Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi hope you are doing well we have finished sorting house ready for Christmas. Can’t believe just how quickly this year is coming to an end.

They even put the elf jumpers on ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ฑ

This time of year is about the moments you share together, maybe a little more worrying for an autistic family on many levels and for those on very tight budgets. That’s us this year, but we like to give our home a lift with festive spirit and hope for a better new year.

it’s all in light hearted fun

Sitting here and coming home from school run and seeing the lights, around our house all now Led’s so they have lasted many years, we only had to change one set this year.

My hubby managed to fix out candy cane lights the kids love them. We are conscious about not having lights on a fast flashing sequence, just the slower setting. This can really make a huge difference sensory wise.

I would say the elves have arrived but they never left we just added to the little elf family.๐Ÿ˜€

A little nativity scene sits on our window ledge.

Our Christmas window challenge has begun

Always starts this way then it gets changed each day
One of the kids choise of words

We all get involved, who ever is standing at the sink can’t resist rearranging the words.

Have any of you got a family Tradition a game? or challenge you set at Christmas time?

For us it is all about creating an atmosphere of excitement to laugh to smile to be imaginative it fills in the gaps of last few weeks of school before the holidays. there is always this slow building excitement for families a time for hanging up your work shoes and just be happy sitting with a movie a book your kids.

Some toys you can test out when they arrive so you can stop any unforseen issues that may cause upset, others are toys you wont know untill the day, I remember one year we got a buzz light year thought it all worked lovely till our oldest opened the box and we spent boxingday franticlly trying to change the wing pack , we werent the only paretns with upset kids that year the queue was large at the shop that year. Still it was a quick fix int the end as the store had got new wings to give out.

Santa is very busy this year

Helpful Tips for busy Parent’s

There are many things to prepare for the christmas month’s changes to sceduals, Ordering enough medicines to last through the holiday season its a big pain if you run out and the chemist is shut for the day.

Batteries get plenty for toys that need then to work, tummy settlers these are a must when you eat the richness of Christmas food. Flu shots. have plans in place for what to do if weather stops you from visiting.

Preparing for unexpected visitors, we love that, always have things ready just incase.

We have colds here at the moment so they should hopefully be gone by christmas week, over the years colds and tummy bugs, not to mention chicken pox have joined us over the holiday season. one year all three of them came at once. It was an intresting year that year. We still managed to enjoy it though.

Carry your phone charger with you, this time of year you capture so many photo’s batteries run low quickly, I always find it happens at the worst time, I invested in a car charger after my phone ran out and my car broke down. Now at least I can always call someone if it should ever happen.

If your out doing last minute shopping facture in queues, remember it’s a busy time of year and staff that may serve you , have their own families at home to support. a friendly smile and a thank you is very little thing that can make long busy shifts a little easier to bare.

I work through Christmas most times my job is done sometimes in my home and sometimes in other’s, but always on call for emergencies, another reason for phone being charged.

If your having a drink leave the car at home or have a designated driver who isnt drinking, who can help. if your going out and using Taxi’s always tell someone. the ones we use text us the make, colour model and reg so we know who’s cab we are getting into.

Stamps and last delivery times , a topped up medical kit incases anyone gets a paper cut opening pezzies , the tinest speck of blood from a paper cut can have the whole world think someone is dying. another resason to have a full medical kit is if that one relitive who gets to merry and fulls. you can fix them up in know time.

Celotape and wrapping paper because you always get down to wrapping the last prezzie and you run out, its about being prepared and saving yourself from unnecsessary trips, I have been the one that has to make many of these trips.

Thats really all the tips I can think of right now.

So with my house sorted and my list of things ready to finnish off, maily prezzies and a few of the christmas meats. I am more relaxed now. Writting this blog is really helping me remember all the things I need too.


Her Mickey and Mini Tree
Her home made decoration hanging off her memory frames

Hayley’s been so busy the last couple of weeks changes to routine she has handled quite well, She has been so very busy. she can relax alittle now her Christmas shows are complete, her presents all brought and wrapped. Her tree is sorted, Just her Christmas cards to write for her she can put her own name in them. She has been an awsome little Christmas elf this year she is full of christmas spirit.

Book is going well, still lots of places you can orderer it from. I will pop some links on at the end of the post.

Here is the Book Trailer again for Emo the Emotional Elf

Emo the Emtional Elf book Trailer
The link to my Facebook author page happy for people to visit and join me there.

Ebook link

Paperback second Edition


also Avalible Waterstones, Barns and Noble. Foyles, Abebooks, book depositry, and all the amazons . many more palces be sure to get second edition to avoid disapointment of not recieving the first edition.

Having trouble uploading photo’s today sorry about that our internet is super slow and annoying .

Sent this to my hubby love this t-shirt

I think he is pretty awsome too he has worked hard on decortating, the Kitchen putting shelves up, and all the lights for chrismas as well as keeping me fed while I am busy rushing around . I really am thankfull for his support.

The other people I am thankfull for is my parents for taking the kids out the other night we got a couple hours kids free not somethinng we get alot of , and my oldest son josh who helps us I so many ways, always calls both me and his dad nearly every day, and speaks to his brother and sister regualy. Such a hard working caring young man

To all my new friends and connections that have shared our journey the last three years.

Have a beautiful day thanks for reading

Much love Faye xxx

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      Thank you , I am not good on camera have issues with getting words mixed up, I am Hoping to write some more books dealing with anxiety for kids, things like going to dentist, doctors, school, and friendships. I am Lucky my kids are able to tell me everything now. ๐Ÿ˜€

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