Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi all how are you been really busy here the last few weeks first dad’s birthday. Then Dylan’s 18th .

I can’t even remember the last post I did, my head is filled with so much. I still have Hayley’s yearly review to rebook, Jake’s yearly review coming up, I have to get through this week of on call. Funny that really as I was called Into action today, Little Tom’s is in respite and they didn’t have enough sleep meds so had to pick some up from his house, and drive it up to them not a pleasant journey as my Google maps kept disconnecting and sent me all round the houses to get there. Thankfully dad was there to set in and pick Jake up as it took me the wrong route back. So I knew I wouldn’t make it back in time to pick him up. Nik was at home as he was here when Niki returned from her placement. This is what it is like sometimes. The down side of being a working Mum. Tom’s and Dylan’s parents are away celebrating the 5th wedding anniversary. Weekend has been dogs and kiddo’s they are awsome. Last week also working with Hayley, we wrote a story together about her day making the three bears.

She named them Tiny Tim, Daisy, and Peter after our uncle who passed, when she misses him she can hug her Peter bear
My dad’s birthday
Looks great for 69 years

Sorry if I already shared, I forget what I talk about sometimes.

Dylan’s 18th birthday

Was great planning it Hayley and Ellie helped The dogs wanting to be involved too, Thier hard task masters them dogs they took me for a walk dragging me behind, not letting me sit and relax every time I tried to take a brake they pinched my chair

Mika wouldn’t share chair 😂
I thought yes she is on that chair how about the sofa, she then jumps on sofa moves the blanket off the top part of chair and partially covers herself and pretend to be a sleep untill I get back to work then she comes over to where I am working puts hand her head under my hand for to tickle her ears.
Karma is just as mischievous , she wanted cuddles, food and the garden me running up and down so she can chase me.
She is still a young dog full of energy and very strong to she jumps up at you leaving her paw prints all over your clothes.

Back to party organising , balloons cake, pressies and a special memory book of Dylan’s life.

The Elves were with us again, Tom had his other carer staying this weekend he did the hard work with Tom I just made him smile with my new Giant Elf, I am am just there as the carer can’t stay without a family member present.

I love this young man he is very smart and funny
He likes his new friend

First we made the cake or should I say my attempt of 2d from Gorillaz the band, animé. What 18 year old does get intrigued by animé and cosplay.

Couldn’t quite get the right colour icing

Still it went pretty smoothly and it was a rainbow cake underneath the icing.

Ellie and Hayley helped with Banner which really represent’s Dylan’s personality

We made sure to keep things clean and tidy as we went, always making sure we put it away at night because Karma likes to eat things she is not surprised too, Miki is the same only she eats everyone else’s food you have too make sure to separate the dogs when they eat or they argue dogs can be very much like human kiddies in alot of ways

Next on list of things was balloons the dogs hovering around my feet, thank goodness none of them popped.

Tom love the balloons he loves holding them and playing with them, infact he played most of the day with it and had an amazing grip.

Such control he showed of his hands , getting balloon to do what he wanted laughing each time it bumped him on the head.

Sunday morning birthday day with all bags filled and ready to go balloons cake, present’s I loaded the car and Hayley and Ellie a joined me I’m sneaking into Grandad’s house to set up surprise.

We did it just in time because birthday person woke up.

down too last gift well wrapped and over taped just to add a bit of annoyance and drag put the moment before the special memory book reveal.❤️❤️😂

It was a hit😀

My Niki and Jake stayed at home while I worked this weekend with thier dad, who by the way did all the washing and cooking, for me which is a big help after coming off night shifts .

Little Ellie showed such hard work, and kindness and care for her older sibling this weekend even using the pocket money her mum and dad left her too choose and buy a present, she has been a star.She also prepared and cooked a birthday lunch for Dylan and Kelsey.

So you see very busy week indeed.

The book trailer is still in process of being finished, still hoping to get that uploaded as soon as it is done I am really hoping by the next book event In October. So if anyone wants to check it out, after event I can point them too it.

Tomorrow, is an important day for me 25th wedding anniversary (silver) Not that we will have time to celebrate it like I would like too.

It will probally pass without much happening. Been that way since kids were diagnosed. Not Thier fault it just is the way it is. Sometimes it’s so busy supporting others things that are super important to me get forgotten or put on a back burner. I truly wish it was like that but it is just a fact I became resigned to a long time ago.

I love my hubby a lot still as much now as then, I can’t change that fact.it simply just is the way I feel.

So good night for tonight have a good sleep.

Much love Faye xxx