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Good morning all. IT’S THE WEEKEND!!

Life is like stepping stones, each stone a day in your life, some are harder to climb then other’s, but yet somehow you do it. You feel like sometimes you lose your balance, or you have a wobble, other times you fall off that stone but if you think about it when you wake the next day it begins again and you find you picked yourself up or someone has given you a lifeline a helping hand. There you are another bad day replaced by new beginning’s, new Possibilities, Fresh eyes and thoughts.

I remember as a child hearing this little song , and many times walking to school or sitting in my room sining it to myself.

when ever I feel afraid, I hold my head up high and whistle a happy tune so know one will suspect I’m afraid.

It is a song that still pops up in my memory today on harder days, somethings you learn in childhood do stay imprinted in your memories, I would say this is a real positive one

What are your plans ? relaxing with family? Maybe you have to WORK (I hope you get to find time if you are for relaxing)

This week has been a bit of a more challenging one , many beautiful and positive moments, but also the first time in a super long time I have had real bad anxiety, the mindset that comes with anxiety I can deal with that, I have found ways of coping so it is not over whelming, Taking photo’s helps writing helps keeping busy with work helps. being a carer I know that focusing on making someone else’s day better makes you not focus a lot on your own anxieties. the thing I find most hardest to deal with is the physical impact, the worst thing is the physical shakes, and that ice cold feeling that starts at the top of your head and creeps down your body to your toes then the shaking starts, this uncontrolable shaking that even a blanket won’t fix.

Thankfully it has gone for now, and things have reset, which brings me to the reason I have put my study’s on hold for now, not a decision I made lightly and not the choice I want to make really, but life has a way of saying sit back think , evaluate, what you need right at this moment and that is rest and relaxing. I will go back to studying maybe in the new year, but for now I am going to do what makes me feel calm and happy, my family , my writing, my work. It is coming up to my birthday on the 19th of this month wow 46 years on this planet, 46 years of stepping stones, 46 years of the most beautiful experiences.

So now I will catch you up on some of the great things that have happened.

Hayley- Jake- Niki

We have had a fun week together lots of dancing , Zoom meetings with her day center , playing games, cooking.

Yesterday was my last shift of the week and really focusing on Hayley helped. It was also Children in need day we always support this, Hayley especialy likes to get involved by dressing up, and donating. Even Emo loves to get involved.

She has a thirty day wellness challenge, that was sent from the day center to do while they are not doing the outside activities because of lockdown, we are more than up for these challenges and many of them we do every day anyway, but she likes to mark them off on the chart, a differnet kind of daily Bingo.

How did we start?

Hayley is amazing

Funny but sometimes you can’t see anxiety it is thier but invisible to the eye.

She really is a little star and brings this energy to your life.

Disclaimer we don’t own the rights to the music we share in this blog.

We are purly using it as part of a wellness challenge for Hayley and sharing as a home video, it is one of them all time great kiddy ones.It requires you to focus on the words and remember all the actions at the same time good for helping with memory, and getting your brain in body to work together.

Hayley really enjoys music and dancing, as much as I do, together we are a little nutty but it’s super healthy for both mental health and physical health to be active especially in lock down, we all have to find away to cope the best we can.

We played cards together, that was next on the list. before going on to cook now Hayley needs alot of supervision in life but we try to make her feel as independant as we can, she also has carple tunnel in both hands so especially when working in the kitchen we have to be with her as her hands can cramp up and that can be a little dangerous when using knives or hot equiptment. Everything we do has to be centered around her needs and disabilities.

She has really started to pay huge attention to cooking and towhat we cook the stuffed peppers are simple for her to do with help, She didn’t want to stop thier though she wanted to cook dinner for everyone, she even set the table we all sat down together to eat before she went home thats why I finnished work a little later, yesterday. after she prepared this she had her zoom quiz with her friends at the day center and she had been going on about how she wanted some new elves like mine and that she wanted to treat herself to some, as she is required to shield again I sorted it out without telling her she got such a surprise and was so excited to show her friends.

Her smile in this is incredible

Jakes week at school went well, exams are over for now, and he excitedly came home clutching this peice of paper saying he has changed his mind on one of his sixform choices from English to film making, I think this time it will stick,because it is something that not only is he showing a real love for making videos and getting crative online, he talked about the good he can do for others if he learns this more indepth. He talked about how he can use that and being autistic to help others who have the same difficulties he has understand the amazing abilities they have to succeed despite them, he also talked about the support he would like to give others as well.

Niki has had one day at college online learning and she is progressing nicely with her course, but this week has been a big struggle for her also extreem tiredness, migraines, its why thier has been many photos with my kids, lately I am giving them the space they need right now. Jakes anxiety has also been a little more presnt since the return to school although he really is working through it . We are going to continue packing her room up so we can do a small paint Refresher it was suposed to happen earlier inthe year after we did Jakes but it is very difficult when the kids are here to do that just because it requires the room to be empty, and she has her studies to do, before lock down she could stay at grandads while we did things like this because of space and storing things while we work. oh to have a covid free world again would be the biggest blessing we could all use now.

While I understand everyone is in this same position when you have a family with additional and different needs and complexities and all the support and back up you had with in schools and other services put on hold, it does have a bigger inpact on all these special families lives.

After Hayleys zoom she went back to cooking dinner Pasta bolongnese yes we mixed to things in the same meal rice and pasta, we always make alternitives to meat dinners.

Jake requested Hayley, wear a mask while cooking his dinner as she can’t always remember a hand over her mouth if she coughs. It is because he really struggles with people touching his food.Hayley was happy to do that for him. and she loved cooking for us all so much, as we sat at the dinner tablle she said ” I did an amazing job, if i do say so myself” , I love how she is so confident to praise herself. she is also learning with help she can do things like others do. I am so Glad she wants to try pushing past the things she thinks she can’t do now.

I am going to end my blog now just with my links to book and my author journey through photo’s

Ebook Via Kobo


Also the paper back with a link to the independant books shop


Many thanks for continuing to visit and read my blog, I am working hard to make it look better and develope, as I go along and learn new skills whilst saying real an true to who I am and how i see the world.

Much Love Faye , have a beautiful weekend .

Wow a whole Blog written in the morning before they all even opened their eyes.

I forgot to add I got a beautiful surprise from my mum , she is such an insperation to me