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Hi everyone how are you all doing, hope blogging is keeping you busy and creative, keep up the great work. So funny how much time you sometimes stare at the screen when you want to write i find myself procrastinating all the time, I will just make a coffee, or check which photo’s I want to use for the blog, run things over in my mind what I want to say and get distracted by many things. I love blogging a lot I find it useful to process how the day or week has been, think about what I would like to change do differently, what I would like to grow Author pages YouTube social media it is begining to pay off in engadment from others.

I have learnt so very much from the people I have spoken too yet still have much to learn about others journey’s the whys their reason their goals, it’s something I have a big interest in. people have a fascinating way of showing the perspective of the world the special interests I find it very intriguing. I have spoken to authors , parents people starting out their online business Everyone has a story of why they choose that path what they have gained by doing it what they lost along the way, A reason they want to achieve it, whether it is for personal growth, for a better way of life, to give their family a life they may not have had themselves.

Maybe they are on a journey of self discovery I mean a lot of these start up beauty business or coaching. Comes from someones self discovery along the way and the more they do it the more confident that get to approach others and maybe sell their products or services life’s experiences definitely top academics sometimes. because you have been there lived it and come out the other side a stronger person. one day you have one follower and before you know it you have an amazing platform of not just connections but some really good friends. you may even get on so well you meet up and build that friendship more.

I have used Facebook for keeping in touch with families for so many years now but it wasn’t until I first joined linked in Then the other social media that i found a sense of self writing

Emo The emotional Elf

Has impacted my life a lot and for the better, It took me from my quite little corner of the world and showed me the possibilities of life outside anything I have ever know before. after Linked In this blog was the second thing i started to develop I could barely use a computer and got very frustrated by all of the tiny details you need to know to grow as a writer but I have stubbornness on my side, I hate giving up it may have taken me a few years to get to this point but I feel the rewards have out weighed the negatives.

I think the thing with personal blogs are you not only here the story of the person writing you get to watch the journey of the writer, watch the methods they use as they learn them watch their confidence in their work grow there style go through many changes.

You see what makes them motivated what their goals are as they change through the weeks, months, years. what makes me smile the most is seeing the same people who first followed you in the beginning still there with you maybe silent sometimes, maybe interactive at other times. sometimes I get people message i haven’t spoken to in a while they always ask do you remember me , sometimes you do by the words they write little tell tale signs that bring the memory of what you spoke about the last time you talked. I am not very good sometimes at remembering faces or Names but I am good at remembering conversations it is a bit like you remember a line in a book or a clip from a movie it flashes in your mind, maybe a little fuzzy at first but the more you talk the more you remember. I am still loving the journey.

I think though I really have to open up that started second book and focus on writing more of that as well I am Miss procrastinator on that front. I am still emotionally invested in the original Emo maybe because it was the most difficult few years of our journey, and that emotion what was made it that little bit more special and impactful. You know some of the best songs , books, and buisnesses have happened from such sad feelings. some how the intensity of what you grow through gives you the inner strengh to change habbits of life times maybe you tell yourself on a subconcious level you cant do something even if it’s a dream or a goal and the years pass and you still have that dream but life gives you that proverbial kick up the butt to venture out of your comfort zone. I mean its five years down the line in my book journey and there isn’t a minute I am not doing something towards reaching that goal, I do still get moments of am I wasting time but I look around me at the changes to my family and I know I have to keep going my kids have a more happier mother who keeps them on the right track to be educated to find thier purpose to find what makes them confident and happy with themselves. I want my kids to live a life that makes them happy find a job adventually that they feel so passionate about. I get that from caring and writing. I get it from being a wife and a mother and now i get it from being who i truly was ment to be.

Challenges this week

After having such a beautifu; Easter weekend things went a little challenging not Just for me but for the families I support, Easter bank holiday Monday started off well and then i got the news little Tom had had a accident and fell off his swing nobody’s fault just a tragic unforseen accident. He was at the hospital his mum and his carer had to rush him to hospital because the abulances would of taken 2 hours to get there. with Toms disabilities you have to act quickly because he cant tell you where it hurts well he can communicate yes and no and use the picture but in an emergency situation he may not be able to communicate what he feels. I his mum had asked me to pick up his feeding tube so they could give him meds, he was discharged not long after. The hospital were good but really I think they should of kept him in given the severity of his disabilities later that night his face swelled up and he was being sick so definatley signs of concussion,and something more was going on. they called me to come look after toms sisters because they had called for ambulance which would be there within 2 hours. It was probally about 1 am Jake and Niki were still awake my hubby took over from me so I could get to Toms house. it was quite shocking to see his beautiful little face like that but he held my hand while we were waiting he had another carer and his mum sorting things ready for the hospital and the ambulance came not long after I arrived bless this kid he smiled at me even when he is in pain he is the strongest kids I know, It was pretty scary for everyone all of us calm and acting like smiling and acting as if we are not worried just so Tom felt calm. I think your mind goes into this survial mode and you no that calm and happy faces make that difference to kids. tom went in his on car with the carer and mum while the ambulance followed behind just incase as it was felt it was better for tom to be in somewhere familair.

