Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi all, hope you are all well, thanks for visiting my blog can you believe it’s been just over three years now since I first started this blog. I live the freedom it gives me to just write, to have a voice even if it sometimes doesn’t travel that far. Surprisingly it has reached many countries which I never expected but feel proud that it has.

I have been a little less active this year especially since Covid began. A horrible pandemic that spread as quick as a treading post. One that keeps coming back at you from all angles just when you think things are improving and begining to open up suddenly you find yourself having to isolate again.

Well maybe my area of England is fairing much better then most. We have return to school and college days fast approaching which means I am going to have to get prepared with school routines , routines of work returning to day shifts, sorting uniforms shoes, lunch boxes. Now with the added masks and hand sanitiser.

Glasses to sort, laptops oh and Mot for my car tomorrow getting it done slightly earlier in case any work needs doing don’t want to be without a car when school returns as we don’t live close enough to walk to it.

Next week is the all important well women check up too, this year though I am the healthiest I have been in years , that’s what I feel anyway we shall see.

Studying is put on hold for a weekend off, be actually just reading books just as a way too relax a little.

I don’t think people truly understand sometimes why someone who writes non fiction share so much of thier lives, it’s to educate others to understand how people struggle and overcome things, I always want to share because maybe someone who has been through what our family has but are just begining thier journey to understand either disabilities or recently had a new diagnosis themselves feel less alone. Mine have a slightly more positive outlook , then when we went through diagnosis with our kids. If I write then the outlook would have been vastly different to what it is now.

We as a family have a better understanding of ourselves, who each of us is, thier is still major meltdowns on occasions and lots of silence but that is part of spectrum families . Instill think it’s a bit of a mystery that is still unfolding challenges and obstacles to overcome anxieties to face, up days and down days.

I hope the difference to classes and schools is an easy transition , I know it’s going to take a bit of adjustment not only for students but teachers too. But we had lists through on how they will do the social distance when they return and so far. I am Happy to let the kids go back when they open.

I know a blog not filled with happy smiley faces for once just trying a different way today. This way isn’t authentically me. It definatley doesn’t feel right to me. But maybe it will answer some questions as to wether I can write without the photos to help , I mean should I really change something so drastically that I am not me anymore ? , What about the audience that reads my blog I used to sit up late at night when I could sleep blogging away. Each night becoming easier, the photo’s helping to get our day out there. I view writing as a therapy you shut everything else out and pour your heart into your work.

It’s been more than a slightly challenging week kind of glad it’s coming to an end.

Lots of people have surprised me this week. I feel this week I have withdrawn into myself just a bit. A few barriers sliding up again. It’s a coping mechanism stops me from saying things I will regret later , life is so funny sometimes you just don’t know what your going to get each day. It is like a row of doors and each one has a different kind of day in but you don’t know which one your going to get the fantastic door, the it’s ok door, the door you want to avoid. Or the door that has all of the privious things mixed up together. I like to make a little effort on being camera and video ready when I start the day because I think it shows confidence in care for yourself . I have time on my hands first thing to do that as I don’t have to rush out the house.

Any way going to say good night, and be safe

Much love Faye