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Hi all hope life is treating you well.

Been keeping busy since last blog, work with Hayley last week we had Venus (Niki’s) friend stay over and she also stayed at her friends house too.

Been going through some old memories I have kept recently the kids cards from birthdays and thier births photo’s some of thier little letters they wrote to me and of course photo’s . You get to see so much of a personality and how it changes over the years I am a bit of a collector of things my kids have done but also I think it really helps keep you grounded in a good way, when i look back of photo’s of myself over the years the majority of them I am always smiling the only difference personality wise now for me is the fact I am a lot more extroverted then introverted now writing has helped with that also starting the YouTube channel as well has opened up a whole new side of me I didn’t know existed.

The Younger years

Teenage years

Before marriage

The Wife and mum years

The Author year

The little girl me never dreamed of ever becoming an author yet here I am years after publishing proud of that accomplishment, and not stopping well maybe paused way to long and have to get these new books written it will be happening soon ,I feel it is already in the process of my fingers ready to type it out a starting point and we shall see where it takes me.


So I thought I was pretty fit, I am always on the go dance a lot for excersize. My Jake is using the gym but also is following a thirty day Abs workout, short bursts of intense excersize.

So we were discussing fitness and work outs and he set this app up on my Phone and is getting me to join in he is on day fourteen, I am on day one. we did it together and he was making sure I didn’t cheat

Yes he actually got his mum working out, the burn is real. The work out only lasted about 7-11 minutes but it felt like hours. Not that I want abs at my age but it’s a bonding moment and I love to get involved with my kids interests and plus it’s kind of motivating and after you catch your breath and your body has time to cool down its rather refreshing. I may ache tomorrow think I used muscles for the first time in years and it might just tone up my mum tum a little. Some of it though i wasn’t able to do it quite like he can only because of an old back injury, but maybe that will strengthen my core muscles and in turn help with that. Plus it made Jake smile seeing my effort


last Thursday we went out and about hayley got herself a bumper Surprize box from HMV we had the new one just open up in out town its decorated lovely it’s spacious and wheel chair friendly with a lift.We all kind of missed this shop when it closed down so were glad to see it open and it has lots of things my kids love. Someone called me out for using the word kids with respect to my children but different people use different words to discribe things and thats ok it does not bother them when I call them that. where I live it is used often.

Thursday Night out and Lilly staying over. It was lovely having Venus friend stay over they had lots of fun and we all went out to kareoke together

Venus Did my makeup and I wore pink to match the Necklace Jake Brought for me .

Venus did such a good Job with her songs I perticualy like her version of Abba’s Money Money Money she sang with expression

Hayley was getting into the Groove with her pretend guitar.

Yesterday Venus stayed at Lilly’s house for the first time and had a wonderful time it was lovley when she sent me little photo’s and videos .

This was my favorite they also have cat’s and dogs too. She loves animals.
This one was so cute .

Today hayley has beenwith me all day and instead of going out and about we stayed home and did some cooking together she made cookies and Greek pastio.

The cookies

we also made a salad to go with it and a pasta carbanara for the non meat eating venus.

Then we played some games while listening to music

Hayley had a little time on her tablet but didn’t want to get off it so to encourage her to switch off i dressed as a frog and was being silly.

sometimes you have to think out side the box and just be a little goofy they cant help wanting to join in although hayley though I was embarresing especially when I danced

The first shoots of green veg

I owe that to my Hubby and his Green fingers

He has been working hard in the Gardens

and its been a little stop and go we had flakes of snow just after we planted flowers but they seem to have not died from the cold frosty mornings thankfully.

Venus arts and crafts today, she has been watching YouTubes and saw this 3d phone case video which she really wanted to try and do so she ordered what she wanted to put on in and got the new case. and set to work this afternoon She realky has a creative eye for things and she made it to fit her style and personailty.

she made a template and layed out where she wanted to put the little charms took a picture so she could see how it would all fit, Then set too work it looks real cute and after it dry’s for 24 hours she will pop it on her new phone, she says it will be a great sensory feel to it

It looks super cute as well some of her favorite characters.

Well that’s it for todays blog wishing you a beautiful night or day what ever it is for you

Much Love Faye xxx