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Good Afternoon and here we are another new month. Merry May this year seems to be zooming past in a blink of an eye.

Beauties of life

Hope your bank holiday weekend was good ours was very peaceful we had Hayley and dad over for dinner party on Monday. My hubby played all my favorite songs all day and cooked the dinner while i prepared the house a lot of team work. First though before i share about that we have been continuing to work on the garden. so close to being finished and ready to enjoy as soon as more of the flower come out they are all ready beginning to green up and spring to life

Each day i go and look at the garden things grow just that little bit more. my little bit of heaven.

Before the weekend though we had some time out of the house and even took Niki up to shops she dressed as Princess Pea from Mario that amount of smiles and people stopping to talk was great some times being simply you and doing things that make you smile can have a surprising affect on people you meet. spreading a smile is a good thing sometimes.

Even princesses need food shopping,

Niki and i were trying the wedding dresses she has got, working out weather she wants to go traditional or still with the black dress when she gets married to Tom when they decided the time is right in the mean time working out what style she likes but also having some real mum and daughter bonding time.

This one made her feel like a bride it won’t be the one she wears though and made her think again about the white dress idea.

She let me try them too.

She isn’t sure she want’s a Vail but we already have one.

The other dress she hasn’t taken a picture with yet

It has these pretty pale pink roses on it I love this experience with her. but know when she finds that perfect one she won’t let anyone else try and rightly so. me and all the kids love the show say yes to the dress. We had a funny moment when we were all in fits of giggles when Jake called me too the stairs and he tried one on too to make us laugh. took us all by suprise he wanted to join the moment although it was just a bit of fun didn’t take a picture he wouyldnt of liked that.

I also worked with the kids on Friday

Tom and holly showed us there hydro therapy room his dad built no water in it at the time but Tom has enjoyed using it with his other carer its really going to help with his muscles and joint pain having that room at home so even in the holidays he has access to it all year round his dad even made it a sensory room and put a lean to on the outside so he doesn’t get wet if it rains going from inside the house to that outdoor room. They are just waiting on approval for his disabled access garden to be built so he can use swing and have astro put in since his accident last year in the garden it has become so important for tom tom have that specialist equipment so he can play out side like everyone else. Holly Joined in on exercising with me and she is so great and strong she way surpassed me on the excersize you can tell she is very sporty.

Tom has an imaginary friend called peanut so way we played hide and seek with tom and his imaginary friend they all slept so well.

We woke up early to get ready for bank holiday dinner party.

My husband cooked roast chicken and potatoes I made the salad and veg, although my dad phoned before he came and said he wouldnt be eating it’s his fasting day Hayley and the rest of us enjoyed the meal.

we all got dressed up too Niki nicely lending me a dress she just brought its such a pretty dress though the joys of being same size clothes as each other we can raid each others waldrobes.

Actually today is May the forth it’s exactly 29 years today since that very frist date I had with my hubby

Thats it for today’s blog working night shift with Hayley tonight and her dinner is almost ready she just wanted to relax and go on her tablet till after dinner we are having an art and games evening
have a beautiful evening much love faye xxx