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Morning 😀♥️

Hi everyone how you been, got lots to share later , been super busy here trying to get back to routines of schools and appointments. And get some much needed rest in.

Today’s the day for my well woman check up and important health checks, it’s so important to get these check ups, preventative and a chance to catch things early can have a huge impact on your life, I am going to be honest I don’t perticualy enjoy the experience it is very dignified no matter how it’s done. It’s awkward and super uncomfortable.

And the wait for results after is nerve wracking, still today it will be over and done with.

I missed the last appointment just because I got my days mixed up should of had it done over six weeks ago would be getting the results by now.

I guess it’s probably be on mind am awful lot lately, us carers we are excellent about doing it for other people, but turning it round on yourself and taking action for your own health sometimes can be a bit difficult, just fitting it in around caring for others.

It doesn’t really matter if your a female carer or male carer make time , it’s really important.

Anyway just getting that out of my head so I can focus on work.

Have a beautiful day today😁♥️

Proper blog coming later today