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A walk down memory lane or should I say the isle my life was never the same again.

This is a Chance to really get to know me and my Family, and our begining journey what made us who we are today, and our genuine hearts.

I love Rose petals , they also make great table decorations. This kind of fits with the colour we choose for our wedding day, well almost we went for peach and white at the time.

Different kind of blog today I will be sharing some video clips from my wedding in 1994. There is a reason for this, First we lost the video or so we thought I just tied up one day when we replaced our VCR with DVD yes I actually lived through many changes, lol. We also lived through cassette tapes, Atari computers and more. Makes me feel more my almost 46 years of age.

I will break up the videos into short clips with pictures too. I really wanted to focus on why this is an important video, I wanted my kids to see their mum and dad get married, the family members we lost are on their well not as many as I would have liked but still my grandparents and aunties. our current situation with Covid means you have time to think a lot about the things you hold valuable to life, for me it is definitely family and friends.

I also wanted to remember what I was like then because my memory of myself over the years has changed I was pleasantly surprise but how out going I appeared on it when did I develop the nervousness, I though it was much younger I ways always quite polite and a little on the shy side. but also strong willed and feisty when it came to Hayley. Maybe it just crept up on me after my daughter Amy was born and passed. who knows not me I forgot. Besides now I am very chatty and talkative it’s hard to shut me up sometimes.

So yes the wedding, it was at 2 pm on a Saturday I believe the weather was dry for the event thank goodness for that , it was also the day before my little brother was about to move away for university so very busy and probably an emotional weekend for my parents, their 2 babies having these major life changes the same weekend.

Before the church there was lots to sort bridesmaids hair, food to load up to take to the church, I had a hairdresser appointment and our Josh to sort he was a little over 2 and a half moths when me and my hubby got married. our Josh had this beautiful little sailour suit on and a little white cardigan, with matching shoes, I still have that little out fit packed away some things you just keep as they never get old or out of style for babies. plus a wedding is that one occation that lives with you forvere.

We had 8 bridesmaids a page boy, and little baby Josh.

After we were all ready the bridesmades were taken to the church first we was ment to have a limo on the day, but turned out we were the unlucky ones it got involved in a car accident the day before so was no longer avalible for the big day, I think we ended up with a mercedes I realy can’t remember now but it was equaly as nice at least we got a replacement at such short notice although a bride running up the hill we a gaggle of bridesmaid would have been quite a funny site. My soon to be brother inlaw played a joke phoning me to say the groom hadnt turned up yes I had that five minute panic that he might have changed his mind the poor driver had to go check before I would go to the church any way it’s quite fashionable for a bride to be a little late on her wedding day.

With my dad giving me away

Oh yes some actual clips of the big day, have i turrned from a blogger to vlogger maybe I will be a bit of both. These are just shots captured from it playing on tv as havent been able to get a lead to convert yet. I noticed just how much I smiled that day and how nervous my hubby and everyone else looked, me I had no doubts what so ever I was born ready for this moment. I was kind of gone the minute we met, he captivated me. I never held back not even one though or feeling for him.

walking down the isle ,

The brides maids did such a fantastic Job actually it was a whole family thing , My childhood church my hubby was chrisened Greek authodox but growing up his Family were Johovas witnesess, so I was thankful he choose to marry in my church.

I can’t share the whole video it was a very long service but the special bits I would love to share.

That question does any one have any reason why they can’t marry

The I do

Our first song we thought about them alot and then you didnt have all these pops star entrances or popular music a church service was a church service, we choose the hymm “Bind us together”.

I will say though my hubby has tourettes so he has tics, one of his endearing things that drew him to me , to me that was not important, he made me laugh and was kind gentle and caring. A really rather Handsome sweet Greek.

The vows

There were prayers inbetween,

he put a ring on it

The exchanging of rings, I got the giggles still a little childish some times.

We had to choose a passage to be read and this one looking back at it now had a very important part of our wedding and setting our marriage up on equal footing i am a traditional girl and wanted to keep the obey in there vows but, just because I wanted it .But the passage we choose had something about a wife being submissive to her husband we did discuss it with the priest before we got married and wanted it added that that is not a very progressive thing to say in the times we were in and that although the scripture said that the interpretation could mean that we both put each others needs before our own needs rather than I must be a good wife and be submissive to my husband. It was a long speech so not sharing that part.

