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Hi Everyone good to be back Blogging . Hope things are going well for you and you haven’t been impacted health wise by Covid

Up and running again

I will start blog with an update about the laptop situation.

That has been a slightly irritating and long drawn out process to get my laptop up and running again, I much prefer using my laptop then doing phone updates just because the programs ability to work and because my phone screen is tiny. The big issue was the latest windows updates really messing up the computers ability to do anything, even Logging on to the computer was an issue, my AVG became unable to update , my Google wouldn’t work my files were still all there but were unable to open. we couldn’t use the uninstall and couldn’t even update the windows it’s self it was stuck on windows updates at 0% .

My hubby isn’t the type of person to give up so he just carried on and got it sorted, maybe one or to rude words were uttered or a mumble under his breath. The distinct look of don’t ask me again after he just told me something fir the 10th time. I had faith he would sort it he always does I would be very lost if he wasn’t here to help.

So tonight I write with a big smile on my face , and the understanding that i have now purchased word press for another year, guess you will all have to put up with my little Elf blog for longer.

Caring and work.

My last blog left off with Hayley staying here for the week and her getting her own bit of Tec in the for of a Samsung galaxy this is an awesome device for her and works very well, she has amazed me with it a lot, and while she has been home it is nice to continue to see her use it and her daily Facebook updates have me smiling and laughing, just because where she uses the voice to type part it sometimes changes what she says, for example : “HI everyone I am having egg on toast for breakfast have a nice day,” what it typed was “I am having egg on toast in your face” my dad swears it has a sense of humor. They have been taking pictures of each other a lot of banter between the 2 of them.

in my last update i was unable to add the video’s as they were too big showing Hayley’s reaction as she was beginning to learn and her receiving the tablet so i uploaded them to my YouTube and will add the links here to them now.



These are only short little clips but you can really see just how excited she is to learn how to do this.

Hayley is coming back tomorrow to stay again for another 8 days , dad is clinically cleaning house ready for my my mum to stay so she can be safe to attend my aunts funeral so we had to changes shifts around that. I am sure we are going to have an amazing week a head of learning when i go get her Tomorrow.

Work with Tom

My little Tom god i love this boy so much he has been face timing while I haven’t been working, he is always cheeky and makes me smile so much shifts with Tom are always fun reading, singing, dancing, selfies he loves them the most.

he is such a character .

Tom Has Been showing me his sensory Garden his dad has been building for him Dad mum and everyone have choose real good looks amazing. They are still working on it but they have some London themed ot spots the Tower bridge is water fall over the fishing pond, the wheel the London eye, and dad is working on a big ben, tom loves visiting these things when he has to travel to hospital in London.

He has even done a spot of fishing , got really upset when he had to go in for dinner they told me.

You can see that he is loving the new sensory Garden a lot and that being in self isolation can be a lots of fun as well as stressful sometimes.

Time off work with My own family.

We have achieved a lot this week in our garden planting flowers , My hubby has been sorting the fences , extending our vegetable Garden, and plant the salad and veggies, we are going to have a good crop this year if this lovely weather keeps up.

We are growing lots of different things this year;

Runner beans, Peas in pods, lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes, butternut squash, pepper’s , garlic, radish, strawberries, Chard and cabbage.

First time for us growing some of them so will be interesting to watch and see what comes out in the end.

Flowers and plants well we added some my Rhododendrons, Hydrangeas

we also have pansy’s , Lillie’s , Petunia and Geraniums there are some others just cant remember all their names.

we have yellows, pinks, purple, blues, I love seeing scatterings of colour where ever I look.

Still lots to keep us occupied everyday though always extra bits added here and there.

Self care and relaxation

the thing i like about time of is lazy sleep ins, yes i have a hubby who gets up with the kids and has my coffee ready when I wake sometimes it is really nice, Music we have played so much all different genres and even languages, Il Divo is very relaxing, they have these amazing voices that make you shiver when they sing. We have also been listening to Greek music. I have a few favorites and it is great for the Kids to here Greek music playing too.

That deep voice

Good food is another part of self care, yes sometimes take always if you have been busy but I like making things myself more and if i am not driving or working and in holiday mode an occational drink,I love malibu or cocktails some times a smirnoff ice but can’t drink much though.

Spending time with kids and hubby there defiantly does get any thing better than that , except having our oldest son home that has been hard since lockdown not having him here with us.

I love these kids so much. very busy blog to today with lots to share, i am going to finish up with our exercise in the park where we also got in a photography lesson it was a very quite time we went and the kids wouldn’t go out with out their mask as they had a little anxiety to start with but really enjoyed getting out for a little while.

Niki’s perspective in photo’s

Jake’s perspective in photo’s

We were talking about perspectives on what different people see as beautiful in photo’s may not be the same as what they see and that sometimes it is photo’s that aren’t perfectly planned out are some of the best. i know my kids have this perfectionist side to them and that’s ok but some time they do amazing work and then get frustrated with it and rip it up, or sometimes if someone else takes a photo of them they can really find that hard, if its not the way they would like it to look.It is why my photos aren’t as perfect, but capture special moments as they are no time to plan or check light of even see if the lens of my phone is clean I just take it when it makes me smile because other wise the moment is lost and you have to rely on your memory to hold that moment forever.

Mums perspective the kids did give the ok to these first before i posted them and took out ones they really didn’t like.

Emo came along for some fun too.

Now it is that time where i say good night have a beautiful sleep.

Much love Faye xx

I will leave you with link to EBook