Emo the Emotional Elf

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frozen wave against sunlight
Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com

What a Truly stunning shot by Hernan Pauccara, what can I say about this particular shot and how it captures my imagination to write, a visual always a good place to start writing from the heart. the sunset melting into the back ground but still high enough to warmly light up the whole shot. the silhouettes of the trees and buildings in the background add a subtle under the fluffy white clouds. the ripples of the waves, I am wondering just how the heart shape was captured was it a beautiful once in a life time shot, or was there some digital alteration. I would have loved to be lying on a beach at the moment this shot was taken and seen it. There is this slightly romantic feel to the photo whimsical. Which reminds me the big day of love coming up soon Valentines and it will probably be a lockdown one this year in the UK. your going to have your work cut out for you trying to impress your other half. we never do anything real lavish on this day, Just a little decorating with balloons a meal we love to involve the kids too, we don’t normally do pressies for each other just something real small, sometimes the kids dress up and make us dinner and they wait on us like in a restaurant. then they disappear popping in if they hear a good tune. or to serve the different dishes they usually eat before us but sometimes they choose to stay, my hubby I give him center stage he goes all dj with the music and tells the stories behind the music the artist, I would say i am the more romantic one of the both of us but occasionally he surprises me.

what song do I think of when see this photo, HMMM there are just so many to choose from the one I love to listen to the most of valentines is Lady in Red by Chris Duberg

He has such a lovely way of singing and writing lyrics, you can just close your eyes and feel your in the moment with this song.

Plus I love the colour red it’s my favorite, I have a wardrobe full of red clothes, recently though I have been wearing other bold colour’s Blues they are my next favorite I am more of a bright colour type of person. Still I have Jakes 16th to think about first it’s the big 16 and it is fast approaching on the 5th of Feb. this mama got to plan with what I can get, Online I am not so good with online shopping I much prefer to take my time looking and examining things, things that capture my eye that I know he will love. he isn’t the kind of kid that has big lists any time I ask what he would like he avoids answering, and says I don’t want anything.


So last week I was mostly off work Hayley was at her house, I went over for her zooms at the beginning of the week, Monday was more to show Dad how to start the computer, Tuesday was to let him watch me set it up, Wednesday I watched and talked him through the stages while writing it down for him, Thursday he went solo and by the time he got through many attempts to get to the part where they let you in it was 20 minutes past the start of zoom meeting and it was closed. Friday went much better he got through all the stages on his own and waited to be let in still waiting 15 minutes after the time it started. He phoned and said he was still waiting and nothing was happening and he pressed the link for Friday 29th unfortunately I had to deliver the news that he clicked the wrong date right day just wrong date. so that zoom was also abandoned thankfully they day center were understanding. Hayley however put him in the dog house. She was not impressed and said if I cant do my zoom you cant get a treat from shop. if you thought me and Hayley were a funny duo those two together are comedy gold sometimes.

When ever I don’t have Hayley here staying with us and I work at thier house because my dad is 70 I always do social distance and where a mask. this will still continue and till day has his second Covid Jab,.

I took him for his first one yesterday he had the Astra Zenica one and so far just a mild headache yesterday and a small ache in arm nothing different to the yearly flu Jab so that is good.

last week at dads, yes I had to use crutches my leg got very bad had to get some meds from the doctors for it, I hate taking pain meds, what started out as a painful knee spread up the inside of my thigh i couldn’t properly straighten or put my foot down with out a shooting pain traveling up my leg. to start with there was a small swelling by the inside of my knee after about five days of it hurting this patch of bruises showed up on my thigh.i was eased yesterday enough to put my foot down and today the pain seems to be gone and I can fully straighten and walk properly, I tiny bit achy this evening but then I did do a dance with Hayley today for about five minutes.

Hayley Came back to ours for respite on Monday and is here with us till Sunday morning and we have already packed lots into this week, we have had zooms that ran well, cooking,dancing the beginning of the week Hayley was doing her dance and i was doing the sit in chair and wave arms like a looney to the music.

We played games together , got a great little bingo Game quality of it wasn’t the best but she loves her bingo,We have been carrying on with our YouTube channel some times she is quiter then other times but she does love doing them.

Hayley Brought her own cookie mix with her not one I will use again though the ingredient mesurements were off, so couldn’t make it into the unicorn cookies they were supposed to be but they still tasted good .

She had me laughing throughout and she was pretty good with some of her numbers , She does have issues seeing thins sometimes just because her eyes move realy quick and she is short sighted too.

Today we woke up in fantastic moods ,

we have done a few youtubes which Have already shared to some of my other social media via links to our channel.

The best one though was this afternoons because hayley can’t read or write other then her name but she sent her very first email with help today, Hayley always wants to do what she sees me and the kids do and i want to teach her so many things open her mind up to adjusting to learn new things she has pretty ridged and restrictive routines or she can have difficulties with behaviour, not for us though we know how to head them off before they escalate.