I can say I did not sleep at all that night I couldn’t, that’s my little sweet heart the few hours of waiting for news were nerve racking he had an emergency CAT scan which revealed a break inthe bone under his Nose he stayed in the night and most of the next day, so Holly came back to mine.

It was easy to keep Holly occupied and of course my mind occupied lots of fun was had Holly is very lively we spent the day laughing and she spent a lot of time with Jake playing Games they even had a music session together

They were Teaching each other what they have learned. Both Jake and Holly are teaching themselves to play.and they are both getting real good at it. Holly ate real well.

She really enjoyed the juicy Melon

We got the news later that afternoon Tom was coming home and would see the hospital as an out patient next week, I arrived back at thier house with Holly about an hour before tom got home, Holly was still full of energy so we did some pushups star, jumps,sit ups. and games of hide and seek. helped her with her room.

Played with the dogs i didn’t manage to capture a photo with Karma she was very good at communicating she wanted me to go with her , motioning her head to the side of where she wanted me to go yep the food cupboard, Dogs and their food.

They also kept pretending to faint so I would tickle them especaily Mika

Definatley seeking attention, Karma is a jumper an is still quite youg but so strong she almost knocks you flying , Mika is a lot older now more of a barker but she is not as active likes to lay down try taking Mika and karma for a walk karma really walks you actualy probally drags you more, where as Mika will walk and sit down and refuse to move. They definatley have thier own personalities, I would say karma is like this over inthusiatic high energy pup who cant sit still and is always hungry. Mika’s more a slippers and arm chair kind of personality gets grumpy at the slightest thing, actually they are pretty much like the human species. I find it intresting just how much they show the same behaviours as us humans. Food, sleep, attention and play. the only difference is there goal is to get to that bone first they are quite teritoral over foods they also are intuitive to Little toms seisures and moods of the house hold.


We had a new routine with Hayley this week and Monday I didn’t have her because it was bank holiday, Tuesday morninmg she was ment to start her walks out and about with the day center but obviously I got held up so we had to cancel, I picked her up on the way back from Toms she had Zoom in the afternoon so social distancing between her and Holly was mantained with Hayley doing her zoom in my bedroom while Holly and Jake were down stairs Travelling in the car we all had masks on and window open. I dropped Hayley off on way back to Hollys house.

Tom had his Mum and other carers so he was in there care. was so glad to see him home and it has been a week of seeing his face go through changes and colours. not a pleasant thing to see but what made things so much better was his smily picture I have seen every day. we are all avalible if he should need it and I am sending pictures of my smily faces too. we love that it is our special thing we do together selfies Tom loves it and it is one of the ways we have communicated for along time now.

Hayley had a walk on wednesday morning and zoom in the after noon thursday was here listening to music in the morning and zoom bingo in the afternoon and friday she was here in the morning and out on a walk in the afternoon.

Niki and Jake adapted to short notice changes well this time I Guess over the years they are becoming ok with that at home they still don’t like changes in education settings yet but i am sure we will get there once I mean they have spent most of the last year at home so still need to adapt to being back at school properly.

This weekend now Niki’s UC has finally been awarded we managed to get her laptop there was a little stress as the one she spent time researching and choose was out of stock actually we had to down grade a little bcause the one she wanted had had everything she needed on but the other ones avalible were almost double the price to get everything the one she chose had. Still this will help her lots with her course and her creative and gaming things, plus also she can talk to Her Tom now without it crashing every five minutes.

Next I still have to buy to parts to fix mine and save up for the parts to get Jake a new computer, he wants to build it with his dad, maybe about 900 pound bulid price. May take a while to save up. One of his computer friends helped him research the things he will need the graphics card is the most expensive card especailly for gamers, he gets super frustrated with the lag when he plays games on his laptop which we got in the same year as nikis old one I think by the time i have saved up it may just be end of life.

This time Niki wanted to set it up herself, kotana talked her through it when she finnished she got frustrated with the fact one of her folders was laybled wrong and she couldnt change it she started it all again. But she did it herself and she felt super proud, she said I am stuburn I am not asking for help wonder who she gets that from.

Super Sunday

Today has been such a beautiful and relaxing day, I Have been with canva and remove and changing backgrounds of Photo’s and alsojust becoming more at ease with using them. I had many music play list going on today three main ones.

This one was my choice , when I was doing the washing and ironing today.
A little bit of country love while I cooked a roast
While I have been working on my blog

I love all kinds of Music it helps me stay focused on tasks and just makes you feel pretty happy too.

Any way thats it for my blog this time.

Good night all Much Love Faye xxx

I Forgot to add I am a proud Great aunty of a newly delivered baby boy Little Jimmy so cute 🥰 proud of our Maria and all she has had to go through to get this little man here safely .