Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi all how are you,?

I had a beautiful day at work yesterday with Hayley, first sorting her Glasses which got broke when she had her fall, followed by helping her shop for presents for her boyfriend Freddie.
She did some amazing copy writing yesterday and although she can’t read or write this is something she can do.
We had lunch and a visit with a camel , she enjoys these novelty selfie stands in our local mall and loves getting photos for her happy memory book, it is so very important to have these happy memories she can look at.
The loss of family members and friend affects her alot even if she can’t show it in a way someone without her learning difficulties can.The truth is know one copes with grief In exactly the same way, Grief causes so many feelings , guilt , anger, hurt, and pain in between that you have moments where you laugh, then you back in the cycle of feelings again, especially anger and guilt. Sometimes it draws families closer and other times small issues that were there and unresolved before become the focus.
That leads to pushing those you love an care for away.
My family is no different in this in fact sometimes they are the worst for it. But there is always a time and a place to deal with them issues not when your feeling raw, not before you had a chance to say goodbye to your loved one. Those feelings pushed aside till your in a better stronger place to deal with them. Even though I give the impression of being a strong woman who can cope with everything even I have a limit😢
I say this because of my families situation at the moment but also a for a really lovely friend who said goodbye to Thier beautiful baby girl today such sad news to here I have been sharing our family with them as they have shared Thiers with us. She was so beautiful. Gone before she had a chance to live they had such a journey with her in such a short time.
Heaven has another angle👼it made me feel so sad for them I know everything they are feeling having been Thier myself.
Enough about that though I am focusing on as much positive things  as I can.
Hayley and me were up to mischief planing an extra birthday surprise for Freddie a cake her eyes lit up like a kid I’m a candy store when we went to the cake shop Her mind is saying forget the diet I wan a slice of this , it’s written all over her face❤️

One day at a time , tomorrow things maybe different when people have slept on it, one thing I do no it isn’t heathy to have this added stress of arguments.

I can change many things but sometimes even I cannot muster a miracle, of how others act to each other.
I love all my family so very much it is hard not to bang Thier heads together. I have a slight confession when I was a kid and I think it was my brother and cousin arguing , I did do that bang Thier heads together but I was only little at the time . I hate arguements I would much rather they give each other space till they can talk calmly with each other.

I like writing it out, it helps me to not get to stressed myself.

Sorry it’s a bit of a vent post tonight.

Have a good night

Much love Faye xxx