I wont always be sharing video links on blog but first you have to build up you different sights and i have found it has helped grow them more in the begining most of the video stuff will be on YouTube to do with mine and hayleys work life together, and realtionship as sisters.

The family ones will be on here though a more select group, Ihave set up the channel so that i can see any comments before they go public just because people can be unkind to people with special needs and noone can do that to her me I can handle any of them kind of things she should have to. But to be fully enclusive we have to have these plaforms acceable for them to if they choose to be on them Hayley perticulay she likes having her facebook but that is only for family and close friends she doesnt always recognise people so. we run the page for her. She likes watching youtube on her tablet and already has this huge play list of songs she loves, and how she got on the cooking videos I don’t know maybe dad showed her a few and they pop up. so thats been the last couple of weeks of work with Hayley.

Tom and his Sisters

last Friday was the first day back to work with little Tommy and his sisters, there dad was there 2 for first couple of hours then it was back to there house,was a great shift, but plenty of hands for the lifting duties because of my leg but it was fun we started off with dinner there dad treated them to mcdonalds. then it was card games together. little tom is really loving joining in on the family card games and even tryed to shuffel the cards himself.

Emo even tryied to sneek home with Tom was hiding under his blanket.

we got back to there house and toms other carer was waiting he got him all changed and brought him into where we were sitting so i could show him some space photos and a book I got from my author friend Joe.

The carer settled tom while I play hide and seek with Holly , that girls laugh she always always gets you laughing to, her hidy places were behind the chair where the dog sits I could see her curly blond hair over the top of the chair but pretended I didn’t I loudly called are you behind the curtains and other random place before I came to where she was hiding. I proceeded to ask the dog if he had eaten Holly well the squeals of laughter comenced and up she popped from behind the chair. My turn to hide getting into a small hisy space with a bad leg and crutches was a tad challenging but still but i didnt let it stop me that laughter was worth every minute of pain.

Emo always joins in the fun. Holly then setteled down for the night I went home where my kids were waiting for me they were still awake.

Niki, Jake and My Family time

The weekend I was off work and saturday I kind of fell asleep most of the day, saturday was the day my leg was the most painfully, I think i just had some pain meds and slept Till it was time to cook dinner.

I had an assisant for cooking dinner me supervising and telling what to do and Jake preparing food.

Home made burgers he not only prepared them they were not plain this time full of herbs pepper and onion and garlic his chioce , i wasnt sure if he would try them but he went on to eat 2 whole oness not tiny bites big bites in his mouth god you don’t know how long we have waited for moments like this with food for our Jake, these i milestones we are yet to still develope, many times we made progress with his eating and sometimes it goes back to the old foods he used to eat,as much as i want him to be able to eat everything i know the only one who can do that is himself in his own time.

In the evening it was me and Niki time we played cards had hot chocolate and also had a game of battle ships together, and after that was done i sat and watched movies with Jake.

Sunday day of rest surly , Nope it’s ironing day but at least this I could do while sitting down i popped some music on and ironed till it was all done it didnt take as long this time. My hubby had been cooking and doing all the washing for me and helping with the cleaning just so i could rest my leg a little.

Sunday afternoon the kids choose pizza home made, Niki was going to join in but decided to leave it to me and Jake, this was one food challenge he did well but one tiny bite for him of this new food and he couldnt eat any more. at least he tried though, he struggles with texture and sauses especially if they are red he still doesnt like red food or some of the food consistancy’s.

This is the biggest sensory issue for him he has gotten over the smell of food cooking now which at point when he was younger would affecting him so bad he couldnt even stand up. and would cause big sensory meltdowns. He does still have issues with alot of smells. though and he has been geeting more migraines still the meds have help a little though in the intensity.

After dinner it was hot chocolate and games night with Jake he choose cards and Scrabble,

Niki was talking to Her Tom and catching up on her course work.


So now we are coming to the end of the blog i just want to finish it with talking about how much more difficult it was to do every day things with my leg as it was and using crutches, for me it took so much longer to achieve even the basic things like shopping putting the kettle carrying things to another room i had help for most of that, and mine thankfully was a tempary situation but it did teach me alot about the hidden disability my kids have and thats there hypermobility and especially with Niki and why she wanted to use the walking stick and how much it actuall helps with her hips and knees and ankles, because they pop out or buckle sometimes when she walks. It helps take the pressure off the worse side which is her left leg, it is very tiring living with it even climbing the stairs she sometimes feels very challenging,it also is an aid that gives her comfort that should her knee of hip go she isnt going to fall. when lock down ended last time even with the stick it randomly happened as we went down the escalator and she went flying thankfully she only grazed her knee but it still doesn’t help her anxiety not knowing when and if it will happen. She has her next yearly health assessment coming up soon and this is definatley something we will be brining up again for maybe another referal back to the hypermobility clinic she hasnt seen them since she was diagnosed so they have really been starting to increase lately . Covid hasn’t helped because we are on lock down and this time being the thired and the weather not being as good and everywhere shut she hasnt really been able to take the walks where we use to where there are places to sit down when she needs to.

Wishing you a good night,

Much love Faye