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Good evening hope your have all had a beautiful Easter weekend.

We had an amazing one this year, although what we all would love right now is to have large family gathering full of our children’s laughter cousins playing together adults having conversations and catching up, it still wasn’t the right time.

Thankfully the weather was beautiful here so my dad could join us in our garden for the day Hayley is in our bubble anyway so she was allowed inside due to me being her carer. the kids even came out and spent most of the day in the fresh air too and Jake perticually enjoyed his time with his grandad, he wouldn’t take his mask off even outside, even though his Covid tests have been negative bless him, he said he wanted to keep his grandad safe.

Preparation’s for food started mid week time and the decorating ready for Easter.

I love the pastel colour’s of Easter I am normally a pretty bright colour lover but Easter is about re-birth and from a biblical stand point rising from death. Somehow those pastel colour’s remind us of that and the importance of life and living it with love and kindness.

There was a lot on last week last few days of school all the Preparations for Easter and working with Hayley and the kids.

First came the dying of the Eggs Red is symbolic in Greece the blood of Christ, I am into respecting both our Greek and English heritage that’s why I cook both English and Greek food.

Second was the Reveni

It turned out lovely this year melted in your mouth it had the sweetness of orange the zing of lemon the crispness from the almonds and that kick of aniseed from the ouzo. Defiantly full of flavor.

In between making things there was arts and crafts with Hayley her Zooms.

Appointments and school runs.

Niki and Jake kept with tradition and helped make the Koulourakia

Our own version of it.

Friday we were setting it all up before the kids came for the evening visit. plus i had the night shift at Little Toms house so wanted to be prepared so i could just finish the preparations for Sundays dinner. believe me it looks a lot of stuff but it is almost all gone they tucked into it well.

All set up for when the kids would arrive, warm welcoming and homely, my home is always full of food you never know when you will have extra mouths to feed at last moment. Being a carer and giving respite i am always prepared for those last minute changes you have to be to a make it a calm environment for my own families sake and those that join us .

With most shops closed I couldn’t get an outfit for egg hunt for little tom had to improvise with yellow fleece blankets and some pillows for stuffing. i turned myself into a chicken it made them laugh especially my hubby.

Never be afraid to look silly if it makes some one smile so worth it.

The kids and there dad arrived for the visit together, we hunted for eggs then played card games together before I took the kids home and stayed there the night.

lots of fun.

Tom went to sleep almost as soon as we got home, Holly was full of energy we did some jumping around and excersizes to burn it off, she is always full of energy.Tom only woke up once he just needed his inhayler and to cough but quickly went back to sleep.

He woke about 7 am happy i gave him a bath and he choose his own clothes for the day, meds and some breakfast before settling down to some reading before i went home he choose super cars first, he loved hearing the noises of the engines, and his favorite car was the Red Farrari, i dont balme him its a beautiful car and a great book the school gave him for Christmas

The second book was amazing too and the fluffy puppet attached to it was soft and tickled his face, Calm down boris is a lovely little childrens book.

After leaving Toms i got home about 9.30 am and got cleaned up and had a power nap before sorting my kids and getting on with the rest of the preperations.

So saturdays cooking was Dalmades stuffed vine leaves and yamista stuffed peppers

Easter sunday the day dad and Hayley came to dinner preparing the garnden was my hubby’s job this year our garden isnt at its best yet we havent really done much through the winter and still have to take rubbish to the local tip. on our list of things to do. and i always hand the kitchen over to him to cook the meat normally lamb,, potatoes and veg. while i prepare the salades and table. we are quite a team most of the time i think its when we are at our best when we get to intertain people.

Plenty to choose from and enjoyed by everyone.

I choose a fairy to dress up as for our family Easter egg hunt as you can see i sprinkled a little magic and fairy dust

They loved seeing thier Grandad agian and spending time with him

Hopefully the link works to the family Egg hunt ignor any inappropriate things said we are a tourettes house hole it sometimes pops out unexpectedly. we had fun though and it was all the spirit of the hunt and in our home we are free to not hold things in. We laughed so much.

Hayley’s Egg hunt

I think by 8pm we were all worn out, and ready to just rest.

Today was pretty quite day had an emergency call out for Tom this morning he had a body jerk and fall off a swing had to go get his extention peg so hospital could give meds, can’t beilieve it was going to be 2 hours for an ambulance luckily toms other carer and his mum put him in car and got him to hospital, he is ok but has hurt his nose and face. Must have been a real scary experience for them I know my heart skipped a beat when I got the call. my little wonded solider. bless his heart he is home being cared for now.

This afternoon we watched the movie Soul with the kids they loved I loved the story line

Anyway thats my blog for today have a beautiful evening and restful night. Back to work with Hayley for me tommorrow.

Much Love Faye xxx