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Hi all, hope your day was a good one. Here is a catch up blog for this week so much packed into a week multi tasking mama that’s me.

Lets start with the cooking we done quite a bit together this week and last week, the kids got involved.

First dish A new Greek dish for me, Souzoukakia Greek sausages in tomato sauce and Lemonato potates (lemon potatoes) really easy to make and taste fabulous, very filling too, most of the time spent making this dish was in the preparation time and the actual cooking definitely something my hubby enjoyed his plate was clean. I finished in off with tomatoes and onion salade and bread,

This weekend was a big cook for Jake he had to do a dish for his catering homework so he decided to make dinner obviously he cooked with super vision and a step by step guide this time his first time doing a big cook and really good practice for him.

He made stuffed peppers , Roast chicken thighs , salade and potatoes.

He put a lot of thought into presentation and how he wanted it to look when it was set on the table, I was on cleaning duty just so he could focus all his attention on the meal. Setting the table how he wanted it to look.

I mean although Jakes sensory issues and eating issues prevented him from trying or eating it himself he should such progress who would of thought my Jake would ever touch raw chicken. Oh i hoped desperately over the years we would see this kind of progress and you should never give up hope that one day things will change when he is ready to change them.

Defiantly was a feast fit for a Greek family.

A real proper sit down meal, was actually a lot of fun.

After all was cleaned up and put away Niki’s came down to cook chocolate brownie cakes, pour Jake is on a no chocolate diet for six weeks to see if it contributes to his headaches so kind of kept out of the way , it was one of the foods he begun to eat. I will say he is trying to cope with out it but finds it really frustrating because he actually really likes it.

My goodness it was so lush,

Me and Jake were having another cooking session Steak this time we had a miss hap with the steak the night before and he accidently knocked the pan upside down on the floor, So rather then let him stew on the oppsie moment we agreed to do it the next day when I brought some more Steak, He was a little upset with himself for the accident , more upset that I brought it and he thought he wasted my money I worked hard for HIS WORDS i hate hearing beat himself up over things like that.

Niki doesn’t eat meat so tried to join in by cooking her fish but she didn’t cope well with that so had to do hers for her.

Hayley and dad have been cooking together at home too , I Love seeing them do it at home and share Photo’s they have lots planned together when I am off work next week I really look forward to seeing the photo’s they make for Hayley’s memory book. I think they said they were vegetable pasty’s

She is pretty proud of her efforts . Bless her.

WE got some walks in fresh air through local park and to local shops,

We hit the toy shop got a Care Bare(Grumpy Bear ) for Niki and Jake got a new pop figure which for once he let me treat him. Hayley got some art supply’s for this weeks art project.

This board really does represent everything Hayley loves most inthe world and gives her the very best quality of life for her.

Online learning , card games and zoom meetings ,videos and cleaning. Yep told you it was a multitasking week lots to finish and prepare so next weeks holiday off work is relaxing as posible. I already told you about the Ehcp and uc in yesterdays blog. most of the time when I say I am busy it really is true. Music is always playing.

Food shopping bill paying muma, pumpkin Hunter got to be prepared for Halloween home style this year. I got some big Pumpkins.

Don’t worry I know better than to give my kids all that candy, its for sharing with others I really don’t want super hyper kiddo’s , the truth is i dont think they want a hyperactive mum either.

So that’s my catch up blog, so nice to be able to get back into writing again. I miss it when I don’t do it.

The last thing I will add is how much time the school runs take and the back and forward trips, it really is physically taxing sometimes. I forgot how tired it used to make me when we were isolating now things are back to some kind of normality it does add a lot of time to your scedual. Not once were we late this half term I am getting that morning routine going great for the first time.

Goodnight sweet dreams.

Much love Faye xxx