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Hi Hope your weekend has been relaxing

Hi all, we got through another week and it was great in many respects. There has been a birthday, a flurry of new connections on my author page things take time to build.

I really am enjoying that side of being an author doing learning as I go, still so much to learn though. I intend to keep growing in that respect. the ideas for new books scrambling away in my cluttered brain amongst the everyday things.

No one ever tells you just how difficult it is to keep up with multiple social media pages as well as blogging and chatting to everyone , can be a little on the time consuming side, but it does work when you put the effort in. Results may not happen over night, a lot of people get side tracked by life and other important things , that is just the way it goes sometimes. Personally I am learning to do a bit each day. that is why i am not quite getting to blog every day at the moment trying to effectively spread myself to every thing.

once this final week is out of the way I will have a little more spare time. Plus I love sharing our family and life. it is a great way to show an insite into some important topics as they arise.


Christmas first though 10 days to go, one week left of school runs, dentist appointments, waiting for wages. presents to get people to visit , and people visiting.

Josh is returning for the holidays and Tom is arriving on boxing day, will be so nice to have a full and lively house again this year. last year was so quite with just my hubby me and the boys Niki spent last year in Holland with Tom and his Family.

Santa paid a flying visit

I love these little things, it makes the run up to Christmas so much more exciting.

Hayley was super happy to join in we were using the Santa tracker on my phone , it was a good thing we did saved us waiting outside in the cold wet weather.

Santa came by on his float as the reindeer are resting up ready for the biggest delivery run. He came all flashy lights and Christmas music playing the kids and parents equally excited to capture the moment in photos the look of excitement in the kids eyes.

sorry about the dark photo

Not to be out done by the kids their dad had to get in on the fun too

How sweet a hug from Santa


I hope this link works it is the video of Santa arriving,.

Hayley came with Gifts for the Children from her day center Christmas fayre she is always thinking of the kids in the family.

My Mum

The first birthday girl this week, we didn’t get to spend it in person with her this year but phoned and sent cards through, She is coming down tomorrow so we can treat her then.

She hasn’t had the best of years health wise ,but she is such a strong person, kind caring loving and nurturing to everyone she meets. she is such a fiery loving personality that keeps us all going strong. always on the end of phone even if not always in person. she was even sorting us all out from her hospital bed not long ago. That’s my mum


My mum is the best, My inspiration

Second birthday is my Great Niece Sophia she is three today, she is a cutie

Little Sophia’s birth became such a positive thing I just had to capture that moment of new life in my Book

Somethings in life just make you feel so hopeful and inspired new life is definitely big on that list, seeing them grow their own little personalities developing.

It isn’t all rushing though spending quality time with the family is the best weather it is breakfast together.

Or trying your kids food they made at school

My kind of heaven , Jake made the most delicious chocolate Eclair

Or watching an old Classic Catherine Cookson movie and knowing for sure Your mum and mother inlaw are doing the exact same thing only in their homes.

Speaking to your older kids on the phone and hearing about their days, listening to music together, or reading. So many things help to take the harder times from your mind.

That is all for tonight ,

Goodnight much love Faye xxx

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