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empty hallway
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Hi everyone, hope your week is going well.

Why did I pick this photo for my blog well because first its stunning and secondly it shows this long corridor Life is sometimes like a corridor it can go in a straight line to where you want to be or it can twist and t urn along the way. or have many doors which takes you to different place. A different perspectective. It can make you view things through others eyes.

Caring no 2 days are the same some are easy some are harder some are filled with laughter and some with tears but they are always filled with love and care. Writing too its like its all planned out in your head before you begin then you stop start get distracted go down a different route before you remember what you wanted to write in the first place.

Work with kids last Friday

Masked up this time as little Tom just came out of hospital, the little sweet heart was in for a few days chest infection again. Had to go through a covid test but thankfully it was again negative. Because of Toms disability he gets them quite a lot he can’t cough enough to bring it off his chest, his SATs drop low and temp always goes up. This time he needed a little help with oxygen and some suction to help clear his mouth. he had antibiotics and a Nebulizer too. He is the bravest young man even when he is uncomfortable.

You know it is a very hard time for everyone but parents or families with complicated health issues and disabilities, it is very intense that protective instinct to keep them safe.

Toms such a happy chappy, always smiling his laugh melts your heart he is so loving and cheeky and very determined.

Holly she has bounds of energy very in tune with her feelings, wise beyond her years. not afraid too express her feelings. she has this creative imagination and her facial expressions show her feelings well.

Ellie and Dylan did their own thing Dylan wanted to watch a movie and Ellie wanted to do her own thing but popped in to the room from time to time. The dogs even were in their own favorite spot.

The video of us having fun .

It was a great night at work. finished a little earlier because Toms dad needed me to drop him at hospital the next morning.

This blog has been such I work in progress, I kept meaning to finish it but have just laid down after work to tired to write. lost a little of my creativity and flow.

But This evening i am full of energy and back in the writing mindset.


Hayley is such a joy to work with she is so Funny, doing videos with her has been so funny, just to see her confidence and personality grow more and more every day is a true blessing. together we dances do creative arts, learn all kinds of new things , experience all things new to her whether its trying new foods, doing something new like using a washing machine with help, writing a new letter, or learning new technology. She is very empowering to me too always telling people proudly I am an author and about my book. Our videos are like a pantomime sometimes, and I never edit Hayley she is just perfect, and sometimes that authentic thing about Hayley is she never thinks or worries about what others think of her she speaks her mind.

Sometimes i think that a good thing you never have to know where you stand with her if she doesn’t like something she tells you , if she loves something she says it loud and proudly.

Right now she is working hard on losing some weight, she said “I am so proud of me. I love myself, I am awesome” maybe we should all take a leaf out of her book. she has so much self confidence. She is always willing to try.

What else can I say, except I am going to make sure she has a beautiful birthday next week, I cant believe she will be 49 Years old, we are having to do this birthday without Mum being here because its to much of a risk for her. But dads coming over with her for a surprise birthday dinner its also good I still got lots of decorations. and I am going to find her a Mickey mouse ballon, in fact maybe I will do a Mickey Mouse dinner party for her and a Mickey Mouse cake. I just by writing this have all sorts of ideas now how to make it special. Can’t wait to blog about her birthday now.

Niki , Jake, Josh

My kiddo’s Niki has settled back into college very well, we are going to finally be painting her room maybe next week its going to be a work in progress just because of her studies and we have 2 days a week she is out for the whole day, we want her not to have to stress when she is studying.

She is also developing her own sense of identity and things with her tom are still great, she is learning lots and smiling a lot more lately.

My high light of the day is hearing from my mum and my Josh I miss them so very much.

My Josh had his very first driving lesson we were talking about it on the phone today, I love our chats and catch ups I know I don’t have to worry about my Josh he all grown up but I still do a mums prerogative to do that.

Jake has also settled back into school well, now the its lots of mock tests and study coming up. He is saying it is stressing him a little and sometimes he puts a lot of pressure on himself, but I think its amazing he is now just doing his tests and his grades are changing just by being able to do them. yes anxiety has being really difficult. I actually think he is more resilient them he gives himself credit for.

We had Jakes EHCP meeting the other day and it is the first extremely positive one getting them them small changes fine tuned setting up provisions for after he finishes his GCSE’S.

Making sure he has the right exam provisions , being prepared if he has heightened anxiety as the time nears to them, having his recent medical report added. So their is an understanding of his medical things and if they may bring complications.

You know I spent ages writing the Parent’s feed back form and went to save it and lost it, much has changed over the years, before it would of left me full of anxiety and stress having to redo it this time instead of panicking try to remember what I wrote , I switched off the computer and did not go back on till the morning got it finished and sent about a minute before the meeting, do you no what it was the best decision I ever made. I was able to have everything fresh in my mind and was able to speak calmly without stuttering. people don’t take you serious if you stutter or talk real fast. It is something I am working hard on.

Weeks of school Return to school runs, cooking cleaning and working.

Lots of music dancing and goofing around.

This is my life as busy and stressful as it can be sometimes it’s also amazing uplifting and real as it gets.

Book Marketing

Gosh I got to find a way to do this better , I do believe in my book as much as I believe in the kids and those I work for. I really got to try hard to get some more reviews and reach more people I have done the social media side of things , constantly build all my pages used every bit of advise. spoke to I don’t know how many other authors marketers joined writing groups engaged in others post shared other work. I am not giving up on it. and it is sometimes a little frustrating I mean with things not open like they used to be the ability to do book signings is some what lax.

Would the next step be running a questions and answering author day on my author page be the next step. My only worry about that is whether people will sign up to it or join and really be interested in the book or just waste my valuable time? My time is so limited I have to factor rest in somewhere. Do any of you authors who also blog contact radios or news outlets yourself or shops direct? This is my thoughts i am leaving you with for now. I have much to think about over the next few weeks. Once Halloween is over Jake has his mock exams then I can really focus on book sales.


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Have a beautiful evening Much love, Stay safe Faye xxx