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Before I start I would like to wish my friends, family and connections in Australia and all of Australia my heart felt wishes to an end to the Fires, it is so sad to watch from here all the senseless loss of life both of people and animals, and Homes. I hope for rain to help those fighting fires to gain control, my thoughts are with everyone as they rebuild there great land and homes.

Not my picture but it was said we can share

Thankfully we haven’t had any news of our direct family and friends there being in that danger Zone. I don’t think anyone expected it to reach so far. I mean how do you ever be prepared for something on this huge scale.

I do have one new friend there who has lost some of there property I was talking to them when they rushed back to see the extent of the damage. It is sad and all I can offer is a friendly ear.

The pictures are so upsetting really and I am only seeing from a far I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like for people there.

Thoughts for the new year ahead

Some how it seems wrong to right about the good things after that, but I will because although I wish I could click my fingers and disappear all of the unsettling things that are happening in the world away I can’t, I can only focus on things I can change here,even then there are a lot of things I can’t change in my own little world.

We sadly lost an Aunty and Cousin this Christmas, I cant change my families Illnesses or the fact we will lose more to Huntingtons. I cant take away the anxiety or depressions I can only help them through it. one day at a time.

The things I will work hard on changing , writing more books , selling more books, my finances, my home, my health. some of these may be easy some may take some time but I am determined to do it. Spending more time with my family that goes without saying. maybe some of them will intertwine and help solve each other eventually.

Today’s Blog a follow up from previous one and the end of our Christmas holiday’s

My mum sent me some pictures of my aunty’s celebrating the New year in together in the care home. what a difference seeing them together spending time as sisters. The Huntingtons affects them a lot now that they need the specialist care. Having lost 2 brothers and 3 sisters over the last couple of years that they are together for as long as they can. Truly makes a difference. We are thankful for this new home and the care they are getting there.

These photos brought tears to my eyes not because they were sad but because no matter what you go through in life having someone you love by your side makes it easier.

New years day

We had my dad and Hayley Join us New years day again, my hubby cooking for us all.

Me and my Dad
Hayley having fun
Niki has decided to add fish back into her diet and not be a full vegetarian, super noodles and Tuna that first time eating it again she wasn’t happy ,but she decided to because she thinks she needs more then what the full vegetarian diet was giving her.

After dinner Hayley and dad went home, Josh Took his dad and Jake to cinema too see the star wars film, Tom and Niki stayed home with me as they didn’t want to go, I got the Dora the explorer movie to watch which was nostalgic of Niki’s childhood and the many times we watched it together , she was happy flapping through out I found the movie very funny She learnt a lot of Spanish watching that growing up. Boots was so cute in the film and the likeness of Dora was amazing great choice of actress.


In my last blog I wrote about going to see CATS at the cinema with Josh , I just love musicals , I enjoyed it i was trying to remember when i saw the original growing up so I could compare it but I cant remember what it was like I must of been young. 2 stand out performers for me and that was the graceful Francesca Hayward, the way she moved and portrayed the character a kitten eager to learn all wide eyed and curious. the other stand out for me was the fabulous voice of Jennifer Hudson, Taylor swift can sing but she was unnoticeable once Jennifer opened her mouth and belted out that song deep from her soul. Maybe that is something only someone who has had such tragic loss in there life can do. make you feel that gut wrenching power right in the pit of your tummy I defiantly needed to wipe my eyes after her song.

We Watched many movies over the Holidays and there wasn’t one we didn’t enjoy.

The 2nd of Jan we spent day together before I had the night out with Josh, Niki. Tom we met dad and Hayley at the local bar for karaoke we had an awesome night all of us got up to sing except dad, that’s not something i think he will ever do all though when he used to decorate you could hear him singing the Barney the dinosaur songs as he worked, yep those songs even get stuck in grandparents heads a permanent imprint of there grand kids first years there forever.

Tom even got up

Friday the 3rd last day of Josh and Tom being with us, Niki and Tom went to town for a walk, Josh, me and Jake went to go shoe shopping and meet them in town, only for me to suddenly remember Jake had a dentist appointment so our lovely walk in town turned into a dash to the shoe shop for Jakes school shoes, we hit a new record of trying on three different pairs of shoes, but ended up buying exactly the same ones he usually wears as everything else didn’t feel right. All in under 7 minutes. Josh stayed to have a walk I dropped Niki and Tom home Jake dashed in cleaned his teeth before we rushed to appointment. things went well at the dentist and again the dentist made Jake feel really relaxed, he had to have X-rays this time and those teeth they had been watching need some attention soon just some surface attention possibly one may need a deeper filling they will be able to tell us when he has the next appointment. Jakes years of sensory issues I am thankful it isn’t worse than that, they did say his teeth were much better and he had been brushing good, they gave him the option of having it done in a few appointments but Jake wants it all done on one day, the dentist explained he may need an injection next time and if he wanted to be referred for sedation again he can, he choose not to, this is the next big thing for him to face, dental injections. I am happy his fear of dentist is slowly going away. soon he may get his referral for braces too which will help with his self confidence. and maybe I will finally get proper teethy smiles one day. Jakes dentist though is amazing with kids with anxiety, he remembers important things the kids say about school and family and puts him at ease but talking about what Jake said the last time he went. Jake is showing a lot of reciprocal small talk now, and returns questions asking how his dentists holidays went. Niki and Tom had thier last Date night before he leaves at T G I friday’s they got dressed up and had a lovely time.

Don’t they look cute

Jake stayed in the front room with his big Brother most of the holidays, the last night was the same. then it was morning the time to say goodbyes and begin the journey’s home. Josh and I left about 9 am before the Drive to Josh’s house in Birmingham we drove to Wiltshire to see his Nan and spend some time with her as her Christmas was spent on her own because she was poorly, and because Josh hasn’t been here when mum visited us so hasn’t had the chance to spend time with her since the summer.

Was great to spend time with her and her partner Marty, we had a beautiful dinner there.

Three generations , Mum ,Daughter ,Grandson

We left mums about 4 to Finnish the drive to Josh’s house. Niki Jake and my hubby were at home because they had to get Tom to Gatwick so he could get the train to his coach in London for his return trip to Holland, sad young adults saying goodby again.

Josh and me arrived at his house about 6.30. We spent a lovely evening together watching movies , bless him he gave me his bed and took the blow up bed. I stayed over night as to not drive home in the dark. plus I wanted to drag out the time we spent together.

When we woke up as us Mums do I took him in my car food shopping I could leave knowing he has food in his fridge, not that he hasn’t actually been leaving on his own for years now, It is a mum thing. Then it was the big goodby I wanted to stuff him back in the car and say the holiday’s have been extended. the drive home was quite except for my favorite tunes on the radio, I only needed to stop twice .

I have the most amazing hubby the kids were fed relaxed and my dinner was on the table when I got home he waited to eat with me.

So that was the end of our holiday’s todays return to school went well and the decoration have all been put away, until next year goodby Christmas.

Some other photos captured by my Josh over Christmas on his new camera

Have a beautiful new year from us all
I love my crazy family
The New Elf additions

Have a beautiful night, Much love Faye xxx