But I like that, that change was added as well as keeping the traditional, you know it’s funny when you think of it we are now 26 years since my wedding day and we talk about equal rights for women, but equal rights also means that it isnt all on our husbands to provide for the family we equally in our house hold both do our share of everything, we have both worked and both looked after our home and we both equally raise our children beither one is more important than the other not when it comes to being parents. By the way I never do as I am told, way to suburn for that.I will let you into a secret I normally do the opposite of what i’m told because I have that freedom of decition and choice and I have my voice not afraid to use it anymore anxiety or not, we are both scorpios.

The signing of the register was done in private so no video was allowed in the back room while we did that part, but we were allowed a photo to be taken I had to sign twice I signed the wrong name.

Mr and Mrs Farmer. All signed sealed and no turning back.

walking down the isle as hubby and wife , organized chaos of photo’s

That moment our son joins us, before the wedding and in them 3 months prior to the wedding, I gave birth to our first son and both our son and soon to be hubby had major operations my hubby’s being 2 weeks before. I just took it in my stride did it give me anxiety most definitely their is nothing worse then first seeing your brand new baby get sick and be wheeled away on that hospital bed, not knowing what was going to happen, then also seeing the person your supposed to marry and be with for life be wheeled away to.

I have been through some very traumatic things in my life time but here I am a strong woman , with this still kind and sweet heart .

Here he is our first born Josh

Everyone left to go to reception, We got into the car with a bottle of bubbly on ice ready for us to celebrate, we made a quick stop via our home to pick up my necklace my hubby got it for me to wear but in the rush of getting everyone ready I forgot it. It was his present to me.

we arrived at the reception with all our guesses already there more were coming to the evening part of the day

look at Hayley she was my maid of honor , she did so well

Our wedding reception was in to parts Greek music to begin when we arrived played by my very own new father in law and talented bouzouki player. Mr Theo Avgeris. He is my hubby’s step father that’s why my hubby’s has an English surname, His biological father was English his mother is Greek.

So not only was there Greek music there was to be a good old English knees up with the dJ being my hubbies long term friend and fellow DJ.

You will see why I was drawn to my hubby when we get to the speeches part of the blog.

The food was buffet style the English food prepared by my mum me Hayley and some of our neighbors while the Greek food was prepared by my husbands mum and family. I will tell you now when the Greeks cook for big occasions it is a feast fit for royalty. But those dips though she turned up the night before and we had to fit these huge bowls not just any bowls but you know the round washing up bowls that go in your sink? yes them ones filled with home made Houmos, Taramasalata, and Tzsiki. 8 of them. I didn’t think they would all be used but i guess my guest were hungry. We had very little to take home at the end of the night.

There he is mr Theo My children’s Papou

The Greek music playing.

The speeches were next.

First the best Man and my new brother in law Tony took to the stage. I am surprised he still liked me the first time we met I got car sick, almost all over him. I had not long found out I was expecting Josh so it was like tony meet Faye, oh by the way your going to be and uncle

Tony Best man and the sweetest brother in law. welcomed by the Greeks

Next came my dad first he is quite a reserved man more of an observer than a speaker, he was over come with emotion he found the speech difficult, but his words were beautiful

This everyone is my Dad and my mum comes to help him, he gets there in the end

Next is the longest and last video, the gifts we gave to all the people who made our day magical. To also introduce you to the man I married my Niko.

One day I may even get him as a guest on my blog but be warned he can talk for England, I never get a word in sometimes, I married a DJ. and here he is my mr show man.

Even from the begining making sure people respected me .
He has no stage fright at all

Now we dont have the first dance orr the cutting of the cake on video so I will share the photo’s we had so many wonderful gifts to start our new home with when we got one, but first we lived with my parents and Josh for a year. then we moved into our own home. we still live there today.

The first Dance the Greek dance and the cutting of the cake

There was another Greek tradition and that was pin the money to the bride and groom.

what cheesy grins we have

The rest of the evening went in a mad blur of dancing the night away, before everyone made an arch way for us to run under and in a borrowed car, we made our way to hotel. We did not have a honeymoon because although we were newly weds, we were also parents to this tiny little life that had had a major operation very recently and we couldnt travel with him and thier was no way, we were going anywhere away from him ever, it was our most important job of all to be his parents he was our gift. As I have always said the blending of to coultures The english girl with the Greek heart

Thanks for reading Much love Faye xxx