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Hi all been a couple of days since my last update.

Thier is a good reason for this my family finds itself in grieving again with the sudden loss of a beloved brother, uncle, great uncle.

Pete Raymond Stark

Thier is so very much about uncle that was special, I am sorry but I won’t edit the man he was.

For Pete life wasn’t easy he suffered with I’ll health from childhood, as well as depression, something which he openly talked about, Pete also was a hard working man all his life, despite the things that challenged him, dedicating many of those years to the Royal Mail as a postman.

But Pete also had social anxiety, and would avoid party’s and going out.

This was my uncle, he was kind caring, always helping us all over the years with baby sitting not only us as we grew up but our children. Always giving without expecting anything back weather it was a food if we were short, or some money to help.

Pete was always a listening ear, loved a good chat.

But the one thing that sticks in my mind is the way he was with my kids, as you know Jake and Niki are autistic and have anxiety and some times depression, he of all people understood this and when they were diagnosed one day I was so upset that was the first time he just gave me the biggest hug, how he had this deep understanding and compassion for them. When Jake perticually was having a hard time he said “poor little man” actually that’s not quite true he said “poor little bugger” I know exactly how he feels.

I guess if anyone could understand them it would be our Pete.

Pete was an avid collector of many things. Stamps, coins, train sets, figures, cars, and so much more.

We are just starting to see just how much he really collected.

Since his retirement he was more avoidant in going out, and his health was affected . Recently he had started going out to appointments himself ever had his eyes operated on. He was limited because of his health.

But still he wanted to help his family, what ever way he could.

That’s my uncle Pete. I used to go round and chat with him take him to some of his doctor appointments.

I feel so bad I haven’t been able to do that over the last couple of months. Maybe if I had I would of picked up on the subtle things that lead us too where we are today just in shock.

It is raw and real for all the family.

Even more so with my mum in hospital too.

So I would like to dedicate this post

To an amazing uncle and friend Pete

Many years ago Pete had TB which is why our kids were given Thier innoculations when they were baby’s.

Chronic asthsma , and osteoarthritis.

Sometimes these were a big complication for him, But he still did what he could.

I know Pete wouldn’t mind me talking about this because we both talked about it alot.

Pete could be clumsy sometimes, one time he nearly lossed his thumb in and accident with a saw.

He was always telling jokes, was very intelligent, and from what my kids say was an amazing online gamer, candy crush high scores on that one plus an war game can’t remember the name but Niki said he was a big time player.

He loved arts and craft, painting. And building models.

He wouldn’t want us to be sad, he always told it like it was sometimes say that’s life.

He wasn’t a person that likes to be photographed but the photo’s we have of him as memories will be important.

Here he is a younger version of him.

You will be missed uncle Pete. Our family home full of memories not there to visit our childhood and fantastic time captured in those walls.

This is hard to accept that we won’t be able to pop in for a cuppa and a chat.

Thank you for always being you just as you were, Perfect Pete.

Your with your Mum and Dad now rest easy and peacefully with no pain anymore. Love you Pete.

The book is out and available funny Pete passed on the book release day, and part of the book was about saying good bye and remembering the person as they were not what took them from us. Helping us to talk about these very difficult things.

I just never expected Pete to be one who is gone aswell. I know he was proud of the book as he told me.

The book was to help us find fun and happiness again, and it did but right now our days are a little grey without you.

Dear Pete it is sad we had to say goodbye, It really shouldn’t have been your time to die.

We shall remember you fondly in our hearts, this way even though your gone we are not really apart.

We will remember your good and your sad, it was part of you we got to share, you were loving and kind and always there.

A brother, A son, an uncle too, thank you Pete for being you.

It is goodbye for now but not forever one day our family we will all be back together.

Pete ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’— xxx