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Hi all, How are you today?

Niki said “Mum you look all Business Today”

Emo the Emotional Elf

Emo is always there in the background

The book is coming along nicely, making more contact with other authors, online visibility beginning to happen again, although not really without issues the biggest challenge to this is previous published edition and foot print is maybe hindering the re-release, thier is a year’s worth of my posts and old publishers imprint, in the search engines, I am hoping that slowly is replaced by new updated data.

Now the my biggest focus as far as book is concerned is connecting with readers, I joined good reads which I think is a truly positive step forward. I have also been speaking to illustrators and looking at some of thier work for the possibility of using illustrations in future books. Thier is a lot of talent out there, in the world of illustrators . That will be a hard choice.


Friday was back to work day, my holiday wasn’t how I expected it to go, still processing my uncles passing, but I know He would not want us to be sad.

Tom and the girls were angles, Jake came with me this week he wanted to spend some time with the kids, taking his mind off the sad news too it really has affected him. As you can see they were in very cheeky moods, we had lots of fun and movie time, They loved the new Dumbo movie, they slept well and woke up in brilliant moods.


I also had Hayley Friday night and had to give her the unfortunate news about uncle Pete, Hayley has a learning disability, you never know how she will handle things like this, we let her enjoy her holiday not wanting her to spend it being upset, to say she was shocked at first she realized something was wrong, when I asked her to come in to her room with her for a chat,

Showing a little distress before I even told her , her initial reaction was hitting herself then she was crying, I asked if she wanted a hug and she did I gave her a bit of time to process the news, she then came down and gave me a gift she got me on holiday a fridge magnet such a sweet thing for her to do. Then she wanted to talk Mum she had a chat with her, I tried to get her to sit with us all but she wanted to be alone in her room think she went to sleep.

She is still feeling sad but she said her friends at the day center were giving her lots of hugs today

Hayley loves taking photo’s for her memory book

Our Tom has returned for a visit with Niki

Friday before work Tom arrived from Holland for a visit, Niki was super excited to be reunited with her sweet heart,

Tracking his journey secretly worrying, anxious that he will still like her. we went to pick him up from the airport train station, I had to laugh though because she was watching the exit he came from last time, when he came out of another exit snuck up behind her and said boo, everyone’s eyes turned to look when she let out a big scream, he was lucky he didn’t get a attacked by her walking stick. She didn’t register it was him for a second .

Bless so sweet young love

They have been out and about together, choise of meal for home coming Pizza of course.

A nice distraction

Sunday saw us having a visit from Yai Yai and Papou, my hubby’s parents. It was nice to just have a day with them took my mind off my families difficult times, if your from a Greek family you know to expect you fridge to be restocked all the things you can’t get from local shops the same as you can from the Europian shops. or the home made Greek dishes.

Taramasalata, Homos,Taziki, stuffed tomato’s peppers and all the other great foods. we made roast lamb and potatoes used the salads from the garden we have been growing and the home grown herbs.

My kids sitting up a table full of food with thier mum dad and grandparent’s, I must say though they ate and left Jake not feeling to good and having one of his tired days, he ended up crashing into a deep sleep not waking again till 10.30 pm he didn’t even wake up too say good bye.

Yai Yai got told off for having Tec at the dinner table lol

After she was showing us her favorite Greek singer and telling us about his story , Even adults have special interests that make thier day a little better.

Papou an amazing Bouzouki player professional at one time was feeling the music we had playing in the background, the blues his eyes closed he felt it like only a performer can, Music pretty important to our family.

Mum Brought some beautiful Flowers with her and they added to the sunflowers the kids and hubby sorted the other day, they were in a vase on my kitchen window sill when I got back from visiting my mum in hospital.

They smell so nice and look lovely.

I know we have a hard few weeks a head and that we are all showing a positive front, especially for the kids sake. I wouldn’t have been able to be this strong if it wasn’t for that one special person in my life who always is thier for me even when I am hard too live with. that is my husband and best friend Niko

He makes me laugh, he can be a pain in the backside but he is my pain.

he has always had my heart, he always will. it is the little things he does, I can help my family and I know that my kids are well looked after, so i don’t have to worry i know he has no problem taking over the kitchen and having a meal ready if I have been out. my morning coffee before he talks to me. he does still make me forget my words when I want to speak.

You would think that would of changed after 25 years together but it hasn’t

any way enough of the soppy stuff have a beautiful night.

Much love Faye xx