Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi , everyone been a while since I last blogged. Many reasons work, family, study.

Thier is sometimes way too much in my head to even put words to a blog I have so much to blog about some amazing moments over the last few months. But trying to date order and get things in the right sequence when your a little out of writing practice is hard.

It’s not so much writes block but writer nerves. I get nervous and talk very quick, or write very quick before I lose that momentum, then I make silly mistakes with Gramma or punctuation , I definately struggle more with the basics of structure and forget spellings of simple words when I don’t write often enough.

Pictures help with that short term memory issues , they actually help a lot. It’s been few weeks of different emotions , complete an utter long days , maybe I get super over tired and don’t write because I know that’s when my writing issues show the most. Sometimes it’s just one word I don’t notice is written wrong not always in a blog could be in a message or answering a comment someone’s left. I find it frustrating, I do try to edit when I notice but to be honest it sometimes takes days, then you think will I draw attention to mistake if I go and change it.

It’s now 3.23 am here and I am sitting thinking about things , I tend to share more photos when I have lots on my mind it’s a way of experimenting creatively to try an order things in my mind. Plus I love sharing my work and family I am super proud of seeing progress being made know matter how tiny, or big.

I find it empowering to lift others up, even if one post makes someone smile just for a moment you never know if someone is having a day Thier struggling with.

Time management is hard too, because I can’t stop talking to people, I enjoy meeting and talking to people .

I had lots of fun at a online social media event last week , and yes to begin with I felt super nervous and awkward but hey it was the first one I attended everyone was super friendly and welcoming and when I got rid of the initial nerves of speaking in person I really enjoyed it.

I am doing videos with Hayley most every day when she is with me which has been fantastic for both of us.

The good thing about videos is they are pre-recorded you can choose to post or re-take or edit I choose to just post as they are no editing just fully ourselves. With face to face meetings your very contious of not saying the wrong thing, or blurting out anything embarresing. .

Why I do I use music in videos and dance first because it gives you a sense of freedom, and second it’s a great way to overcome nervousness,

It’s not really about the music although it’s fab and makes you feel Awsome it’s about seeing Hayley’s expression and her being introduced to new ways of learning and building her confidence , she is thriving through lockdown I haven’t ever seen her this way,

Any way it’s so late I have some of the stuff out of my head now maybe I can get back to sleep

Good night

Much love Faye 😁♥️