Emo the Emotional Elf

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Saturday morning the day after my shift got changed to working Saturday night . It worked better for me as well as them firstly because my hubby got held up in traffic on his way home so was going to be late getting in , he is the one that looks after kids if I am not working from home, this kind of meant Toms parents would have missed their timed meal allocation at the restaurant this restricted time slot doesn’t always work for families who use carers. but anyway it was Little Holly’s birthday on the Sunday and I was making her cake and memory book present. I enlisted Niki and hubby’s help, Hubby covered the board and cake stand read for me to do my fluffy bit. Niki help put photo’s into the book, we all listened to music and talked away while we were doing it. Jake hadn’t slept well the night before so he spent most of the day sleeping.

Running kids parties when I worked in wimpy at fourteen had it’s benefits made me love making birthday’s extra special I always enjoyed seeing the kids faces when they got cake and posed for videos and pictures with their friends and family. I think as we go through our lives those skills you think you will never use again will always stay with you. Niki was coming with me to work all masked up and hand wash ready you know as she is going to be moving on to health and social care any in job experience for her whether its with me or in placement is going to make her learning much easier.

We arrived just before 7 already to just have lots of fun and make the pre birthday evening fab for holly and Little Tom stayed up and joined in he was feeling so much better, bless him he had a burst ear drum and throat infection, he was also tested for covid which thankfully was negative.

Mum and dad went out for their meal, Ellie and tom helped me set up the birthday surprise while Niki and Dylan kept Holly occupied with fortnight.

Little tom was happy I came bringing his favorite chocolate buttons .

Little Tom loves being in the center of the family room with everyone , instead of his own wing of the house, his laughter proves that.

Squeals of delight and laughter commenced silly dances and music and present opening.

The birthday girl that loves football, and is an awesome little player with huge potential ahead.

Little Holly the published author, the girl who loves health and fitness and vegetables and fruit. highly intelligent sporty and a bit crazy like her aunty.

See big smiles and an elf that joined in the fun.

Presents open and loved memory book caused laughter and lots of chat.

Niki helping with Tom while I danced a little with Holly.

Ellie helped a lot too i am all about them spending quality time together as brothers and sisters too

After we partied for a little while Mum and dad came home and we lit the candles again so they could be part of the evening too.

Then it was time to sort little tom for sleep, i have not heard him scream with laughter like that maybe it was the choccy buttons or just that he had such a lovely time with us all together , and he likes to party and be silly too.

He didn’t sleep while I was in the room he just wanted to play, mum and dad were sorting out Holly’s presents to open in the morning Niki, Dylan, holly and Ellie were all talking and sitting together with tom settled it was time for me and Niki to leave and go home but it was such a lovely night shift.

Any way that’s it for tonight.

Accept a few author type things I have been working on

Good night all lots of love and wishes for you too all stay safe.