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Hi, welcome to today’s Blog I wish to say a huge thank you for visiting whether you are a returning visitor or new to my blog you will probably notice that I am super-expressive and a bit of a visual person. That’s the great thing about personal blogs you have to stay true to your own way of doing things I have been blogging for over four years now and while this year they have been more gaps in my blog timeline I still really enjoy sharing our families and my book and work journey with you all. still having issues a bit with my computer but like my blog, it’s been over four years now since I got it four a gift for my birthday there wouldn’t have been a blog without it. It’s the one gift that has given me the freedom to write the freedom to connect with many families all over the world. The ability to share our journey to read other people’s journeys. What has been going on since my last blog lots really sold a few more books which is very uplifting, been working on the Court case, working, birthdays and the half-term holidays.

Going do this in the order of what happened.

My hubby Nik’s Birthday was on the 24th of October we had just the four of us and had a very quiet celebration it was lovely not to have to entertain for once and just be in each other’s company, We had a star trek binge-watch kind of day snuggled on the sofa, and a great little family dinner, our oldest son Josh couldn’t make it down this year but as usual, he phoned and spent hours on the phone with his dad, I love hearing them too chat about all kinds of things laughing and joking Debating all kinds of topics

We let the kids sleep in sat chatting till they woke up then they joined us for pressie opening and the cake lighting.

It was great to really just sit back and chill, we had a special dinner, Full roast beef and all the trimmings.

So the evening kind of ended with full bellies and a great night’s sleep.

Tom and Holly

My Niki and Hayley came with me to work this time it was just like old times except at Tom’s house Tom and Hollie’s mum and dad was out for the night and we got up to all kinds of crazy fun, Singing Playing games, We built a Fort which Holly and Niki slept in, it was a great fort too. Don’t worry though I cleaned up before Their mum and dad got back.

We had puppet shows Too.

We were having so much fun even the Dogs wanted to join in, Mika the black and white dog decided to sleep in the den with Niki and Holly, Tom he slept in his own room as he used his sleep system and he has his specialist bed. Hayley had a room to herself or so she thought got a bit of a surprise when Karma the dog got on the bed with her.

Tom was Super happy after his bath and massage he was ready to join in A little bit of playtime before I put him to bed told him a story, sang his favorite songs he went off to sleep pretty quick smiling.

Was such a great Nightshift.

Half term was great got to spend Quality time with the kids I changed my hours because Hayley wanted to stay and celebrate Halloween with us. You know it’s really all about that one on one quality time with each kid You can still do that with multiple kids on the same day. Also, the holidays are about catching up on sleep and preparations for the big Halloween evening.

We prepared a little each day

Spooky bowling.

Niki and I went Halloween shopping and stopped at Starbucks for some Yummy treats

Yep, we were Goofing around a lot too.

We have collected our Halloween things for over 27 years since we lived in our home.

To be honest, we weren’t sure if we would get any Trick or Treat Knocks this year but the children were amazing and there were over 70 kids who Came knocking throughout the evening all dressed up all absolutely polite respectful, and with the most delightful manners. Quite a few parents had got dressed up too. I think this year though kids needed that bit of fun and normality, Niki and Jake pretty much were all Overwhelmed too much sensory before the trick or treaters came so were relaxing in their rooms Hayley my hubby, and me were on candy duty. But that’s the good thing about being home when these special times come up they join in when they can and relax when they can’t.

We had a lovely sit-down meal before we had to do the jump up and down candy rush.

And the cleaning up that was my hubbies job, which reminds me I was the first one to get a scare in that morning made the hubby Jump I undid the hanging light with that has this heavy handle on to the last thread waited for him downstairs in the kitchen I heard the bang of it hitting the floor and the and him muttering because he jumped when he came downstairs and found me in huge fits of giggles he couldn’t help but join in.

The outfit Niki was Snow white she did want to go as Squid game but we could only get the mask not the whole outfit, the boys they didn’t dress up, Hayley well she had Mickey mouse Halloween clothes but also wanted to be a cat. mine I had to adapt a few times I couldn’t get the trousers I wanted and the skirt was a little much so went for a bodysuit and a Tutu. I was a mischievous devil. I am pretty mischievous all the time, the children loved it as I wasn’t too scary.

The Outfit was much better with the bodysuit a little more kid-friendly for the Sweet giving.

These to though I like the best my eyes kind of are alight with mischief . I do have a bit of an issue where I got healthy I kind of filled out in certain areas never had to worry about it before now I do a lot more I still think like a very skinny person.

After the last candy collector was the jubilation of the day

That’s All for today

I wish you good night Sweet Dreams Much love Faye xxxx

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