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Presentable for school run 🤣♥️

Good morning , how are you all there was me thinking about being late and not hearing alarm today. How wrong was I we were up an hour before the alarm, not through my choice thought I would at least sleep till 7am.

Their was a whole heap of crashing and banging as both kids were awake Niki was helping her brother with his hair , they woke their dad up too 😁you know my kids are way to loud this morning. Send ear defenders quick🤣 not for them for me my brain is fried🤣

Jake is super ready and asking a hundred questions. Oh I see need five minutes for my morning coffee. Those new school shoes I got Jake yep they not going to work he gone back to his old trusty ones he had last year which he has more than worn in. I wanted him to practise wearing his new shoes I’m the run up to this week but they stayed lined up ready to go this morning. That’s the reality pick your battles. He will wear them adventualy.

You know I always make sure my kids have fresh new uniforms and pencil cases and equipment for new terms. And shoes I want them to look smart and clean. I give it a week and then it will begin tuck your shirt in brush your hair, clean your teeth. First day back so that always is better day.

Now to see if the traffic is the same as before hit them traffic lights at curtain time and they are all green. Hit them at the wrong time and you end up stopping at everyone. The roads this last week have been a lot busy . The car parks are full every where again.

Omg Jake just asked what time school starts again, I told him 8.30 am, sitting here smiling he though it started at 7am. Now he has to sit and twiddle his thumbs till it’s time to leave. I have to pop up the road and get my car as that’s where I had to park yesterday no parking in my road was available. Fingers crossed no issues with my car this morning.

I know Jake’s got this , mum is hiding her anxiety about this first goodbye well apart from Jake’s pacing back and forth please coffee before pacing, I know he can’t help it but my he is making my head swirl with it this morning, I am smiling fondly though, and happy it isn’t the flappy jump just yet. We had that last night. He was doing this jumping on the spot repeatedly I just joined in, it only lasted a couple of minutes.

That’s the difference with blogging now I actually have something to blog about it’s flowing easily this morning. Just. This second first wake up phonecall from dad. He was very surprised I am awake 😁 infact he is surprised we all awake . I don’t think Niki slept at all last night she gone back to bed now.

It’s very calming to just sit and write sometimes especially this morning and last night. As I write my head is less in fuzzy dream land and becoming more alert it is that the coffee suddenly kicking in.oh and right now all I can hear is silence just going to enjoy this for hour ever long it last just the rythmic tic of the clock and birds and distant sound of the traffic passing streets away. The rumble of my tummy kicking in. I think for once I may just have breakfast myself this morning. Anything to settle this anxious feeling in the out of my tummy.

Anyway have a beautiful day I am going to go and finnish my coffee and grab some food.

It’s Just day one what could possible go wrong.


The one pic they would let me share this morning.

Much love Faye xxxx