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white headphone
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Great picture, ear phones I wear them sometimes when I am blogging so I can focus, tonights choice is slow country. Some great songs on here i find it very calming and relaxing.

Funny though ear phones and ear defenders are both apart of our lives something my family can’t do without. Both have the ability to help us focus on our work.

From a sensory perspective we always have music playing the kids are kind of used to it volume controls and levels can sometimes be an issue they each have their own needs for different settings same for the radio in the car and the tv, they are always opposing to each others needs. my Hubby after years of wearing them while he was a DJ has lost a lot of hearing in one ear, that’s the truth he doesn’t just have selective hearing, although most of the time I thought he was just ignoring me, you can tell though as he sits with his good ear facing you. he always tells me I talk to quite when I am trying to say something I don’t want the kids to hear.

Today has been a beautiful Monday. The weather has not been the best but that is ok as we not going any where accept school and work and I need the car for both of them. It’s still pretty busy on the roads despite this second lockdown. We don’t have to leave early for study sessions so we have an extra 20 minutes in the mornings, you wouldn’t believe how much that little time difference matters. neither of us were like zombies when we left this morning, I really struggled by the end of the week, but having that weekend of rest really helped.


Hayley was ready for me after I dropped Jake off, she has settled into her routine really well, 30 minutes on her treadmill when she wakes up followed by a shower breakfast and meds and all before I get there at 8.30.

Part of my routine is saying good morning on all my social media pages for many years I yearned for that good morning how are you, It really wasn’t my kids fault they went through a hard time for them years.

Hayley did some online learning today we also did some offline learning,

we choose a new country to learn a few facts about and she copy wrote facts, she is getting better at forming letters now although they some times are words and sometimes one long list of letters she is determined to keep trying though, she sometimes needs a little motivation to get her going;

So what country did she learn today, it is always where the penny drops on the map. It landed on the Democatic Republic of Congo

she does make me smile so much
We always do the flag of the country too.
Haley’s writing


We use WikiPedia just to get some basic facts as Hayley can’t retain to many things but likes to search with help for them. things like currency, population, capital those kind of facts.

We just finished with the work had lunch before her zoom started, today she had friendship club, she has zoom every day this week they have increased this week again since we are back in lock down.

So the other thing I wanted to say about News for Hayley is that we got a letter about shielding her , I have 2 issues with this letter the first one is they used my maiden name I havent been a Hord for over 26 years now and as hayley only transfered on to life long services with in the last year and i filled the form in with my married name that kind of mayed me a little cross, and the second thing is that they are writing to families of people with special needs that families details should be correct on thier system they have hayley down as having down syndrome and that is the reason she has to shield, Hayley has prader willi syndrom, she initially was on shielding list the first time till the doctors deemed her not clinically vunerabal. she doesnt have diabeates , heart issues or issues with her breathing her liver and kidneys are fine, she does have epilepsy.

I dont know about other families having issues when the wrong infomation is supplyed to them but it really does concern me that this info has been put wrong on thier, I know they got the write info as I personally filled in the forms and sent it too them.

Do you know alot of comunication issues comes down to the details, especially when working with vunerable people, and meeting their needs, maybe it was a genuine mistake , but it was a mistake non the less.

But that will have an affect on Hayley’s boyfriend who does have down syndrome he did struggle alot in the last lockdown, they really are missing each other too, they do still talk on the phone though.

Jake had a good day at school and Niki isn’t back to college till Wednesdays so she was sleeping a lot and doing some of her course work.

Remembrance- the poppy and all it stands for.

At some point in life I think all families have some one in their family line that severed in the world wars.

The total devastation of the first and second world wars leaving an impact on many families, the lives lost , the ones who returned injured of disabled, the ones who were lucky to make it home un hurt physically but the scars they carried with them always the lasting impact never really leaving , many stand proudly with their veterans and many veterans and many veterans needing mental health support.

There are lots today who are let down by the country they served across the world, old wars new wars not just left in history, but what a beautiful service this year very different and many who attend year in and year out unable to commemorate as they do every year due to this new war a fight to eradicate Covid. something that has taken to many lives already leaving new scars on another generation of humans.

Here is some of my family that served

My Great grandparents , grandfather, Nan and our other family members we shall never forget them, their is probably a lot more photos . but for now this is my Family.

This evening I have been working away on some of my site pages little tweeks , talking to other authors, really focusing on the things I havent updated or changed for a while.

Social media and keeping all the pages running and up to date when you have a full time job and kids with extra needs isn’t easy but I have worked around thier needs to do it.

Any way it is almost midnight here I must get some down time in so my brain shuts off for sleep.

Good night

Much love Faye xx

beautiful beauty blue bright
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May sleep come easy and be as restful as this photo , dreamy idilic and peaceful.