Emo The Emotional Elf

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Those first signed copies for your family are the best feeling especially when it’s kids and parents.

I remember so clearly this day, it wasn’t the day I got the author copies of the book, it was the day I was working with the kids and Hayley after.I was just so happy that after raising all the money to publish with thier help and their unwavering belief that I could do it that made this moment so special. Thier little eyes littling up, Thier faces when they saw they were in the book a part of a happy story of our family. A positive memory after months of diagnosis.

You see my kids , these kids and Hayley have always been what has driven me to want to help others, that go through diagnosis not feel like they have to do it on thier own. Little Tom who should have been a healthy little boy Running around with his sister’s, and doing things with his mum and dad like other children. Talking about what families go through not just the happy smiley faces parents often put on their faces to show the world how confident they are , it isn’t always the truth though, sometimes you do get exhausted by lack of sleep , over emotional about tiny things, can’t even sumon the courage to brush your hair, or get out your PJs on a bad day . I don’t think that’s just parents of kids with different needs I think everyone must feel it at some point in parenting, it happens to the best of us.

Do you know just how many motivational things I have round my house on all rooms every where you look thier is something with a positive quote , I find them quite calming. Had had little post cards about loving and being kind to yourself, about self esteem, about having dreams and goals I think though the only one I got up that isn’t motivational is on my toilet wall surrounded by positive ones.

Chageing the toilet roll, won’t hurt your brain cells.

Yes it’s a pet hate empty rolls on the holder. To be honest their always seem to be this little message written in pen by someone saying ha ha you read this you have to change it.

See what I mean these Elves always bring out the best. In people

These are just a few I have in my own room they definatley give me silent reminders. If I am have a sad or stressful day. Which is all part of the human make up., And perfectly alright even though many times you get told being too emotional is not a good thing , but really I think it is a positive thing sometimes and negative in other times. I just feel what I feel when I feel it, I talk a lot of I am more anxious . I write it out too. I shareb a lot of pictures it helped me personally a lot , just with self esteem I don’t share them for attention or for any other reason then to express feelings through photos it’s better then having another crutch that isn’t healthy for your body or mental health.

Sometimes those are way to many selfies I know , but it helps take my mind off things and sometimes the other are not feeling like a photo with me. DO YOU KNOW SOMETHING THE CREATIVE ART COMES IN MANY FORMS

Musicians play, singers sing, actors act, dancers dance. Writers and authors write, but artists they create a perfect picture sculpture , many types of projects, photographers capture stunning shots , the difference between them I. My photos is inperftion yes one that perfect shot, clear precise and stunning to the eye it drives them on sometimes continuingly perfect and change and making it better they say that an artist , is Thier own worst critic I think that’s true.with my photos sometimes thier great better with my new phone and Hayley’s tablet but there are many blurry ones that show I capture the moment as it happens know time to clean the camera lens or get everyone’s hair brushed and clean clothes the moment will pass and that fabulous photo moment will never be just like that moment.

So sorry have to cut this blog short suddenly my eyes are just to tired to see to type .

Maybe I just said to much tonight and waffeled on a little .

So sorry for that .

Good night sleep well ♥️😴