Emo the Emotional Elf

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Feeling relaxed 💃there is a spring in my step

Hi all how are you this evening?

I am still so chilled from the special day I had, still can’t stop smiling. There is something about loving someone so completely, even when they sometimes drive you a bit nuts. That just makes you smile.

Working with Hayley yesterday was great ,still working on her weight control with her, but she loves Wednesday treat day, she follows me around till it gets to lunch time, because that’s her routine to do that especially at food time.

Such a genuinely happy smile on her face hot chocolate with cream and a flake, I think Costa is her new favorite place to go

She collects photo’s for her book of memories.

We also brought her a new book it was an interactive mini mouse book first it’s her favorite character, but also she can see the picture and press the button that tells her the sentence, it isn’t just reading too her, she loves to look at books on her own so this was a great one for her.

Jake he was sent home from school yesterday with one of his migriane’s this one perticualy bad because it gave him dizziness, blurred vision, and sleepiness, just turning his head to the side was an agravating thing that set it off worse, he was also having some of his syncope and really fast palpertaions.

It started slowly at the beginning of the week but he managed school, but when he was sent home he so pale he slept for hours, the other thing when he gets these is he craves salt, or a very strange new craving of popcorn .

He has to have extra salt to help with his low blood pressure it normally helps a little this time not so much.

Still he is hoping to be better for school tomorrow. So fingers crossed.

His sleeping is very bad at moment aswell. Which probally is one of the culprits of the migraines.

I know how he feels as I have had them for most of my life. He just lives with them I guess they are as much a part of him at the moment as him being autistic things you can’t change but are just thier a part of you.he is managing his anxiety ok at the moment so no outside stressors.

We talk about migraines and Thier affect on your head eyes, but also the stomach migriane’s can be just as annoying for him too. A cross between feeling staving and cramping, and sick all at the same time I guess in is some what relieved but having the thing your body craves. Intermittent pain that comes and goes but lingers thier all the time.

We first noticed his tummy issues when he was 2 that’s is when he got a bug and his selective eating started, while he now can be ok with some cooking smells , and actually thinks something smell really good still this big reluctance too try , he keeps saying I want my taste buds gone everything tastes horrible even though he has never put most of the things even close to his mouth, so yes invisible illness is a big thing to talk about, he has good days where he is able to cope with alot of things by pretending or masking them, but they are still affecting him on a daily bases even though he is better able to just get through days at school .

Niki still doing good on her course and placement, still completing her work and Finishing it they are having to give her extension work , I think her love of this course is going to make her teachers have to come up with more extensions along the way.

Any way for once I am tired myself, going to chill and wait for them to finally fall asleep.

Good night

Much love Faye XX 😀❤️