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Hi all how are you? It has been a busy week here so much to share

Niki and Jake

I got home from picking Jake up from school to find My Niki at the door playing the Kazoo she grabbed hold of my arm pulled me into the kitchen and proudly pointed she had surprised me with a bunch of roses. was such a sweet gesture. It really put a big smile on my face.

They are so lovely

we have been up to all sorts of things since last weekend starting with a big bake off with the kids, was great they both came and took turns joining in. was lots of fun too and tasted great.

The kids loved baking.

The kids had a great week at work and college this week, although Jake has had a change of heart about what he wants to do going forward from a Marine Biologist to a Fire Fighter he is still young and many things can change before he does his exams. we are just going with what he wants and get him to research what it will take. It is perfectly ok to not know and change your mind at that age I happy whatever he eventually chooses.


Wednesday was work with Hayley her day out of her choice, she picked Christmas shopping and a trip to the local garden center to see their Christmas display and visit the cafe.

The garden center even had a selfie area .

We went to our local mall for shopping trip, this years decorations are lovely they even have their own Elf and talking post box where you can post letters to Santa, she brought a few of the presents she wanted to get so she was very happy she also brought a make your own Elf.

We visited some of the little Christmas decoration shops to, they looked stunning , the Christmas music playing in the back ground it certainly makes shopping so much fun.

There was elves everywhere

Hayley making her Elf, she also used her magic painting book so a crafty afternoon.

Our Tom

A green Header for this one Cerebral Palsy awareness

My little star

Tom is affected in all four of his limbs and as he grows he has had to have many procedures done, Botox in his legs, a peg in his tummy to administer fluids and medicine. he also has seizures. this week he had a major op to place pins in his hip. he is such a trouper and a brave young man, no kids should ever have to go through that.

He spent the day on Monday with his mum dad and big sister at London zoo for a day of fun before his op. his little sister was on a school trip for a couple of days so was not with them. his dad drove them to hospital,He went in on Monday night to prepare for his op first thing the next day helped them settle in and returned home with his big sister mum stayed with him.

to say we were all anxious for this to go well and him be home is an understatement, it is not easy seeing someone so young have to under go such a long major op five hours to be precise. we were all a little on edge.

he looks so sweet here

The op was a success, now to see if he could spend an hour in his wheel chair, an important part of him being aloud home, because of traveling home in his chair, they was going to let him home yesterday but he was a bit uncomfortable so they did another X-ray to check and decided to not let him home

You can see by his face that first time was uncomfortable for him.

He was a bit sick when they took him out of his chair, and put him on the bed.

We have all been phoning to chat to him and his mum, and sharing positive messages and posts to keep them positive and to show they are not alone up their in the hospital, I must admit I was a huge bag of nerves, waiting.

He woke up in a good mood this morning and managed to spend an hour in his chair so they allowed him home, now the recovery begins his not allowed in his walker for a while, short time in his chair. bless him the journey home took a lot longer about 2 and a half hours but he didn’t complain. his other carer is there for tonights night shift.

So these post I think are important to share to show what families truly have to go through and the affect it has on everyone in the family, parents siblings grandparent and other family members . you actually find out who really cares by their actions on the tough days. Their is a whole heap of people that love this little boy and watch his journey, he brings this smile and love and innocents to the world of many people. and also a whole heap of personality.

Book Marketing

This is on going , I am having to really adjust so much, i have met some awesome new friends sold a few books, got creative their is a lot of positive things, and i know it takes time to build reader lists and connections and really get your work out their for people to read.

There is a downside though, those 1 or 2 people that get through that really are not the kind of people you want in your life, the kind that send porn to your inbox or don’t understand boundary’s. so now I am being a little more cautious on who I add especially on Facebook . Now I am thinking I will have to try and focus my attention on only linking through my author page where my kids and family are not on, that is my one concern safety. I see how easy it is for people to send the wrong kind of messages through. a big reason why I wont use watts app and hangouts because if someone isn’t respectful in a normal message there not going to be respectful in encrypted message. disappearing messages are just not a safe thing especially for kids.

I did realize a typo in this but it was already created Missed the l in children

The next book event is next Saturday really looking forward to this a Christmas book event just perfect place for my little Christmas Book.

The link is below for details and if your in Brighton and Hove next week end pop down and see some of the books on offer , you could even grab a copy for a stocking filler.


Here is the link for the Ebook if you cant make it to the event and want a copy

Paperback is available to order through many online outlets

AMAZON , BARNS & NOBLE, FOYLES, WATERSTONES, BOOK DEPOSITORY, ABEBOOKS, FISHPOND,BOL, and BOOKLOCKER either order for delivery or some places let you order and pick up in store.

If you choose to grab a copy you want the Second addition booksELF publishing the original is only available for book signings now.

Wishing you a beautiful night and many thanks for reading

Forgot to share Hayley got onto the spirit of children in need as she knows herself how much this helps many people
Have a beautiful weekend

Much love Faye xxx