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Well Hello and good morning so much to share in this blog it may just take some time to write and I definatley have the writing bug today, Kids are back at school well actually that’s not one hundred percent true they went back yesterday but Niki is not in college Tuesday or Wednesday’s so she is having a sleep in, and Jake wasn’t feeling good yesterday so he was off but is back into school today.

We had a great half term and this time round without restrictions we have been able to get out and about for some fun rather then spending the holidays at home. I had the first week of the holiday’s off work the second week of half term was a mixture of work and family time. Definatley the short break has given me a boost.

We started our Easter Break with a special family occation meeting our Great niece at her christening and it was such a beautiful day and event and we felt honored to be part of that special occation Niki and Jake met their baby cousin and enjoyed the cuddles, it was infact the first time Jake has held such a tiny baby.

She captured our Hearts , from the very first picture we saw of her just after she was born. Our Little Toula

we also got to spend time with our other nieces and nephews and great Nieces and Nephews the children are so very important part of our life.

So choice for the children. My husband used to sing this to our Niki when she was growing up I would be in the other room and here them singing it together.

what away to start the holidays though.

Days out with my kids

Ikea was our first Day Out

Our Jake was with us but didn’t want to be in photo’s but that’s ok some times they do and sometimes they don’t Niki was loving the pink theme I think she would have a completely pink house but don’t think her Tom would. It was a fab day out we did have an issue when we got back to car as we had a flat battery but we soon got it going again with a little phone call to hubby and some very direct directions. Surprisingly the motorway was pretty clear. we took it in turns to choose music for the journey the kids being in control of changing it.

Day trip to Eden bridge

A little village not far from where we live we drove down country lanes to get there and the scenic view was beautiful. as was the stunning buildings.

Day out to the seaside Little Hampton

I choose the day out at the beach for some excersize and for just a real chill day before return to school.

Thought i may help make them tired and sleep well, didn’t quite work out that way though but still was a super fun day out.

The weather was beautiful there was a little wind chill and when you get past the first part of beach and the tide is out it is very sandy, we spent a few hours on the beach Jake dug a big whole and put sandcastles round it Niki made a skull design. then we went to arcade and funfair for a little fun.

The Funfair

The waltzer we all love this ride we went on it twice.

The Water Ride I stood with the bags and watched this one, it was short and fun and pour Jake being at the front of the ride took the full impact of the water which Niki found very funny.

Still the next ride soon dried them off.

You had to remove any lose objects so Niki’s flip flops and glasses came off and Jake was a proper gentle man taking his sisters hand and guiding her to the seat she cant see much with out her glasses. Jake and Niki are really in tune with each others needs.

The rides cost wasn’t to bad £3 a ticket or 10 Tickets for £19. but the food was a little pricey so we just ate snacks and picked something up closer to home. they both objected to me buying them food there.we spent a good 6 hours out of the house my hubby didn’t come with us as he was finishing the garden we want to get it finished early this year so when our oldest Josh visits us soon we can just sit and relax in the garden weather permitting.

Blue water with the kids.

we spent a few hours here at the shopping center, just looking round the shops and Niki going to build a bear Jake didn’t want anything though it’s so hard to get him to let me treat him.

Making the magic happen. it’s all part of the build a bear experience.

Niki chose


and accessorized with the Joker outfit, she already has another build a bear rabbit so she got a Batman costume for that one too.



The one thing I love about build a bear is they have disability accessories which makes the experience enclusive for kids with disabilities my daughter wears glasses so you can get glasses , or they have crutches and even wheel chairs.

The staff in the shops are always upbeat and cheerful and very helpful.

Night out

A great night out at karaoke too was super fun Niki only came down for a while with her friend who stayed over because she had an assignment due in. she also got some great exam results from her external exam she got an amazing B grade so she is so happy about that.

We got Easter Egg after we sang.

I must admit I was a little merry at the end of the evening, i don’t drink very often so it only takes a few to make me jolly, I remember being so happy i made a you tube about Easter egg, but not so jolly I didn’t set the video to adult only just because of my outfit choise and your different around adults then kids.


Easter was very different this year we choose to spend the money going out and about rather then on lots of surgery things, but we did have a lovely Easter weekend, Niki was spending Easter Sunday night at a friends but we had to cut it short and take her to urgent care still some antibiotics soon sorted her out.

Bank holiday Monday my dad and Hayley came over for dinner and we ate in our garden.

Our Easter weekend

The garden wasn’t completely finished but it was tidy though.

Good Friday

I was back at work with Tom and his sisters

Tom loved his Easter chick look at his smiley face.

I arrived early so I could give the kids thier Easter gifts and actually take them out for walks one at a time first it was Holly Holly and I love going out on the scooters for a ride but also walking through woods on the way home and climbing trees.

Tom was Next we were sining down the road helps with getting back up the hill pushing the wheel chair.

We stopped to smell the flowers.

With Tom on our walk.

The rest of the evening before the children slept we baked and played silly games with lots of laughter. Tom slept all night.

Trying to ask questions with that plastic mouth piece had us laughing so hard.

What else have we been doing when we not having time out, the garden and sorting and itemizing some more of my hubby’s record collection, Jake likes organizing.

we found one of Hayley’s favorite singers amongst our collection.

Camping in the Garden with Jake.

Blue water with Hayley

When she found out i took the kids she wanted to go there when it was our out and about day.

They have some stunning Architecture there every where you looked something different to see or words to read its like being inside a book.

I took Hayley to The real Greek restaurant and had the authentic taste of Greek food.

The food was delicious. Hayley really enjoyed going there .

Hayley’s build a bear experience

Guided naming Hayley entered each letter to make his name I try to get her to do that by pointing and spelling out the letters for her but give her the independence to do it herself.

going to finish this blog now with one of Hayley’s YouTube video’s this blog took four hours to write as there was so much to share this time.

Have a beautiful new week

Much love Faye xxx