Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi everyone how are you today?

Still waiting till my laptop is sorted before I can really begin to blog again properly, so much easier then on the phone app layout wise.

So the laptops windows update when kinda crazy , the AVG is unable to update since so bit of an issue really but thankfully all my work and photos are still there, I. Hoping to be able to back it all up onto my external hard drive if I have too re-install the system again and start again hopefully it won’t come to that we shall see, only time will tell.

Been very busy and also relaxing at the same time here, a lot has really happened and also alit hasn’t changed at the same time.

The kids are doing ok they get a little depressed sometimes but seem to be coping remarkably well alit is because there is very little outside pressure, there getting on with Thier school work, sleep patterns are beginning to improve a little from the beginning of lockdown.

Eating is also another thing Jake’s been making a little progress as far as eating is going he now will manage to eat a steak at least once a week, he tried some new things too , ,bacon, watermelon, honeydew melon, strawberries and his favourite chocolate spread instead of in a tiny little dish he now will eat it in bread and on toast, he also has been putting some herbs salt and pepper on his steak and we supervise while he cooks it, maybe this is the way to get him to eat more, if he makes it himself that way he has control over what is put with it.

My hubby’s been decorating the In side of our house and we now have a fixed bannister and redecorated hall way with pictures rearranged.

I. Rather liking the new slightly lighter colour of the walls.

While my hubby has been busy inside I am busy outside, tidying the garden planting watering, and growing seeds for the veggie garden.

Such a physical work out, I think it is just what I needed.

My Aunties funeral is begining to take shape , of course planning something over the phone isn’t an easy task for my mum , but she is Awsome and it gives her something to focus on even though it comes with so many emotions. I am trying to focus on the things I can change being positive yes I get these really big waves of saddnes but still just focusing on other things really helps to ease that.

I have 2 more days off before on shift with Hayley Monday till Sunday , feeling refreshed and recharged ready to enjoy week with her.

Jake has been learning so much more on the keyboard since lockdown begun and can now play about 25 songs with both hands no music teachers just himself and YouTube , watching videos and practising.

Cooking we really have been doing alit of cooking had a few date night dinners with hubby candles, music.

I love dressing the table and just sitting there with great company, I could listen to him talking for ages.

Roast chicken potatoes and trimmings
Smoked haddock, jacket potatoes salad and rosemary bread
Stake, chips,salad
Fresh fruit and cream.

Just a few of my favourites over the last four of days, only possible really because the panic buying has somewhat stopped and the restrictions of a few people In at a time has helped the supermarkets have more of a range of things available I have been lucky as well to choose some of the quitest times to go.

The majority of people keep the correct distance and following the arrows as they shop, yes you going to get one or 2 that don’t but on a whole everyone is, the shop staff have been a godsend and work so very hard to keep things running smoothly and safely, from the staff outside spraying the trolleys to the shelf stackers, the checkout staff working as quickly as they can but also giving you the time always polite and chatty while they work . Mind you I am not one for sticking around in shops long touch practise of having to do it quick incase of phone calls from schools over the years.

I haven’t managed to do much book marketing just because of laptop, but still have time love to share the elves and there antics. Just for a little bit of fun and to see something other than Covid In news feed. We recently just stopped having the news on at all in our house just trying to shut out about of the distressing news out there.

Here are Elves in lockdown ๐Ÿ˜

Watching to make sure you so school work as well as play Minecraft
Catching up on reading Emo the Emotional Elf
Keeping surfaces clean
Helping dad with DIY and decorating
Taking time out
Talking about how your feeling with family and friends whether online or in person.
Learning an instrument
Getting creative
Helping mum around the house ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜
Getting ready to grow vegetables
Runner beans
Baking home cooked meals
Or colourful desserts
Making your own compost
Raising awareness for disabilities
Or getting playful with 100 water balloons better watch out Dad you have all the elves
kids and a mischivious mum cheering them on to get you ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Or simply taking a moment to smell the Roses and appreciate what’s all around us โค๏ธ

Elves don’t have to be bad or do naughty things, we of them want to help share , love,care awareness and smiles

Anyway that’s all for tonight have a beautiful weekend, sending lots of love to you all. Be safe ,

Much love Faye. XX


Here is the link to Ebook, the paper back is still online but may take longer than normal because of the distribution restrictions at the present

10 thoughts on “Emo the Emotional Elf

  1. Heather Golding says:

    Great blog, Faye. Much of what you said, I feel the same, like focusing in on more positive things to do in and around the home, while in lockdown. The extra time spent at home has allowed me to do my writing as well, as doing some potting and re-potting of plants and flowers. But sadly, the limited life we now live, has had an enormous impact on many young people with special needs, including my young son, Matthew.

    • fayekerryfarmer says:

      Yes there are lots of families struggling because of lock down and support on hold, I will never stop working though, I have work with them through all kinds of bugs and sickness so I guess that’s my job.๐Ÿ˜€โค๏ธ No virus will stop that.

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