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HI everyone, how has you week gone for you? good? Challenging? Are you working the weekend ? or in big need of the time off with your family ?

This week has been quite and busy for me at the same time , lots going on as always, between work the book and family I always am on the go. A bit like this mother’s a yo-yo or taxi in and out all the time here there and everywhere. I must admit though I like being busy just as much as I like to rest. So much to talk about and share.


I have been in contact with our Niki every day I have missed her a lot while she has been away, but also enjoyed that time with my hubby and Jake. I love that she has been sharing her holiday with us through Photo’s things she has brought and things she has done.

Face timing , one of the internet’s great bonus we do it a lot when she is out and about . I mean she even uses it when she is at home and she wants me to bring her something

Some lovely shots she sent

She also shared some of her new creations she has been making and had me take photo’s of her previous ones. she likes creating little characters. Unusual ones, Unique ones

She had a delivery of toy eyes while she was away and wanted me to take pictures and send them, I asked her to give me five minutes about a minute passed and she was messaging again.

She first sent me this gif
Followed by this till I sent her pictures of her delivery of Eyes

She can be a little impatient sometimes, but I love her humor, So it was also Exam result week, as she was away she thought she would wait till she got back and let them send her results through, but on exam day she changed her mind and wanted me to pick them up for her, she messaged at just after 8 in the morning the suspense of whether she passed or not just to much.

I am so very pleased too say she not only passed but exceeded what she needed to get so excellent for her all her hard work to catch up and get this maths exam done payed off, she has now secured that place on second level for child development course and met all conditions that were required for her to move on to the next stage. I am picking her up from the holiday camp on Sunday morning and she will say good bye’s to her Tom and his family who will be returning back to Holland. Such a lovely family, glad that Niki has been taken into thier lives as much as we have taken Tom to ours.


Wednesday was a work day with Hayley it started with a return visit to a&e because of the fall she had on the Sunday Although her eye was still very bruised from the fall the swelling was down , but she had a new swelling on her lower Jaw so we choose to get it checked out, the doctor was fantastic with her again , checked her over and said it was a wait and watch for a couple of days and that he didn’t think she would need an X-ray thankfully it has gone right down today and the bruising is slowly disappearing.

Still smiling despite her face

She returned to day center yesterday and probably told all her friends all about it she wasn’t to happy to miss her swimming lesson today but her Knee is still a little grazed.

Also on Wednesday i had to pop and pick Holly up from her football practice as her mum was held up at an appointment getting Tommy’s wheelchair adjustments made, it was great to see her get a reward and medal for good work, they said she has really improved and behaved very well.

When I dropped her home to her mum even the Mika dog wanted a selfie


Jake has read all his Anime books we Brought the other day, and has 2 more books on the go Stephen Hawkins and I can’t remember the other one at the moment but it’s a detective book, he is enjoying his reading, and speaking and supporting his friend online who is having some family issues at the moment, I am glad Jake talks so openly about his online friends, so very important at this age to have very open discussions about online friends.

We also had to get school uniforms they are about 30 minutes drive to the shop , not something I get online line because of the fit , he is slim with long limbs. Length of arms feel of clothes make all the difference to whether he will have issues wearing them or not. Clothes being one of the biggest sensory issues for him as much as food. Shoe’s now this is a challenge he always has grippers but now he is a size 9 adults getting them in that size is becoming harder. We went for lace’s fine motor skills still a little issue but hopefully he will learn before he returns to school to tie laces we have been practicing.

Even Dad Joined in the lesson

Emo The Emotional Elf

Tomorrow Emo his brother’s Derrick and Fredrick, will be joining me and Jake at the at Hangleton park’s summer festival where I have a stall to share my book with families of Brighton and Hove, between 12 and 4. I love going to event’s and sharing our book and story, but also I love when the kids join in it gets them out in the fresh air helps with thier social skills and anxiety, and really gives them a taste of what happen’s for other families as well as ours so they understand thier are people who do understand them and want to include them.

That’s all for today I look forward to telling you all about the event tomorrow evening that’s if I am not to tired of course tonight I am on the night shift all is quite here. they have been good again tonight although we had one melt down for Holly I gave her space to calm down then had a chat with her.

Good night all speak soon

Much love Faye xx