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dawn coffee writing time
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Great photo by Rachel Claire, finding time to write with a busy schedule is hard sometimes, I have had a little less time to do it then I would wish for, but I am sure as the year progresses and things slowly begin to open and as we come out of lock down that time will increase certainly getting a lot of paperwork out the way has been a gift. I have been a little bogged down with forms it somewhat dampened my passion for writing a little, to many words swirling in my head.

Paperwork aside it’s been a real busy few weeks, since return to school, we are now doing home Covid tests which thankfully still negative, I am due to have second vaccine at the end of April as well as my Niki and Hayley. Jakes pip forms are done and returned and i think i may have missed out his sleep issues been trying to get through on the phone to ask if I can get that added but have had difficulty getting through.

I am back on Monday to Friday day times with Hayley now starting this week and as long as we don’t go into another lockdown this will continue until she has her second jab then we will start her out in community with day center staff, We had an issue with meds we had to sort out at the beginning of the week, and Hayley had a blood test today or was supposed to have. I get that people get sick and have to take time off what was a bit frustrating though was receiving to messages this morning reminding me to not forget it it and to make sure we wore mask so we turned up with a couple of minutes spare only to be told it was counseled it thought maybe I read the messages wrong because they said they sent a message in the morning letting us know it was counseled as I left and got back in car with Hayley the text message came over literally five minutes after her appointment time. So defo not my mistake.

Hayley’s had zooms all week one a day she really loves them and catching up with her friends from the day center.

Hayley had some time off her tablet this week we have been doing some Easter arts and crafts I took her for a walk to get some supplies, we have used the Wii for a sing along, made some more YouTube videos.

I am also back on all night shifts with Tom and Girls every other Friday, which I am loving.

What else has been happening some fun times Mothers day was amazing i was a little pampered and had an amazing mothers day.

My mother’s day start with me being woke up with coffee and pancakes hayley was with us for a very short while it was my last night shift the night before.

Very yummy pancakes they were. then it was gift time. not big gifts but they were perfect and had me laughing.

See so sweet and the two for the price of one ice scrapers were the thing that made me smile most,

They improvised with the cards as they couldn’t find mothers day ones but loved there chioces. my oldest son Josh phoned and we had a beautiful long chat.

As you can see I find great pleasure in m y family they always bring a big smile to my face and so much love to my heart.

The Next big event was Nikis 21st birthday was impossible to keep some of the decorations secret as she finished college early the friday before and i was working the evening shift with the kids so had to prepare before I went to work, My hubby cleaned while I did the decorations. The extra pair of hands really did come in handy.

The kids were at ours for a couple of hours on the friday so they got to sing happy birthday to niki and she had a cake her friend from college brought her,

The decoration pink niki’s favorite colour at the moment,

We put on our party dresses always love an excuse to dress up, Before pressie time We played her childhood favorite song as she came in. Big bear in the big blu house childhood happy memory and throughout the day we palyed songs from the year she was born.

Excuse Jakes face mask the worst thing about them is they sometimes can make spots worse and he was embarressed by them. perfectly natrual part of the teenage years but makes kids self conciuous

She loved her gifts that arrived on time she has a few more still to arrive though. I love the reaction to the present her big Brother got her

Then we had a lovely meal before an evening of Karaoke and Bingo.

We got a little emotional at the last song of thee night, such a beaughtiful song and some how the perfect one to end the night reprsentative of your kids growing up.

A real tear jerker for us parents and it seems my daughter too.

We realy tried to make it the best birthday concidering we are in lockdown her boufriend is in another country and they havent seen each other for about 14 months and her family couldn’t be here.

We carried her birthday over to sunday by getting her photo’s printed off then I made her a birthday memory book.

She also got her anime costume she wanted for her birthday present from her boyfriend.

One day last week she had a Tik Tok go a bit viral we did together which was a great surprise it had mixed reactions some people are really unkind but the beautiful messages of support and realting by many people and kids that shared things. my daughter handled the negative comments well and asked others not to have a go at the people who are mean because she wants to spread kindness and awareness that everyone grows at there own pace and thats ok.there were many people sharing that they were autistic too, some realated to the message of not being able to read a clock and tie shoes, As a mother it is very hard not to jump in and give them a talking to but as Niki says she is an adult and needs to be able to stand up for herself and beilive me she has was well mannored polite and handled it with the humour the video was ment to be. Finding her own voice is something I am hoping I am helping with I definatley ecourage and support her being herself.

She enjoyed it so much she asked me to dress up in her costume and do it with her it made her laugh role reversal, and I am up for joining her in her world. it was alot of fun.

Proper goofing around she laughed when I kept doing her signiture pose.

Good night ,much love Faye xxx