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Hi all how has your weekend been for you?

Our one has been amazing, very busy but amazing.

Friday was a night shift for me so just before I got all the things ready for Saturday’s book event. This time I thought I would take Jake with me to help out plus give him a Tec free day, fresh air and mum and Jake time.

Night Shift

The night shift was not without a couple of melt downs from little Holly she wasn’t her usual bubbly self , a little over tired I think, we were working on her angry feelings i did say to her it is ok to be angry but not ok to kick shout or bang on other peoples doors, especially glass ones.

Usually with kids when thier angry it is easy to get drawn into to meltdowns, an then every bit of common sense goes out the window, you can’t win in these situations by trying to get them to stop just doesn’t work much on any kid, i should know having been through many of autistic melt downs with my kids. she didn’t get what she wanted so sat on chair making a little grunting noise every now and then. she asked if she could talk my reply we can talk about it when you have time to calm down, and your not feeling so angry. I gave her five minutes to think things through. She then got changed really calmly and settled for sleep, after a little chat about why she was feeling angry. we were running a little behind in the morning a small melt down from holly because I asked her to carry her blanket back upstairs, before breakfast, a little bit of a standoff because she didn’t want too wasn’t pleased I turned tv off till she did. she was still a little grumpy when her mum and dad came too pick her up. Think it was just over tiredness. normally she is real fun to be with, and very helpful. Ellie was well behaved very helpful behavior, so was little Tom he slept really well. was in a great mood.

When I got back too mine after work my hubby already had Jake up dressed and ready to go, and helped me load the car up. Jake was as excited I was we arrived a little early by about fifteen minutes so was great to be able to find a parking space for the day, Jake helped carry everything and set up. He was even good at reading and following instruction manual didn’t take us to long to have it up and all set up.

It was a wonderful event but maybe a little hot, and people went to beach or something, there was raffles , bouncy castles, stalls, food, Spiderman who jumped over a fence in front of some kids who thought it was cool and gave him a high five. A park which Jake made the most of when he needed a bit of space to move and not be near music, he was awesome talking to people it was nice how we had some feed back that he was a lovely polite boy.

The event was a community event, so lots of information for families seeking , advice on services, thier was chair Zumba for all abilities which I thought was fab, and they really gave it a go. Very good exercise for those with a physical disability that rely on chairs and aids, maybe a great thing to have in doctors surgeries, that can help people keep active. the added bonus of positive sing along music adding to it.

The instructor was very enthusiastic and encouraging , they did about 20 minutes of it. Although I didn’t get to see it their was a dog show, a fabulous burger stand hit the spot when hunger set in for me, Jake brought his own lunch, but did try a new sweet.

Not sure he liked it but he finished it. Thier was a stunning belly dancer who really tried to get other’s up and dancing but I think they preferred to watch.

Was a good event, no sales this time but that is how it goes sometimes.

Now I would like too say a huge thanks to the fire service who not only work very hard but a lot of these events they bring thier fire engine along to show the kids, let them sit inside. A real important part of community and sharing some important facts on keeping safe.

They even let Jake and Emo check out the fire engine. on Emo is do mischievous.

Fire safety and information is an important thing for everyone to learn.

Not always easy for those with sensory issues the noise of alarms but still hugely important for those who support kids with sensory issues and anxiety and autism to be aware of and get them to a place of safety, my kids have had issues in the passed with fire drills.

Packing up didn’t take too long and as it was still early we thought we would stop off at Brighton beach for some yummy fresh donuts that Jake likes and a walk on the beach Only took ten minutes to get there but unfortunately for us we couldn’t find any parking close by, Jake was a little tired for walking too far, so we had to leave with only a look from the car window. What we did see they was a lot of bikers must have been an annual get together. When we got home Nik had our dinner ready the next thing I know is it is morning the fresh air did us good we slept really well.

Sunday drive, music playing, peace on roads, hardly any traffic.

Today a beautiful sunny day right from when I woke up, the sun was shinning. today was the day i picked Niki up from her camping holiday in Kent.

Really missed her when she was gone

She had an awesome time, and although i got to listen to my favorite tunes on the way up thier it was soon back too having , my radio taken over by this little miss. we had a good chat and one stop off on the way home. time for her to adjust to being without Tom before she got home, she brought us some new fridge magnets home from some of the places she went to that sells them, and a new bobble head pop figure for Jake, they have been talking and playing games together this afternoon. think that Jake is glad his sister is home.

AS you can see she enjoyed her last day out yesterday at the beach, she also was making her mixed up teddies while she was away sowing them herself.

My Niki has a like for things that are different.

The rest of the day we have just been chilling so beautiful weekend for us/

Goodnight much love Faye xx