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It is always up to the person to know when you are ready to take the next step on your personal Journey , I love this Jumper one of my favorite ones my kids choose it.
Probably because it’s a graze I have used with them alot when they say I can’t 😀

Hi all, back again to actually write the post, yep pressed publish by mistake.🤦

Second week back to school

Today has been an awsome day, both Niki and Jake at Thier school and college, both had fab days.

Jake came running out with a massive smile on his face, running made him a little wheezy and breathless, I could tell he loved his lessons today, he pulled out his daily diary given me an account of each lesson he took P.E a hit dodgeball he doesn’t normally like P.E but is glad it isn’t football. He has settled back in well his tummy was hurting this morning but must of subsided as day went on because he has mentioned it since he got home.

College Enrolment day for Niki

After Fresher’s week last week Niki officially enrolled on her course at college today, she is looking forward so much this year and continues to talk about her future goals and where she wants to take her education further, her dad and me are very empressed with her motivation already this year this is what we new was inside her the real her, this little academic that loves to learn loves to put herself up for new challenges wants to focus on getting qualified. For her future work.

She also made friends not just one but excitedly told me Thier is 13 in her friend group, this is also one of the challenges she is working on group friendships, infact she has one of her new friends staying here tonight they were both happy to have friends in college. Niki being so focused made sure she told her friend to bring her laptop so she could Finnish her homework that is due tomorrow.

It is kind of funny how people automatically assume that because she is autistic she won’t be a good influence definatley something we heard on our journey many times. The fact is when Niki makes friends she is a little mother hen always honest with them about things, always wanting to help them. She is very compassionate .

She finished college about 4.30 I got the call my can you pick me up, when I said yes she asked if I could drop her friend off, of course I like to get to know people she makes friends with , I heard another little voice in the background say would it be cheeky of me to ask for a lift aswell. What followed was three giggling girls talking about college pass photo’s and other TMI stuff. 😂 And an invite to stay at ours.


I got confirmation of legal deposit receipt today, this was a fab little start today, I also joined good reads and set up a author page linking my book to it, I am hoping to add alot more book reviews on Thier of books we have read. Becoming an author has really opened my eyes to book publishing and everything behind the scenes the author’s go through. I have enjoyed many books myself over the years both paperback, ebooks , and audio.

Still working on book trailer as my oldest son is doing putting it together for me, it will be a little longer as he works full time as well. But worth the wait though .

Still that is all for today, I wish you a beautiful night( 🇬🇧time zone.

Much love Faye XX😀❤️