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Happy weekend

Hi , hope your weekend has been relaxing, mine really has.

Three years since I began Blogging ,

Before I get on to talking about the weekend Fridays double shift was so much fun, Hayley in the day time and the kids for the night yes plans had to be adapted because normally I would have tom but he had to go to hospital with his mum for the evening. Because his SATs dropped but he is ok though and was sent home later that night. His sisters stayed with me and we had super fun together.


We had a shopping and creative arts day, as well as music, and online learning.

Shopping at the Local Hobby craft together for supply’s , Hayley went all Halloween style given this is the month where many peoples creativity comes out . Orange, greens, purples and black are the colours Hayley choose. we made a selfie frame together Hayley choose what to put and where to put it on the frame.

We still have some of the things to do next week after her birthday on Tuesday.

Face mask and hand , I wonder how she will decorate these.

Hayley loves art , she definitely likes routine and this has become a huge part of our routine while the day center is closed.

She did and awesome Job.

Even The elves got into the frame.

Hayley choose a bit of Elvis while we worked, you know its funny but Hayley likes things the same all the time but through covid even though she goes back to her specific songs, Her love of music and memory for words is growing, I have loved introducing her to old style blues, R&b ,opera, country, fast upbeat songs and slow emotional ones. It is that little bit of recognition first the eye brow raises then the corner of her mouth then she stops what she is doing for awhile, if it is really upbeat she will get up and dance, it really makes her laugh to do that, she gets others joining in to. There are also times she is engrossed in her colour by numbers on her tablet and with out knowing it she is singing along.

Musicals remind her of her drama club, plus My Niki plays them a lot so it is something she likes listening to with Niki.

Tom-Holly and Ellie

So the original plan was for me to have all three of them so Mum and dad could spend some time together. I was due to start work with them at 7pm after I finished with Hayley, if your a special needs parent you know that plans can change unexpectedly and you have to get your little one to hospital for check up because of their complex needs, I got a call just after half 4 the district nurse had been out to see Tom and she thought it was best he get checked over by the hospital. thankfully my kids had eaten and my hubby was here.

I got to their house, to pick girls up popped into see Tom couldn’t believe his excited little squeal when he saw me bless his heart, had to leave the room while nurse was changing his peg, so he wasn’t too excited.

My brave little Tom Tom .

Tom’s Mum and dad had to take him to hospital, and the girls dropped Hayley off with me and then we came back to my house.

Ellie wanted too cook her and Holly chicken and mushroom soup, she did it so well, holly wanted to set the table we lit candles and she put some rose petals and hearts, she also wanted to use my Golden glasses like a little sister celebration.

Sibling bonds are so important in a special needs family, because they have to watch out for each other a lot more then children who don’t have a special needs sibling. It can sometimes be so hard for them. their is always so much to consider for days out together, even just a simple walk can be a military operation and can be stressful for everyone, just because of basic things like changing facilities, food, who goes on what ride or who waits with Tom. Because of Toms disabilities their is just so much he cannot do but would love to, you see it in his eyes.

we had fun movie night Niki and Jake loved spending time with them as much as they enjoyed Niki and Jake.

We talked a lot to about Tom and we had fun they were very happy when they knew he was going home from the hospital.

You know I got all the elves out for Holly once I set up her bed, they are our go to place to get people relaxed happy and to talk about worries.

As soon as holly saw them she dived right in and then jumped into my arms for a big hug, she told me she couldn’t find her Emo book so we got a spare one out and both signed it she said she will put it on her shelf with her football trophies. she wanted a picture buried under the elves with her book.

My favorite photo’s , Holly then git the books and note pads and began writing her own story, about a unicorn bless her I told her I would help her publish he stories she can write little ones and we could put them into a book. She has a such an amazing imagination she is also very fond of my Emo he is such a unique Elf. it was amazing having the kids at mine again.

They Choose Scooby doo 2 to watch and we had milk and biscuits, they did take a while to sleep but once off slept the whole night.

The morning was super fun baths and getting everyone up and dressed.

Mums kitchen was very busy, orders were coming in one after another Holly and Ellie wanted toast first then bacon sandwich, Niki and her dad opted for boiled egg and soldiers, and finally Jake come down Mum can i make Pancakes, some wanted milk some wanted water, some wanted tea and yes mum and dad Needed that morning hit of caffeine. The room was filled with laughter and giggles till suddenly everyone disappeared out the room and left me with the washing up. Got to love it when they do they thank goodness for the dishwasher, yes I know its the hight of laziness but I couldn’t live without it, life gets so busy it takes some of the work off my hands, plus the majority of the time my hubby loads the dishwasher as I don’t do it the way he likes, but having seen posts about that before i Know its not only my hubby’s pet hate, how dishwasher is loaded.

The children’s Mum and dad come to get them at 11 and that was work over for another week. Me I got the whole weekend off. We finished the shift with lots of laughter.

I had a rush of energy so took Niki and Jake to Town, They spotted the Christmas shop before me, they Just said go on mum get it over with, lol they know i get inspired and distracted if I see anything Christmas so they wanted to get it out the way first.

How can I not feel inspired it is what started the whole Emo journey, and how I became an Author, one Elf with the cutest smile capturing my eye one November day and I was lost in this Happy place, it is a bit like that Gloria Estefan song I wanna see Christmas through your Eyes.

Here is the link if you haven’t heard it before.

You know she Wrote this song for her child.

The words so meaningful to our family too, more so since I wrote the book at Christmas 2016, I was listening to this song as I wrote every night.

Christmas 2016 was just after my kids diagnosis of them being on the autistic spectrum and we had been through such an ordeal together it really did bring fun back to our family and took us back to a time before all the stressful process.

We had new family members, and one huge family gathering, it was beautiful all the children together, food, music, games laughter. Missing them all now since we are not allowed to see each other, just makes me glad I captured it all then. I spent the rest of the day Saturday napping and snuggling with Niki and Jake joined us after a while too. today has been pretty much the same just lounging around, little bits of pottering around preparing for the week but just simply peaceful.

Well that’s it for tonight , Tomorrows a new week back to work and school. and so it all begins again.

Goodnight sleep well much love Faye xxx

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