations ready to mark the occation and get into the great British vibe and celebrate this huge event in our Queens life.

We love our country and are very patriotic and our town we love to show why and whats important to us that’s Kindness,community, care. and Inclusion everyone should have the opportunity to be expressive and give a glimpse into thier lives.

That’s our blog for today.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

Much love Faye