Emo The Emotional Elf

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I will be back blogging soon.

For now I just want to say happy world book Day ❤️😁

From me Emo and our family

Well done to all who dressed up and took part in #worldbookday what an amazing job you did.
To parents that keep trying to figure out what outfit there kids want this year, you did a fantastic job.

Reading books and having access to them what ever ability you have is an important part of all learning it can bridge gaps give you some very special memories with loved ones.

It isn’t just about the written words but the whole package, the illustrations or photos.
It’s imaginations and creations.

I have always loved world book Day before I even became an author , I love bringing characters to life for these magical days for my own children.

Spent many long hours making kids outfits seeing the smiles and enthusiasm of my kids going to school.

So I just want to say you all did a great job keep reading and creating, Let authors continue to bring books to all adults and kids with all abilities , let those who can write books continue to inspire , educate, show all children the magic inside the cover.

Emo definatley has plans to inspire a love of learning, kindness and fun through books for the whole family.

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