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Hi everyone , hope you have had a beautiful day.

Car Troubles

Oh today I think I will start with the car, and how i just went to it the other day so i can go get some milk because Niki had run out and needed her lactose free for her breakfast, my tyre was completely flat so plugged the pump into the lighter point and oh yes the pump decided that day not to work, I must be the most unluckiest person sometimes. You should of seen my face walking into the house, proper moody got my hubby to come look at it but said don’t touch it till i get back from shop with milk. was hoping he would just watch while I changed it , but theses skinny arms wouldn’t of got the Wheel nuts undone even with my lady wheel brace you know the ones with an extendable lever for added wrenching for those that cant do it with a normal one, I know this because my hubby done them up last time my family sometimes call him one touch because he does that one touch more just to be safe. As much as I am strong willed and want to do things for myself I sometimes grumpily have to accept I don’t have the strength for certain things.

You see this face that’s the look proper annoyed. or as my hubby calls it my bitch face, my limit is hit don’t talk to me. It doesn’t come out very often, Maybe sometimes its their before my morning coffee if I haven’t had a good night sleep, or if my hubby really annoys me.

This is the face my hubby keeps away from, can’t say i blame him i wouldn’t talk to me either

why do people not pick up screws they drop it gets very expensive to drivers because they lack care in what they are doing. my bank is at its screaming faze so a new tyre is out of the question part warn again.

Do you know how hard it is to get a part warn tyre in the middle of a the covid pandemic I drove to the usual places that have good part warns. One was so busy that was a no no, another would give me the tyre but would not fit it because of covid . I am sitting in my car with the thermo registering 38 Degress and the air con is shockingly warm. On the phone to my hubby while he is trying to tell me another place we went before, he couldn’t remember the name of and he is giving me directions , to this place he don’t remember I am telling him where I think he means, do you know my brain gets words muddled sometimes and I get real stuttery when stressed, Not good when hubby is very particular on calling things by their right name.I got there ok the queue wasn’t to big, and £30 I could just about afford for tyre. no one was wearing masks but me so while I waited in my hot car with my mask on till it was my turn I drove the car in, got out and went and stood away from everyone at the end of the road till they waved me over. They were quick changing it , I payed got in and left, pulling out my hand sanitizer and using it before driving home. 3 hours it took just to change a tyre. As soon as it was done though my mood improved or maybe it was the music in the car singing my heart out driving home , music is a great stress reliever.

I picked up some take out on the way home simply because they like their dinner at a certain time and I was already passed that time.

The Greek dance, “Zorba” Our papou is an excellent bazzoke player extreemly talented, Yia Yia requested me and Hayley do the dance and to be quite honest we love dancing, but we have a long way to go to master it. but it made Yia Yia and Papou smile and laugh they watched the video lots of times. We found it has been a great way of supproting family while they self isolate to share videos of us dancing.

Hopefully the link will work, excuse washing on the line was the coolest place to be at that time super hot weather here in uk at the moment.


It can strike when you least expect it but given this heat wave and the suffercating humidity, I am not suprised the seizure came for Hayley she was just about to have her breakfast when the colour drianed from her face she stood up and walked towards me saying she felt wiery and was shaking, and dizzy her eyes had that glazed look, I mangaed to get her back on the chair safely and was helping her take some deep breaths it wasnt a drop seizure this time but lasted just over 2 minutes and always when she has them she gets sick at the end. she had just taken her meds a couple of minutes before so they were not even in her system didnt have time to digest them, Its been a while since she has had one like this so we didnt have any diazipan that we give after the longer ones to stop more happening. once it was safe to move her i got her laying on the settee with the fans on to cool her down and some water, to keep her from getting dehydrated. this is when the headache starts always the headache and shakes. do you know its hard for people with learning difficulties to understand whats happening when the sezisure starts and probally really scary too thats why you have to be as calm as possible.

Once I got her settled i phined the doctor to see if we could get her some diazipan just incase she has more siezures. we managed them at home quite easily years of practise, the phone lines had just opened but was still Nineteen in the queue, whaen I finally got through I had to wait for a doctor to phone back, they couldnt spoke to tell me when it would be in the day, just keep my phone free for it ,thats always the case and they always seem to phone when your the loo or dealing with the kids , any way it was about 2 hours later the doctor phoned we discussed her meds they checked her records for it and a piscription was sent over to the chemist, or so i thought got to chemist after about 2 hours and they said thier stystem had been down for ” hours so they hadnt recievd it yet , wasted trip. finally my dad went and picked them up about five in the evening. thankfully she didnt have another siezure but we got them just incase she has more over the next few weeks . she was feeling a little better but spent the day resting and and although she still has the gheadache a bit no seizures so far today.

Meteor Shower Perseids! wow

Whats been happing since 2.45 am here is Jake excitedly coming down to see the metor shower thier is no way my son is going to sleep till it is over, he has been talking about it all day and is chatting and asking questions in a live stream. but we were in the garden watching , this kiddo is afraid of the dark anxious and excited at the same time standing in the garden watching the nights sky for them glimpses of flashing lights across the sky we dont have the cameras or things to caputure it unfortunatly but it was amazing what we saw i even dragged the matress to the garden layed doen and jusy gazed at the sky. first one I have seen with jake me and Josh used to watch together , we are astronomy lovers here. Jake has also been talking and asking questions in the live stream and is continuing to watch it live on that he couldnt cope outside because thier were to amny noices he though i fox was coming. but this is an amazing experience to have with your kids even if you are tired .

I have set Jake a project for tomorrow to write everything he learned and about the experience of his first meteor Show will be intresting to hear about it from his perspective.

Just going to finish off this blog with some pics and a video of me and little Tom talking in the garden when he was last here. Holly and Niki reading to Tom.