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Good evening all, hope your lockdown valentines went well. we have had many occasions since Covid started that have been during lockdown Easter, birthdays, Christmas, a scaled back but slightly unlocked few months and now valentines too here in the UK. and unpleasant and sad as it is to do most of this without family and friends it for us has been a way of growing closer as a family and going back to some of the old ways which were wholesome and family orientated from our own fond memories of childhood. playing games that doesn’t evolve a computer, baking and gardening together, arts and crafts watching movies snuggled under duvets on the couch. actually picking up your house phone and talking to family. conversations and debates about many topics. the list is endless of the positive sides this pandemic has brought. it has also started many topics about self care , mental health, and health in general. Todays blog is sharing our valentines day with you all,

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The preparations started on Friday I was working still then Hayley was here but she absolutely loved sharing the experience of preparing and being with us on valentines morning. it was tough for Niki as Tom couldn’t be here and they haven’t seen each other since the Christmas just before the pandemic broke, Hayley also hasn’t been able to see her Freddie either just because of shielding .

Friday I had to do food shop, lockdown seems to give my family an enormous appetite they must have a hollow body, Crazy really for kids with selective eating the certainly eat a lot.

Hayley spent the morning while I shopped doing arts and crafts with Niki, my hubby keeping watch. they made a sloth together. Normally hayley loves to come with me but since these newwr strains and lockdown came out we have been shielding her from that till she had her vaccines.

Pretty good sloth they made too, we also made a hedgehog which Hayley named after herself because thats the Nikname she has.

Hayley had her zoom and we played bingo which she one again, and we also did another YouTube .

Saturday we made the valentines banner and marrinaded the meatso it can soak overnight in all them lovely herbs and spices.Greek Soflaki, chips and salad was on the menu for valentines we normally have a meal at home any way every year and it is normaly Greek beacuse it is my hubbies favorite

When hayley and the kids settled for the night I got everything ready for the next day we always have a special valentines morning with the kids.

Emo always getting in on the fun and mischief I was up so late preparing it all and was super excited to see there faces the next morning.

Always breakfast first before pressies and mum and dads much needed coffee get us awake and alert.

Cards and gifts came next the kids and hayley loved them and the roses my hubby gave the girls Jake not wanting to be left out of flowers got one from Me.

loved their reactions was special that they feel encluded.

After that Hayley returned home to dads where she is staying this week while I am on my days off. She got a surprise waiting for her from her boyfriend Freddie. Flowers and a card.

Super Sweet of Freddie.

Back home and time for me to prepare the table for dinner and get everything ready plus put my bress dress on, while hubby cooked the meat and chips , we used the christams pressie my mum and dad got us for christmas the year before last we forgot we had it so was nice to actually use it.

Candels lit soft music in the back ground the kids had a sbling meal in the other room while watching a movie fopur is most definatley to big a croud for vanetines , We always have a hubby and wife dinner.

We had a glass of bubbly with dinner it was so yummy

The dessert was merange and cream and strawberries.

The meal was beautiful we managed 1 whole hour together before my little shaparone Jake came in to say he was lonely, bless him plonked himself inbetweenme and hubby on sofa we watched a movie and the boys well Jake wanted to play fight his day, lots of laughter comenced. Niki was talking to her Tom online.

So that was the end of valentines but it was an awesome and fun filled day.

Covid jabs Hayley and Niki had there first Jabs today they had the pfizer one, they both did so amazing Hayley had her arm out ready before entering the room they were both allowed in with me at the same time thankfully noone had to sit and wait in car, the wait wasnt long Hayley first she was enthusiastic about it , Niki showed a little anxiety but she was soon distracted by the thought that the nurse allowed her to take a photo of her getting her shot to show her friends just how far she has come to overcome her needle phobia. so far no side affects for either of them but keeping a close eye out for some tommorow .

Thats the end of blog today.

Have a beautiful night much love Faye xxx