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Good Evening everyone .How are you all doing this Sunday Evening?

Birthday’s their have been a few since Locked down began, But some how they worked out with a little bit of magic and improvisation.

I shared our Niki’s right at the Beginning so will kind of share them in the order they happened.

First their was Chris’s the big 47 my big Brother and little Tom’s Dad

What can I say Chris is My big Brother but I am the little sister that always looks out for him, always there to support and help where I can. When we were little we would fight like Brothers and sisters did he would pull the heads off my dolls , i would sneak into his room and get him back before quietly running back into my room and shouting “dad he is getting me” the annoying little sister always getting him in trouble. we got a lot closer over the years and have a bigger understanding of each other. Like I always am his back up and stand by him i know he will be the first to do the same for me, if i needed help infact. A few years ago when I really needed some help he was their without hesitation no let me think about it first no questions just there. I know I thanked him many times but I don’t think he realizes just how much it meant. I wanted to do something special for his birthday show him how much I care and love him. He and his family have been through so much, but they are such an amazing little family.

When I got there thankfully my brother had popped to the shops, and I enlisted the older kids help in setting up the surprise for their dad, we were in the lockdown at the time slightly different for me at the time as I was working in their house through covid with little Tom. Loved seeing the look of surprise on his face. I am afraid didn’t manage to capture a picture of that moment. But it was awesome to see. The kids were happy too when I turned up with cake.

Next Our princess Ellie The big 13 , wow Time really fly’s by so Quick she Beautiful super Sassy , incredibly sweet, but you can tell the teenage years have begun, I wish them the best of luck with that Having brought a girl through the teenage years i know what it takes patience, boundaries, and a whole heap of love It also doesn’t hurt to have movies chocolate and heaps of tissues and ice cream and a discount card for the makeup shop . I have always got her back the crazy aunt that makes her earn Internet access, the aunt that talks to her about everything. Makes amazing memories with her.

Nan and Grandad and all her family and friends couldn’t actually be there to celebrate but the occasion couldn’t;t be marked without it being super special. we all put our money together and with the help of Hayley and my Niki and Jake we pulled off a bit of magic fit for a teenage princess.

Even Emo gave a little help , but the thing that took the most time was making her memory book that I really loved doing putting some beautiful photos with her own little family first in the book , followed by all our special memories we have made over the years together. Thankfully the shops had began to open and the queues were low and empty. yes this crazy aunt all masked up hand Sanitizer at the ready hunted down everything to make this surprise birthday treat really come together.

Here she is My princess

Tom And Holly were Glad that Emo came too.

Dylan helped me set it all up, Niki and Hayley came but wore their masked and stayed in garden socially distancing.

Even the Dog wanted to be involved , either that or she just wanted some cake this dog eats everything.

Mika the dog

I think Ellie was surprised loved seeing her face when she got her memory book, there is plenty of space to add her own favorite memories with her friends and family that she may have taken herself, also plenty of space she can make new memories to capture.

Changing colour completely now, My happy colour. That’s because the next birthday I am going to talk about and share is my biggest son Josh and when I say big he has grown so tall. Wow I have a son of 26. My boy all grown up and independent.

This year was so difficult covid stopped me waking up in the same house on his birthday with him, It made my heart so sad and i know he is all grown up works and can buy himself anything he wants it doesn’t stop me from wanting to make his birthday special or do the over the top mummy things I always want to do that for my kids , but it;s more than that its that special time you share once a year that celebrates their life and what they mean to you, yes you can do that any time but when you give birth to that child that instantaneous bond that memory of that is what you feel. when you look at them that first time and you know your heart is lost forever. you no your life has new meaning, you have a purpose to nurture, love and celebrate this tiny human and watch as they grow and grow and in Josh’s case don;t stop growing.

We tried to make it the best we could on his actual birthday, he was working in the day time but we got him a cake and faced timed him, we pulled out a surprise a cake and instead of singing happy birthday we all song Rick astley’s Never gonna Give you up , Rick rolled by your family gosh that was a funny moment.

My son is not a biog sharer of his life I think this was only the second time we saw his face since his last visit at Christmas , talking on the phone everyday is not the same as talking and seeing that person, a mum always wants to see her kids faxes no matter how old they are.

Things were not completely a disaster josh was able to visit the weekend after he has been working for home an self isolated at that time and I drove to pick him up. I first drove to visit my mum in hospital before going on to pick him up.and bring him HOME yes he has his own place now but there is no place like your family home.

I was so very Happy to have all my babies under my roof, we all were Jake and Niki missed their big brother and my hubby and myself were over joyed to see him.

I woke up early the next day and prepared the food Grandad and Hayley came to dinner with us, it was such a lovely celebration normally we have all the family over my side and the Greek side but it was impossible to do that. so we split it over 2 days we went to his Greek grand parents so they could see him too the next day. Very few people who have all been self isolating so no one had the risk of catching covid.

Never to old for super Hero’s a favorite of our whole family

After dinner present opening began followed by cake, adding a little humor i got him the dog he always wanted when he was growing up only it was a cake shaped like a Pug.

It was a beautiful day filled with amazing memories and quality time with my kids .

Day 2 of birthday Celebrations With The Greek Grandparents

Equally a beautiful day, Jake and Josh and me went, Niki stayed at home with her dad. what can I say Yia Yai and Papou were surprised how big the boys were.

So cute seeing them with their grandparents they both look Greek. They love this Home the fire place holds many happy memories and they love exploring the gardens and house so many beautiful things to see.

All the kids love exploring here, and Yai Yai’s fire place, all the Pillows Yes Greeks go big on everything in a Greek house is meant to be that way so you never leave.

But its also the culture the music the kids all have the most amazing memories of all sitting sining along to Greek songs while Papou plays Bouzouki. Josh had a go on Papou’s Bouzouki and Jake picked up the Guitar.

Look at them, this is what life is all about , I love my life and family so much..

Even though it was a warm day The fire was lit for memory making.

So now I have caught up on the birthday blogs three in one just for getting my self back into blogging more regularly then i don’t think i will get such a block when i sit down to write.

Wishing you a beautiful Night sleep well Stay safe.

Much love Faye xxx