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I still have every letter I ever wrote my hubby from the day after we first met, everyday I would write another one for him, they kind of fizzled out once we married and ended up being a slightly longer birthday or special occasion message, I have to ask people to tell me if I am annoying. this is my I can’t be any other way I am a pretty expressive person thier all in a memory book with all the important moments of our dating and married life. I think I had two from him which I still have one I always carry with me. If I talk to people I really want to get to know them though,

The week with Hayley here went very well, we have been doing our you tube videos just more of a one on one conversation it really has helped with my nerves a lot but not as entertaining as the dance videos they are upbeat and high energy, just a shame they cant be on there.

I will pop links up in a moment, I have done something to my leg pulled a muscle in the thigh or something which is a pain hopefully the pain will go quick. I got my letter through to take with me for vaccine so will try and book a slot after Hayley’s zoom tomorrow.

Niko is setting up Hayley’s laptop ready for me to take to her house for her zooms next week, she has a morning one tomorrow 9.30 going to teach dad how to do them on laptop when I am not on duty saves me going over there on my time off if he can do it.

Any way just short one tonight having trouble focusing , have a beautiful evening.

Much love Faye xx