Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi all how was your day today

Their are times in our life that bring families together the most. Birthdays , Christmas, a birth of a child , weddings and funerals.

Today for us it was my uncle Peter’s funeral, I felt honoured to be able to get up and say a few words about him from my own perspective , but also from the heart.

Yes thier was a few nerves getting up and speaking Infront of everyone, but really not as much as I expected Thier to be.

Such a beautiful send off beautiful words from my aunty, and poems from my Mum and uncle. Our bed even getting up , and singing the most beautiful song and rendition of ( seasons in the sun) .

The service just perfect , the wake beautifully done at my other uncles home. It was so lovely to see so many of our family we maybe don’t get to see very often.❤️today was Niki and Jake’s first funeral they have attended before they maybe grew up not seeing the people who already have passed over the last couple of years so we thought it was better they didn’t come. This time though it was completely different they new Thier uncle Peter well, and were extremely fond of him, to be honest as a parent of kids who are autisic with anxiety it’s something you think alot about ,how will they feel, emotionally , how will they cope with lots of people, will an anxiety attack occur are they old enough for this right at this moment in Thier lives, before they weren’t today they were , I have them a choice and accepted Thier opinion and decision to attend. they were fantastic and Thier uncle Pete would have been so proud of them. He would of be proud of all of his family today. We sat in one row together Niki then Jake and my hubby was by my side.

Their were quite a few children Thier today all different ages I was amazed by them as we gathered in my uncles garden after the children just played together randomly coming for hugs.

Jake Sayed in doors with his books and Niki occasionally came out to join us. The beauty of my family accepting everyone just as they are, no pressure to be different then the people we have grow to be we are all a little bonkers but our kind of bonkers.

Back to college for Niki, tomorrow with Jake will follow his back to school on Thursday .

Look forward to sharing out kids journey’s with you a long the way.

Much love Faye xx