Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi everyone, firstly I would like to wish you all a beautiful Christmas.

Are you all prepared or still running around finishing last few things, gosh it is so exciting!!

It has been a few days since my last update, I have been rushing around getting ready, working my last few shifts before the big day. Present shopping , visiting and preparing things here.

In all honesty it has been a family deal this year everyone helping out a bit, the kids choosing gifts from themselves, My oldest son returning, we even got some time out for pure fun together.

Taking the kids out individually to choose what gifts they wanted to buy gave me an insight into what they would like this year as gifts, they did not write letters with lists this year. So that kind of made gift shopping at little bit challenging when they were younger they pretty much liked a wide variety of things as they have aged into teens it is more focused and limited to specific collections and items .

Hopefully I have choose the right things, after Christmas will do a little review post on the things we brought and where we got them from always great to give a little feed back on products and shops. What the children liked. It has been a little more difficult this year for the more unique gifts, I love to buy Random novelty gifts just to keep an element of surprise.

The last week of school went well with Jake getting 2 certificates and Niki finishing off her placement before moving on to her next one.

Niki and Jake

Niki finished the day before Jake so we had got to do her shopping first , guess what she was drawn to but there is no more room in her bed room for another large Cuddly toy.

See the other Carrot in the back ground photo bombing

We are still awaiting a decision on Niki’s Pip renewal guess it will now come in after new year was hoping to receive it before Christmas just so that worry was out of the way. That six week wait for families is a bit of a tough one.

Josh’s return for the holiday’s

So glad to have our oldest son home, the kids are happy too, little Jake is stuck too him like glue.

What a shot
Jake bouncing up and down trying to be as tall as Josh

Jake is a jumper when he is excited he can be very bouncy.

Family night Out

Josh got to spend a short while with Jake before having a night out with Me Aunty Sister Grandad and Cousins.

Niki and her Big Brother
Josh and Grandad,
Dylan and Kelsey

The karaoke was fab, as the night went on the more laughter was had.

Hayley and Niki
Love the relationship with my kids and dad they think Grandad is super cool
The night ending with big smiles all around

My hubby got dad duty with Jake still a few more years before Jake can join in on the night out,until then this mum and dad tag team sitter duties always one of us with our kids

Jakes last day at school was Friday the day after the night out he woke real early and asked me to take him to the shop to get a new Christmas Jumper for , Christmas jumper day at school.

His choise a light up flamenco

He had a great last day and finished early about 12.20, We did his Christmas shopping on the way home, he choose really well.


Spent some time with the kids and hubby before Hayley arrived and we went to the kids house for the night shift this time it was evening with them so finished about one am.

Little tom was already asleep when I arrived , but Emo got a sneeky selfie with him , just so we could show Tom we were actually their.

Tom is a little unwell over the last couple of days has the starting’s of chest infection and temperature . hopefully my little man will feel much better soon in time for Christmas. He has been such a brave little man since having his hip op. Still managing to smile
See and he is Happy to become an Elf

Holly, Ellie, Hayley and Emo got up to mischief ,we had so much fun hiding the Elf and capturing photo’s , played piggy in the middle with the flying Emo, sung Christmas songs.

I gave Holly complete creative charge over where to take some photo’s of Emo something she really got excited about

Here is some of her creative thinking

Ellie wanted too join in the fun
Hayley did too

The girls even showed me a cheer. Ellie does cheerleading and holly was helping her practice the worked so well together. Here is a very short video of their cheer practice .


It was a good job the night shift finished a little earlier than usual as the next day was my visit to my mother in laws house early start and a bit of a drive, the roads were not to bad actually I expected them to be super busy at this time of year. I love the present run and it has been a while since I have been able to make this journey to their house. Only because I am the only driver in my house so while the kids are at school I need to stay close by just incase.

Yes I dressed as an Elf , got to spread that Christmas cheer far and wide , we even went out to the shop to get some Greek foods we like incase we have our Greek family visit over Christmas . Yia Yia made so much food for us to take home, I think they enjoyed the visit and it was lovely to spend a quite day with them just chatting. Papou was even whistling Christmas songs in the kitchen. The children didn’t come for the ride this time they went out for the day shopping with their dad.

Yesterday I finished off my shopping, Then took Niki and Jake to Grandad who was at the family day karaoke so Josh myself and hubby had a few hours together with out the younger ones. They had fun .

Sneaky peek inside

You can still order the book, in both paperback and E-book but paper back wont arrive till after Christmas so today I will share the Ebook link to Kobo

Where you will still have the chance to get it before Christmas


Wishing you a very merry Christmas once again.

Much love Faye xxxx

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