Emo The Emotional Elf

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Elves and Emotions are making a comeback here, maybe more for work benifits and my own now kids are older.I find them kind of comforting especially when adding schools back into routine

This is the thoughts of a mother kind of blog, you know let out the anxiety of return to school runs and different work sceduals.

As tough as I look and seem sometimes always with a smile , laughing some of them old anxious feelings still appear especially when Thier is downtime , I been running on double speed since Covid started and haven’t stopped all the way through it till this weekend an active mind stops you thinking about what comes next. I am all ready uniforms school bags serialised maps of new school layout , printed off time tables. Lunch made and in the fridge.

I mean it’s been months since school we had maybe three 2 hours in school before the end of term but that was just one year group at a time.

I am sure teachers maybe feeling the same anxiety parents are I hope this moto in it together still stands. Because reality is we should all be on the same page to make this as plains sailing as possible , I hope teachers are able to hold that anxiety back when dealing with the children because they are definatley going to have to deal with possibly a lot of emotions they didn’t have to deal with before. You see it in tweets and other online posts that they are too happy about schools returning yet.

But sooner rather then later us adults have to push past our own anxieties so the kids don’t feel it and become more anxious. I can say this because I live with kids who have anxiety disorders and can be affected by even the smallest of changes. It’s why I have danced and sung and laughed all through lockdown. But really my heart beats faster at the thought of what will be in the morning or this very first week back. Infact feeling just a little queezy tonight. I am sure it will pass like it always does when things get busy again. I write because it’s away to just settle my thoughts take a deep breath and talk to myself rather then people because it’s only myself that has control of me.

We had a lovely weekend , all working and doing our bit for preperations so we don’t have that morning back panic, I got my dad and oldest son to give me a morning call tomorrow just incase I hit that alarm button or throw the alarm clock when it goes off at 7am.

I only have one kid going back tomorrow and that’s my Jake , he has been very anxious about it, the last few days. Lots of what if questions., And despite my optimistic replays that It will all be fine I don’t know when his anxiety will come out any more than I do mine .

If you ever had anxiety before it’s hard to explain it’s just thier with you, waiting for the right circumstances to strike. We have many techniques in place at school but I am depending on them to make sure that support is ready to go should he need it.

Niki returns to college on Friday , we spent some mum and daughter time on Saturday getting the right outfit they she will feel comfortable in. Again she is anxious about making new friends, she knows her teachers and they know her well too so they know what works if her anxiety is high. It was lovely just having that girly time together.

Girls day out 😁

You know one of the shops had this real huge queue to get in we were in the back of the line waiting like everyone else when the staff came over and noticed Niki’s walking stick and let us go striaght to front and in the first time this ever happened to Niki. She was very surprised and thankful her hips were hurting a lot that day. That’s the one thing that as we move forward back to college she has to leave her stick at home or it causes her so many complications for the course she is doing . The other thing is how are these students ment to sort out placements at this time what are the safe gaurding for these students going into placements, when they are on health and social care will the placement insure they have PPE. I guess that’s something I will help her out on a list to ask her teachers when she returns. The enrolment went well she managed all of it herself she only asked us a few of the questions. They asked. She knew it already but wanted to check she did it right.

Al lot of teamwork today, I woke up early maybe 7am today I think my internal clock was screaming school run mode , hubby got up about 7.30 shortly followed by Jake .

By ten am I was already upstairs ironing board out getting everything up to date just so Thier is one less job for me when I have to work and do school runs. And although the mountain of clean clothes slowly went into neat little ironed piles ready to put away, it was quite relaxing had some calming music while I did it.

Hubby had the run of the kitchen and decided he would cook today something I was thankful for. Jake won’t eat the same dinner as us so had to grab him a steak from shops which he cooked himself while dad texted to tell him how.

We actually all day down together to eat today

Remember Dads all those jokes and thinks you do, when your kids get to teenage years you can’t out banter them especially when it’s like a tag team one meem after another, I was laughing so much seeing them so playful it made dinner go without all the usual anxiety of weather Jake will eat.

I was glad to have some photos with my own family for once, it doesn’t happen as often these days it’s more work that they happen . I value these rare moments, and caputuring them. I don’t want to forget all these good bits.

Jake hiding in the background , I would love at some point in time to have one photo that is standing equally next to each other one full of confidence from us all. At the same time that will be an amazing photo.
Someone sat with me while I ironed , my Elves promote helping mum and dad with chores then your free to have fun.😁♥️ They got to learn these skills one day
Roast and salads was so yummy
Even elves eat Thier fruit veg and salads

That was pretty much the whole day, was listening and watching some of the Micheal Jackson videos his showmanship was just something else. The creativity the moves the voice. You see writing helps already my heart rate is slowing the anxious feeling is leaving slowly.

Change of topic now last week with Hayley was back on to day shifts. Preparing for her semi return to what she used to do at day center. First it will start with out in community things in morning with day center staff , zoom meetings and afternoons at my house still continue. I am also taxi driver for Hayley taking her to and from her sessions in between school runs and getting back in time for zoom meetings, As her normal mini bus pick ups won’t be starting yet.

We still did our morning videos , and evening dance videos , which have been very important to us both, we also got creative with arts and learned a few basics about Russia, going to share some of my favorite photos of our last week just to finish about work.

Memory book , we added some more photo’s to her lock down book
Russia lesson
Arts and crafts
One of Hayley’s favorite zoom meetings Bingo
Coloring in

We always find plenty To do she has had a lot more variety with me through lockdown but tried to keep it almost the same kind of lessons she does at day center. Just because it has helped he keep to a routine .

We are quite the double act together 🤣

So that’s just a bit of what we got up to last week I am going to end blog now with a little fun Emo antics he was accidently left at Tom’s house when I worked Thier Friday but Tom looks after him well, sending selfies of the two of them together.

Was watching spiderman together notice how Tom is gripping and hugging Emo his grip is so much stronger now.

Picking Emo up I knew thier might be some missing him going on so I am sharing Emo pics with Tom too. This boy loves his selfies.

Emo had to have a long relaxing soak when he came home even Elves need to self care they hug lots of people .
Uniforms ready shoes shiny good to go tomorrow
One clean Elf ready and smiling 🤣

Good night and much love too you all ♥️♥️